Resistance Update

5 May 2013

As you know, we have Father Hewko coming next Sunday. If you want to hear what he has been saying recently, have a look at this channel:


Father Pfeiffer preached this sermon in Australia on the 24th to good reviews:


In it, he compares the SSPX (non-Resistance) priests to the prophet Jonah and details the lack of pastoral care offered by that prophet. He compares the SSPX priests of the eighties to the current batch and and concludes that the current group are too comfortable and lack the right attitude. He outlines how they got that way.


It looks like this youtube channel


replaces one that has been closed (by NoelChristie). There are many sermons excellent from the tour of Australia here, as well as many Catholic movies.


Father Pfeiffer’s tour has had some unexpected results. In India, a chapel that hosted Father had their priest reassigned by Father Couture and advised that the SSPX would no longer provide the sacraments. The priest saw that the Faithful would no longer have the sacraments, so he joined the Resistance and will provide for them. The Resistance picked up a few Indian priests. ( Further, people in Australia who hosted him are being refused the sacraments. This may become a new trend, so those of you who still go to SSPX Masses should be aware of the likely consequences.


Bishop Fellay’s letter to the Pope last June (published in the Cor Unum of March) is available here:


This letter clearly indicates that Bishop Fellay working towards a practical agreement in advance of a doctrinal agreement. The Doctrinal Declaration ( indicates that he accepts the validity and the licitness of the NOM. As a result, one must conclude that the SSPX leadership no longer warns against our going to the NOM (since it is licit), conditional ordinations and confirmations are no longer necessary, the state of necessity no longer exists and therefore supplied jurisdiction no longer applies. The Resistance sees things a little differently.


When I asked one priest if he has read the Cor Unum, he indicated that is was junk. But, being a warrior, he will stay inside to fight. How does one fight while being slowly cooked?


Bishop Fellay promised an explanation of the doctrinal declaration would be published in the March Cor Unum. It has not been made available to the Faithful. We do not need to know?


If we can conclude that supplied jurisdiction no longer applies to the SSPX (according to the new approach of the leadership) then why do we not need to know? Is there a fault with this conclusion?


Why are people still going to the SSPX Masses? Yes, the Mass should be valid and graces are available. However, as indicated in the sermons of the Resistance Priests, God wants us to understand and conform to the Doctrine. If you have the Faith, graces will be provided. God likes to be generous. We cannot go where the Teaching is being watered down and may becoming a threat to our faith.

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Click on this link and download the conference by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer given on April 27, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.  In this conference, Fr. Pfeiffer speaks about the four marks of the Church and how they have been disappearing from the SSPX over the course of time.  This is a must listen to.

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Click on this link and download the sermon by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer given on April 26, 2013 in Adelaide, Australia.  In this sermon, Fr. Pfeiffer makes it clear that resistance to Menzingen’s new direction should be out in the open and not behind anonymous figures.  I agree with this.  The time for private or anonymous resistance is over; rather, the time is ripe for open war for the sake of the Faith!

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Here is a piece I wrote a couple of months ago demonstrating the collapse of the position of the current SSPX leadership in regards to protecting the SSPX from the control of the Diocesan Bishops.


This piece was also published in the March 2013 issue of the Recusant.

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Listen here to an extract of a sermon given on April 26, 2013 by a true son of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Fr. David Hewko, instructing us that we must rather die than agree to the treacherous Doctrinal Declaration of Bishop Fellay dated April 15, 2012.


A thank you goes out to Pablo the Mexican for providing the audio.

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