The Juridical Value of Interviews = Zilch

It is incredible how people will look at interviews conducted with Pope Benedict XVI after his invalid resignation and say, “He said this or he said that,” in order to show that he really resigned, but these same people will not closely read or not read at all Pope Benedict XVI’s Declaratio of February 11, 2013 which is the ONLY act that has juridical value, that is, has a legal effect.1  Please don’t be fooled by such people.  Even if Pope Benedict XVI were to go today on live television, kneel before Jorge Bergoglio, kiss his ring, and say, “You are the one and only true pope,” it would still have ZERO juridical value.  Pope Benedict XVI would remain pope.  If Pope Benedict XVI truly wants to go from pope to non-pope, he must do again a juridical act and this time unequivocally renounce his office (munus).  Nothing less will do.

1In reality even the Declaratio has no juridical value, that is, it is null and void because Pope Benedict XVI attempted to hand over the active exercise of his ministry to another which he cannot do since the Author of the papacy is Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.