Sep 21, 2013
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The information has been updated by Father Ortiz to report that Father Faure is appointed co-ordinator for Latin America.

Another update from France:
No, dear Fidelis, this is not what he told me. I do not know if I should announce it, but since someone else has announced and erroneously, it seemed useful to rectify. Father Faure is overall coordinator.

Father Faure is perfectly suited to this pivotal role for several reasons:
1 – He was one of the first SSPX priests ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre and, therefore, is one of the longest-serving members of the SSPX. He has participated in every Chapter of the Society.
2 – He served as the right arm of Archbishop Lefebvre in Latin America for decades. Father Faure enjoyed the unlimited confidence of the Archbishop (for example, Father Faure was given by the Archbishop full access to his personal correspondence). In fact, Archbishop Lefebvre wanted to consecrate him bishop, but Fr. Faure refused for reasons of humility. Thanks to this great friendship and confidence, Father Faure has had the grace to know and understand our Founder as few men did or do.
3 – He has enormous experience, being the founder of the SSPX mission in Latin America: Superior of the South American District, founder and Superior of La Reja Seminary, and founder and Superior of the District of Mexico.
4 – He deeply understands, as few do, the integral Combat for Tradition and the Social Kingship of Christ against Liberalism and Modernism.
5 – His priestly zeal is tireless. He possesses a great thirst for the salvation of souls and wide counter-revolutionary experience gained over the years since his youth when he fought in the Algerian conflict.
Due to the above, we find ourselves deeply grateful to Bishop Williamson for appointing this extraordinary and holy priest to the fundamental task of co-ordinating the Resistance.

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  1. Elsa Zardini
    September 23rd, 2013 at 10:05 pm #

    What can I say? This is coming along really well…Thank you Holy Mother.

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