Participants in discussions on some Resistance boards continue to maintain that the SSPX Chapels/Masses should be given a yellow light and that we should not stay away until we see erroneous doctrine being taught. They are missing a few points:

They are focussing on what is being taught – no current teaching error, therefore no problem. With this line of thought, the logical conclusion is that it is then permissible/required to go to Indult Masses, as they too do not currently teach error and do promote the Tridentine Mass. If this is sufficient, then there is no state of emergency, so there is no reason for the SSPX to exist. There are plenty of groups available within the structure of the Modern Church to meet this preference.

A further point that we can make is that the individual SSPX/Indult/NO priest, who may be personally solid, by staying within the organization represents the policies/principles of the organization. So, although the SSPX priest may be against the organizational policies/procedures, he still represents acceptability of 95% of Vatican II, acceptance of the new Code of Canon Law, NOM’s being legitimately promulgated (and therefore legitimate), etc.

The modern SSPX no longer passes on the fullness of the Teaching of the Catholic Church, partly by omission and partly by distorting the teachings of their founder. The fullness of the Truth is no longer sought, but a practical agreement becomes the target.

Lessons learned through observance of the many other Indult groups are ignored. Modernist Rome is considered trustworthy enough to be obeyed without criticizing their errors.

These participants, however,  are not focussing on what is not being taught – omission of teaching about what doctrinal and pastoral errors are present in the Modernist Church. Thus, by not warning their flock of these errors, the SSPX is in fact condoning these errors. The average adherent then thinks that everything in the Church must be acceptable, otherwise Father would be warning him. The SSPX thus becomes guilty of sins of omission by condoning these errors; the adherents are at risk for what they are not being taught.

The decision to continue to attend the Masses/Sacraments is defended as claiming that they are still valid and are the normal means of Grace, therefore it is sinful to stay away from them. What is not considered is that God is not limited to normal means. If our Faith is at risk due to the factors noted above, then it is imprudent and sinful to accept these normal means from the compromised SSPX. We might as well go to the NOM, if it is legitimately promulgated and thus is itself the normal means.

We conclude then that this line of thinking is flawed and that one cannot continue to consider the SSPX Masses/Sacraments of being worthy of a yellow light, but must be considered as worthy of a red light.


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This is great news!  Mr. Hugh Akins has reactivated the League of Christ the King (LKC) under the auspices of the SSPX-Marian Corps.  Deo gratias!


Mr. Akins explains his decision and the importance of the League in a letter dated September 18, 2014 that he sent to about 1,000 Catholic men.  You may read the letter at this link:


I have created a pdf version of this letter, which may be downloaded here.


At the following link, Mr. Akins explains the importance of Catholic Action (which what the League is all about) with quotes from the Popes:


I have created a pdf version of this document, which may be downloaded here.


Mr. Akins will also begin again publishing the official quarterly magazine of the League of Christ the King called ‘Oportet Christum Regnare’ (Christ Must Reign).  This magazine is subscription based, but you may also purchase individual issues. More information on this may be downloaded here.


You are most welcome to print out copies of any of the downloads and distribute them to Catholic men who may be interested.


The call to action is now!

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The Holy Cross Monastery in Brazil is willing to offer Masses for the Poor Souls in Purgatory without stipends.  Please see here for more information.

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The transcript of this open letter may be downloaded here.

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This sermon by Father Pfeiffer is a must listen for:

SSPX priests “fighting from within”

Resistance members indecisively falling by the wayside

Single girls afraid to get married and have babies

Single men afraid to commit to a marriage

People who just want to get along with the world

In other words, most of us can benefit from this sermon.


Sept. 13, 2014, New Hampshire, what to do when we don’t know

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We are planning a pilgrimage at the Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland on Saturday October 4th. We will meet at the Shrine at 1 pm and pray the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary. A family has kindly offered to host a potluck afterwards. Please email me for further details at:


Please note: There will be no Mass on either October 4th or 5th.


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“On the morning of Tuesday 23 September from 11 am to 1 pm, a cordial meeting took place at the premises of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, between Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X. The meeting was also attended by Archbishops Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.I., secretary of the same Congregation, Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P., adjunct secretary and Guido Pozzo, secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, along with two assistants from the Society of St. Pius X, Rev. Niklaus Pfluger and Rev. Alain-Marc Nély.


“During the meeting, various problems of a doctrinal and canonical nature were examined, and it was decided to proceed gradually and over a reasonable period of time in order to overcome difficulties and with a view to the envisioned full reconciliation.”




And the betrayal of the Catholic Faith and mission and memory of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre by the superiors of the neo-SSPX proceeds…..

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We thank a gentleman who assists at Masses hosted by the Our Lady of Good Success Mission for recording this video of the sermon given by Fr. David Hewko on Sunday September 14, 2014 in Oakville, Ontario.  An audio only version of the sermon was first posted here.


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“Intolerance is to virtue what instinct of self-preservation is to life. Any virtue without intolerance or with hatred towards intolerance, it means that such a virtue either it does not exist or that it barely keeps just the appearances of virtue. Faith without intolerance is either dead, or it is only a faith in its exterior face; because it would have lost its spirit. Faith being the foundation of the supernatural life; if we have any kind of tolerance in matters of faith, that tolerance would represent the point of departure for every other evil, especially for heresies”. (Pastoral letter, June 1953, true sentence number 37)
Sometimes with words, other with deeds, but it is happening each time more often, the SSPX has shown that it is not anymore intolerant concerning matters of faith as regards the enemies of the Catholic Church which have occupied her. The forsaking of that necessary intolerance concerning matters of faith, following the foresaid words of the bishop, has caused the lost of the catholic spirit in the SSPX´s leaders, losing the spirit of its founder, Mons. Marcel Lefebvre. Therefore the supposedly “defense of the faith” on the part of the SSPX is either dead or pharisaical, and therefore they are defending only in the appearances the true faith.
This pharisaical spirit, using the words of Dom. Antonio, “is the point of departure for every other evil”, that is, we can see the “Pandora`s Box” being unleashed from and towards the SSPX.
Unfortunately the SSPX is falling down the road of the modernist’s attitude, who attack whoever defend with firmness the necessity of being intolerant regarding the faith. Having at the same time tolerance and sympathy towards the enemies of Christ. Enemies who by now are occupying the See of St. Peter as wolves dressed with sheep clothing. Fulfilling those words of Garrigou Lagrange: “Catholics are intolerant in doctrine because they believe, yet they are tolerant regarding charity because they love. The enemies of Christ are tolerant in doctrine because they do not believe, but intolerant in charity because they do not love”. This is the contradiction in which the enemies of the Church have always fallen. Since they tolerate every other opinion except that “opinion” of those who say that faith is intolerant. If this is for them only an opinion like many others, why then they do not just tolerate it? And if for them this “opinion” is only false, why they do not just ignore it, therefore tolerating it?
Dom. Antonio warns us concerning the fact that the enemies of the Church as a whole have an aversion against those holding the position that the faith is intolerant by its own nature, and that this fact “must wide open our eyes in order to see the tremendous importance that has for the life of the Church such an attitude of intolerance in matters of faith.” It was precisely for that reason that the great Cardinal Pie said to Catholics back in the XIX century: “Battles are won or lost at the doctrinal level. The error of French Catholics was to wait to see the consequences of the false principles of the French Revolution in order to react, in order to fight back against those errors”. In the same line of thought we cannot wait until we see the consequences of the doctrinal tolerance that the SSPX is showing towards the enemies of Christ in order to react, to fight those errors; that would be already too late. We cannot wait until we see a practical agreement between Conciliar Rome and the SSPX in order to react if we want to defend our faith and fight as and with Our Lord for His kingdom against its enemies by faith, hope, and charity. (In the present circumstances, in fact, such an agreement, even unilateral, would be necessarily a practical agreement tolerant in doctrine since those leaders of Conciliar Rome have not yet been converted.
This has been the loud shout given by the members of the RESISTANCE towards the SSPX. We have risked our welfare, comfort and reputation in order to perform this act of mercy towards the SSPX, its faithful and friends affiliated to it. This is one of the 7 works of mercy: to correct those who error. But with great disappointment we have received back only persecution instead of gratitude. This uncharitable attitude does not confirm clearly the diabolical disorientation in which the SSPX is living through?
Have we been exaggerated by chance? , well we answer with Cardinal De Lai, Secretary of the Sacred Congregation during the pontificate of Saint Pius X: “Its is always better the excesses about warning of danger than to keep silent letting it to become worst”.
We send another fraternal correction to our dear brothers of the SSPX inviting them to rectify the true way for the defense of faith which can be summed up in 3 words “intolerance about faith” either in doctrine or in its practical application, before it will be too late!
We leave you who those words of your own Patron Saint Pius X. Words written to the catholic newspaper called L`Unitá:
“Every thing is right when it is a question of respecting persons, but I do not want that for the sake of peace you may arrive to compromises, and that in order to avoid hatred you may fail in your true mission which consists in watching on the principles, being sentinels on the front line in order to give the warning voice, though it be only like the geese of the Capitol, awaking those who are half asleep. If that were the case, La U`Unitá (SSPX) would have lost its reason to exist” (Disquisitio, page 107, apud Penseé Catholique, No. 23, page 84).
Fr. Raphael, OSB

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