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Resistance Update

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Faithful to the heritage of Abp. Marcel Lefebvre and in particular to his memorable Declaration of the 21st November 1974, “we adhere with all our heart, with all our soul, to catholic Rome, guardian of the catholic faith and the necessary conditions to maintain this faith, to eternal Rome mistress of wisdom and truth.”


According to the example of this great prelate, intrepid  defender of the of the Church and the Apostolic See, “we refuse on the contrary and have always refused to follow neo-modernist and neo-protestant Rome which clearly manifested itself at the second Vatican council and after the council, in all the reforms and orientations which followed it.”


Since the year 2000 and in particular from 2012 the authorities of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X have taken the opposite direction of aligning themselves with modernist Rome.


The Doctrinal Declaration of the 15th April 2012, followed by the exclusion of a bishop and numerous priests and confirmed by the condemnation of the book, “Monseigneur Lefebvre, Our Relations with Rome”, all that shows the pertinacity in this direction which leads to death.


No authority, even the highest in the hierarchy, can make us abandon or diminish our Catholic Faith clearly expressed by the Magisterium of the Church for twenty centuries.


Under the protection of Our Lady Guardian of the Faith, we intend to follow operation survival begun by Abp. Lefebvre.


In consequence, in these tragic circumstances in which we find ourselves, we put our priesthood at the disposal of all those who want to  remain faithful in the combat for the Faith. This is why from now on, we are  committed to respond to the demands which will be made on us, to sustain your families in their educational duties, to offer the priestly formation to young men who desire it, to safeguard the Mass, the sacraments and the doctrinal formation, everywhere we are required to do so.


As for you, we exhort you to be zealous apostles for the reign of Christ the King and Mary our Queen.


Long Live Christ our  King!

Our Lady Guardian of the Faith, protect us!

Saint Pius X, pray for us!


The 7th January 2014



Fr. Roland de Mérode (prieur, France)
Fr. Michel Koller (prieur, France)
Fr. Vignalou (France)
Fr. Hubert de Sainte-Marie d’Agneau (France)
Fr. Nicolas Pinaud (France)
Fr. Olivier Rioult (France)
Fr. Matthieu Salenave (France)
Fr. Pierre-Marie OP and 10 other priests from the Convent of  Avrillé (France)
Fr. Bruno OSB (France)
Fr. Avril, fondateur de l’œuvre  de Notre-Dame de Salérans (France)
Fr. Raffali (France)
Fr. Rémi Picot (Kenya)
Fr. Jean-Michel Faure (South America)
Fr. François Chazal (Asia)
Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz (Italy)
Fr. Brühwiller (Switzerland)
Fr. Martin Fuchs (Austria)
Fr. Patrick Girouard (Canada)
Fr. David Hewko (USA)
Fr. Pierre-Célestin N’dong (Gabon)
Fr. Ernesto Cardozo (Brazil)
Fr. Arturo Vargas (Mexico)
Fr. Fernando Altamira  (Columbia)
Fr. Hugo Ruiz (Mexico)
Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz  (Australia)
Fr. Frank Sauer (Germany)
Fr. Eduardo Suelo (Asia)
Fr. Richard Voigt (USA)
Fr. Arnold Trauner (Austria)
Fr. Trincado (Mexico)
Fr. Valan Rajkumar (Asia)
Fr. Rafael Arizaga OSB (Mexico)
Fr. Thomas d’Aquin Ferreira da Costa OSB  (Brazil)
Fr. Jahir Brito, FMBV  (Brazil)
Fr. Joaquim Daniel Maria de Sant’ana, FMBV (Brazil)

(To be continued)

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There are some who are questioning the authenticity of the existence of “The Flying Squirrel” newsletter published by the SSPX in India.  Here is an extract of a conference given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer in Veneta, Oregon on January 12, 2014.  Fr. Pfeiffer seems to have no doubt that it exists.  I don’t doubt it either.  If someone can prove Fr. Pfeiffer and me otherwise, I will retract my posts and apologize.


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Here is an extract of a sermon given by Fr. David Hewko in Sparta, New Jersey on January 5, 2014.  We cannot reconcile Vatican II with Catholic Tradition.  Compare this to Bishop Fellay’s hope that Vatican II would be considered a part of Tradition.


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

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You may read here an anonymous open letter to Bishop Fellay dated January 14, 2014 regarding the July 2013 and August 2013 issues of the SSPX publication in India called “The Flying Squirrel”.

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Fr. David Hewko


Date and Time:

Sunday January 19th at 1:30 pm (confessions at 1 pm)



Italian Canadian Club of Milton

104 Tremaine Road, Milton, ON L9T 2W9


Google Map Location



Christine Saul

Secretary, Our Lady of Good Success Mission

(519) 927-9999

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I would like to endorse the attached call for a holy hour (or at least a Rosary) for the intention stated.


Father Pfeiffer explains why in this conference:


He also explains that many priests in France will be going public on Sunday with their displeasure with the leadership of the SSPX. Included with these priests is a canon lawyer who wrote a book containing many writings of Archbishop Lefebvre – a book which is now banned by Bishop Fellay. However, the French Superior refuses to ban the book and may be close to joining the Resistance. If so, many French priests would join him. This is still a maybe – hence the request for prayers on Thursday.




Begin forwarded message:

From: Sean et Carla

Subject: Holy Hours

Date: January13, 2014 at 6:36:37 PM EST

To: undisclosed-recipients:;


Dear friends,


A happy and holy New Year 2014 to all! May the Child King, His blessed Mother and Saint Joseph keep us faithful despite the difficulties, temptations and discouragements.


First of all, some news concerning last June’s Letter to the Four Bishops which you signed. Two of the four kindly replied:

– Bishop Williamson sent a kind message thanking us for the initiative and the magnificent spiritual bouquet.

– Followed by an encouraging letter from Bishop Tissier de Mallerais thanking all for the “precious” prayers and the letter which he tells us was “favourably read and heard, and to a large extent acceded to in our common declaration [of 27th June 2013]  “.


Each of us might judge, in the light of events since then, if indeed our letter was “favourably read, heard” or “to a large extent acceded to” by the General Superior…


A new direction now seems to be definitively imposed upon the members of the SSPX by Menzingen and all contestation  is severely reprimanded. Yet this new direction is eminently contestable and it should be easy to understand the necessity to combat it. We therefore should like to relay the initiative (cf : ) which follows calling for prayers for the numerous courageous priests and the few superiors who have chosen to fight, each in his own way, that they may filled with the gift of Fortitude to resist the coercions and punishments they have been imposed or which may await them.


In Christo Rege.



Continuous Holy Hour


Thursday, 16th January 2014, feast of Saint Marcel 1st , pope and patron saint of Archbishop Lefebvre, all day from 0:00am to 11:59 pm.


For the intention of the Father de Cacqueray, District Superior of France,

and of all the priests who want to remain faithful

that they may fully accept the demands of the combat for the Truth



“Father de Cacqueray needs our help” according to Father Rioult who states that “he is one of the few major superiors who measures the exceptional gravity of the situation of the Society”. The faithful priests too need our help to fully accept, whatever the cost, all that the combat for Truth requires of them. What better help could we offer than our fervent and generous prayer?


We therefore invite you to partricipate in a continuous holy hour this Thursday 16th January feast of Saint Marcel 1st , Pope and patron saint of Archbishop Lefebvre, all day from 0.00am to 23:59pm. Might Saint Marcel and the founder of the SSPX intercede to obtain from the Holy Ghost that Fr de Cacqueray be filled with the gift of Fortitude and have, according to the expectations of the faithful and clairvoyant clergy, a strong and beneficial reaction in these troubled times . And might the Holy Ghost fill with the same Fortitude those priests who want to remain faithful.


Those who wish to participate in this holy hour organized by French faithful may do so  by offering an hour, half an hour , even just a quarter of an hour. Remember that night prayer is especially pleasing to God ! Wherever possible, likeminded faithful might try to organise the hours in such a way as to fill the night.


In prayerful union


PS Please circulate this message as widely as possible. Thank you

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There has been much talk of late regarding the way the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have been treated by Rome.  Whereas I agree that Rome is not fond of Tradition and that there is truth that this lack of fondness has displayed itself strong against the Franciscan Friars, we must keep in mind that the Franciscan Friars are not exactly integral defenders of Tradition.  As a matter of fact, they view the Second Vatican Council as being in continuity with Tradition.  This is not to say that the Franciscan Friars are getting what they deserve, but they are simply an element of that revolution instigated by the Council and therefore cannot be trusted doctrinally, even though many of their members display solid Catholic piety.


Below is a video published in January 2011 in which Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner begins a short series in defence of the Council.  Let us recall also that these same Franciscan Friars were promoted by La Porte Latine (official website of the SSPX District in France) for a short period of time back in late 2010 – an early sign of the demise of the Society of St. Pius X.


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The January 2014 issue of the Recusant is now available here for download.

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Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer celebrated his first Resistance Mass in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on December 26, 2013 (Feast of St. Stephen).  Deo gratias!  You may listen to or download the sermon at this link:

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