Heresy taught at the SSPX Seminary

Jun 16, 2014

For those who believe that the SSPX is still a safe place to be.
At this link, is a sermon of Father Hewko, wherein he quotes a seminarian who is currently studying in Boston Kentucky, reporting that the rector of the SSPX seminary in Argentina has taught heresy.
The link also contains a partial transcript of that section of the sermon prepared by Dawn Marie.
The sermon itself is here:

The transcript follows:


“He’s (BPF) letting it be taught (modernism) by some of the priests. I give you one solid example, in Argentina in Le Reja, in the seminary—- where we are, Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Kentucky, we received a seminarian who was expelled from La Reja, and this seminarian was in the class in La Reja, the class was being taught by the rector whose and Italian. He was teaching the method of a Protestant exegy, a so called “scripture scholar” his name is Rudolph Bultmann. This Rudolph Bultmann, he is one of the first to invent the word hermeneutics, he is the one whose whole purpose, in his words was to de-mythologizethe scriptures, in other words strip it of the supernatural. This Bultmann, everything he says, is almost word for word condemned by the Biblical Commission under Pope Pius the X.
Make no mistake, and you too you little ones, the Scriptures are inspired by God, it is infallibly God’s Word, and inspiration, and you have so many Popes who have defended the Scriptures and here these modernists come along and throw down on everything in the Scriptures and strip them. Saint Pius the X came down on these modernists with sledgehammers. He wrote Pascendi condemning these so called….they have several names, high textual criticism, historical textual criticism[…] St. Pius the X smashed them all because all it is an excuse to destroy the Scriptures.
So I asked the seminarian specifically, what did you hear in class at the SSPX seminary in La Reja? This is very serious, it is very serious, because in any revolution, as you know they put the key destroyers who come in of course as lambs but they have teeth of wolves and hearts of wolves, or at least minds of wolves. They did this in the seminaries; they put the key figures in the seminaries to bring about the revolution.
So what was being taught specifically I asked him, he said it was the method of Rudolph Bultmann who was praised, and he heard specifically in class that Saint Matthew was not or that it is not really provable that Saint Matthew is the author of Saint Matthews Gospel. That is pure modernism! And even worse, questioning, saying that the miracles of Jesus, well not all of them were actually miracles but only meditations of the Apostles!
This he heard in class from the mouth of the Society rector. And so in the class the seminarian [who had been there two years] said to him, respectfully and in Italian, all the others spoke Spanish, he said in Italian “Father what you are teaching has been condemned by the Biblical Commission. How can you teach this? Bultmann is condemned.
And the rectors response was get your passport, you have two hours, start packing your out of here”

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