Letter from Fr. Ortiz December 31, 2013

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“SB” quoted herein refers to Streaky Bay, Australia.

Updated at the end for a subsequent addendum from Father Ortiz.


Dear Faithful,

I would like to further develop the reasons of my warning to you about attending the neo-SSPX Mass last Sunday in SB.

Every good Catholic must refrain of exposing to an occasion which is a danger to the Faith.

Now, the neo-SSPX has adopted recently, in its head Bp Fellay and in most of its members, a position which gravely compromises the defense of Faith against the Conciliar errors.

This grave compromise is firstly manifested, in doctrinal matters, by the DOCTRINAL DECLARATION of April 15, 2012, in which Bp. Fellay accepts most of the errors of Vatican II (collegiality, ecumenism and religious liberty) as being in conformity with the “whole Tradition”, which is Benedict XVI’s “hermeneutics of continuity”.

This compromise is also manifested, in practical matters, by the vote made during the General Chapter in July 2012 of SIX CONDITIONS for the “regularization” with the Conciliar Church. Through these conditions the neo-SSPX is now ready to join, at any time, those who are destroying the Church, by surrendering to the authority of Modernist Rome.

So far, neither the Doctrinal Declaration nor the six conditions have been retracted (not simply “withdrawn”) by Bp Fellay or the SSPX superiors.

By these two facts, the neo-SSPX in its doctrinal positions and in its desire to join Modernist Rome has betrayed Abp. Lefebvre’s positions.

Do we need to witness altar-girls serving at the neo-SSPX Masses, or their priests preaching open heresies from their pulpits, to start dissociating from them? Certainly not.

The neo-SSPX has taken an irreversible wrong direction which is an objective danger for the Faith. We need nothing less than a miracle to expect the leaders of the neo-SSPX going back to the original positions.

Concerning the Sunday obligation, whenever there is a danger of Faith, there is no obligation in conscience to attend a Mass, Traditional and valid may it be.

It’s a similar case with the Indult or Motu proprio Masses, which are Traditional, but they are stained with a compromise in doctrine. This was Abp. Lefebvre’s practical recommendation.

Therefore, it’s my duty as a priest to alert the faithful of the danger of going to these Masses, like any father warning his children of dissociating with those who represent a danger to their Faith.

The ultimate decision about this matter is of course in the conscience of our faithful, but nevertheless I must help them understanding the danger which regular attendance to the neo-SSPX Masses represent to our Faith.

After explaining the PRINCIPLES behind my warning, it’s also good to consider the particular circumstances of SB, by recalling some recent FACTS.

Interestingly enough, SB was considered for years by the SSPX priests as a kind of “second class” Mass centre, when it was not simply a place for holydays and relaxation for their priests… The apostolate never really grew up in this place for the past years.

All the sudden, the neo-SSPX priests started to be interested in the faithful of SB only following Fr. Pfeiffer’s successful visit to SB last April and of Fr. Chazal in July.

The district superior, Fr. Fullerton, came in person to SB to basically threaten the faithful of not visiting them anymore if the faithful continue to support the Resistance. He even dared to put pressure on the owner of the chapel by telling her not to allow anymore the Resistance priests to use it.

Personal attacks were made against the Resistance priests and faithful, condemning them as “rebellious”, “extremists,” “sedevacantists” and so on.

We don’t mind to be the target of personal attacks from the neo-SSPX priests, because we are eager to give them “the other cheek”, but we cannot tolerate that they use their Masses for promoting a new doctrinal position and a sell-out to Modernist Rome.

In addition, the neo-SSPX priests were using the celebration of their Mass to “blackmail” the SB faithful…

A proverb says “Facts speak louder than words.” Therefore, in front of the continual use of the Mass by the neo-SSPX priests as an instrument of PRESSURE against our faithful, it’s only normal to warn them not to attend anymore these Masses, which are also a danger to the Faith.

God bless.



Addendum from Father on January 3, 2014:


I asked our faithful in Streaky Bay, SA not to attend Fr Becher’s Mass last Sunday (December 29) for several reasons:

– Firstly, and the most important, is concerning the danger for our Faith by attending the neo-SSPX Masses;
– Secondly, because the neo-SSPX priests have used it against our Resistance faithful as a pressure, hence the need to send them a “message” that our faithful are not afraid of their blackmailing;
– Thirdly, I was saying the Mass for them the next day and until Friday.

As a consequence, only 2 people attended Fr Becher’s Mass…
The majority of our faithful attended instead my Masses during the week.

The example of Streaky Bay should be a model for all our faithful everywhere: to consider seriously dissociating from the neo-SSPX by not attending anymore their Masses.

God bless.





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