Oh, Canada! Such a big country and so few Resistance priests – one, in fact: our studious and detailed-oriented Father Patrick Girouard.


As our lone ranger of the Faith in Canada, we should show him our appreciation and prepare a Spiritual Bouquet for him – a big and beautiful one. Like all priests, Father Girouard requires spiritual arms. We can help to acquire them for him through our plentiful and earnest prayers: short prayers, long prayers, novenas, extra decade/s of the Rosary, sacrifices . . .
It is an important endeavor because the last thing that we want to do is to unintentionally aid the Devil and his devious minions in their quest to stomp out the Faith by attacking the priesthood.
Father’s birthday is March 17th – the feast of St. Patrick – hence his first name; obvious, I know. It would be great to present the bouquet to him on that day. You are welcome to send the tallies on or before March 16th to Patricia at


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Please Vote

10 February 2015

Further to this story:
Brother Solanus (Third Order member not in the Resistance) requests:
Dear all,
Please sign this petition and protect the lives of the helpless. God bless you for it.

Brother Solanus


Dear friend,
I’m still in shock. In a jaw-dropping decision today, Canada’s Supreme Court unanimously overturned the country’s law against assisted suicide!
Make no mistake: this anti-life ruling is merely the first step down a slippery slope that leads to the heinous practices we’ve increasingly seen in places like Belgium and the Netherlands, where euthanasia is now permissible even for children, and studies have found that more and more people are being euthanized without their consent!
Furthermore, this decision will NOT affect just Canada. Liberal activists and activist judges in the United States and other Western countries will see this decision as a sign that the wind is favorable to their plans to further their anti-life agenda.
That’s why this decision must be stopped in its tracks. And that’s why I’m urging everyone, Canadian or not, to sign this petition asking Canada’s Parliament to override this egregious decision.

Let’s be clear: the Canadian Parliament has the power, under the rarely invoked “notwithstanding” clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to override this ruling.
But it is going to take a lot of political courage for Parliament to make that happen.
That’s why we need hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and all around the world to let Canada’s Parliament know that we are counting on them to protect the vulnerable.
Canadians pride themselves on being a caring, welcoming nation, a country that defends the vulnerable. Yet this ruling sends the message to the weak and infirm that their lives are not worth protecting.
Equally as harmful, it turns the practice of medicine and the Hippocratic Oath on their heads: transforming doctors from healers into killers! Once this crucial line is blurred, there is no end to the harmful effects that will follow.
Indeed, there is no positive side to this ruling. Please, help us send an unmistakable message to Canada’s Parliament, TODAY. Sign this petition urging Members of Parliament to override today’s Supreme Court’s decision legalizing assisted suicide.

For life and family,
John-Henry Westen
P.S. Let’s send an unmistakable message to Canada’s Parliament that we expect them to put a swift stop to this unprecedented and harmful ruling. Sign the petition (click here) today, and then share it with your friends and family!


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Our Free Will

9 February 2015

It is sad that the current Pope is sending many a distraught Catholic to the SV position or to apostasy. These people follow closely what the Pope says and does, are shocked and cry “He cannot be the Pope!”
Before dealing with this problem, let us consider another issue, the attendance at the Holy Mass. Many a Traditional or Conservative Catholic has the erroneous notion that the attendance at the Latin Mass is an automatic ticket to Heaven. Did not Luther, a Roman Catholic priest, celebrate the true Latin Mass? Did not every priest, bishop and cardinal prior to Vatican II exclusively celebrate the true Latin Mass?
We are faced with this reality: Luther did end up in apostasy in spite of the Latin Mass. And the pre-Vatican clergy did end up in the Conciliar Church in spite of the Latin Mass.
This sad reality makes it clear that attendance at the true Latin Mass is not an automatic guarantee of anything. The fact is that God sends us graces continuously, and the Holy Mass is the normal means of obtaining God’s graces, but the fact also is that we must co-operate with these graces. In other words, we must engage our Free Will and choose to love God with all our soul, all our heart and all our mind!
In the Missal, the Prayer For Grace, which is said before the Communion of the priest, gives a sober warning:
Let not the partaking of Thy Body, O Lord, Jesus Christ, which I, though unworthy, presume to receive, turn to my judgment and condemnation; but let it through Thy mercy, become a safeguard and remedy, both for soul and body; Who with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, for ever and ever. Amen. (emphasis mine)
This warning also applies to the Pope. The Pope has the use of his Free Will to love God or to reject God. Whatever may or may not be written on the subject of how a Pope loses his Office is of little importance because the Pope is currently in Office. It will be the duty of a future Pope or a Council to condemn the Pope; our duty is to keep the Faith and not to obey the Pope when he utters erroneous or heretical statements.
Uttering erroneous or heretical statements does not automatically make the Pope lose his Office. We cannot judge the Pope – he may be in error or in ignorance. In fact, the Church has suffered through many a wicked Pope (study history and/or read Dante’s Inferno). Theology (and common sense) teaches that evil leaders are often the punishment for our sins. In other words, our suffering is the consequence of freely giving in to our own will.
As for the anguished cry that “He cannot be Pope because he says or does such unCatholic things”, that is pure emotionalism. What the current Pope says or does is precisely the result of Vatican II new theology. UnCatholic statements and actions are to be expected from unCatholic theology!! What else would you expect?!
What really haunts us is the proverbial “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people (to me!)?” The simplified answer is “So God can make greater good out of a bad situation” – even out of this general apostasy! This of course does not give us the right to do evil or to fall into inaction. The understanding that God can make good out of evil is precisely why we can rejoice and say “O Happy Fault”. And so we have every reason not to despair because we know that God wills or permits everything and that everything works out for the best for those who love God.
So, rather than poison yourself with the current fiasco in the Conciliar Church and then jump to the wrong conclusion, study the Catholic Faith. Read the lives of the saints. Read the life of St Athanasius. And do not despair! Stay sane!

* * *


An Incomplete List of Absolutely Essential Reading for Those Who Want to Remain Sane

– all works by Hilaire Belloc – The Great Heresies is an excellent study of St Athanasius
– all works by William Thomas Walsh – Saints in Action also gives an excellent insight into the life of St Athanasius. Most of his books are out of print, so search in used book stores. Our Lady of Fatima is available at the Fatima Centre.
– all works by Archbishop Lefebvre – Spiritual Journey, They Have Uncrowned Him, Open Letter to Confused Catholics explain the current crisis in the Church. Reading these works will help you to remain not only sane, but Roman Catholic!
Martyrs of the English Reformation by Dr Malcolm Brennan – Learn how our brothers and sisters used their Free Will in the difficult times they lived in. Read and you will never again complain!
– all works by St Thomas More – Caveat: some editions have retained the 16th-century English which makes them hard to understand. A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, 1998 Scepter Publishers is good.
– works by Abbe Francis Trochu – The Cure d’Ars and St Bernadette Soubirous are inspiring examples of how God works all things for the best for those who love Him.
The Liberal Illusion by Louis Veuillot is an excellent study of Liberalism
Liberalism Is a Sin – Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany – highly recommended
A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture by Bishop Frederick Knecht – this is an excellent textbook for young teenagers (and adults). Beautiful explanation of selected passages of the Old and New Testament.
The Catechism in Pictures by Fernandez – This is a good Catechism for children.
Gabriel Garcia Moreno by Mrs Maxwell-Scott – a brief biography of President Moreno of Ecuador


Pax et Bonum


Sister Constance TOSF


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No mention of God’s right!


Beware Canada!

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The Singing Seminarian

6 February 2015

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Beth (short for Elizabeth) loved horses and would walk for a long time in the country just to see them and pet them over fences as she walked alongside pastures. She loved their soft, pink noses and warm breath through their sensitive nostrils. They seemed to like her as well. Her friend was named Isabella. Instantly they had felt a rapport with one another when they met at school, because they both were named after St. Elizabeth, Our Lady’s cousin and the mother of St. John the Baptist. Beth was a New Ager and Isabella was a Catholic.
Beth was a “tomboy”, which meant that she had a mother that loved freedom and even a little rebellion. Her mother loved modern things like inventive architecture and formal, straight lined, modern style. She had one flower arrangement in a simple vase on the coffee table in the living room, elegantly arranged. The color scheme was beige with turquoise blue accents. She usually wore a blue housedress. Her paintings were semi-abstract. Beth’s room was very simple, with furniture of nice wood, in straight lines and a white chenille bed spread with blue accents and a couple of green, large leaved plants.
Isabella’s mother loved having statues of the saints in her home, lots of flowers and comfortable Colonial looking furniture, some of it carved, with some Mexican vases about and paintings of Mission Style scenes. The color scheme was a warm stucco, with reds, oranges and yellows splashed about. Isabella’s room had a vanity with a rounded mirror and pink chiffon ruffles, a canopy over her bed, also with pink ruffles and white ruffles on her window curtains. A pearl rosary hung from a hook alongside the mirror with a statue of Our Lady and a brilliant picture of Our Lord and Our Lady. Several small vases of delicate bright flowers were set about.
Whenever Beth had the chance, she would change into blue jeans that usually had holes in the knees, and do daring things, like walk the neighbor’s fences to go to her friend’s house and play King of the Mountain with the neighbor boys, which usually ended up in a grass fight. Her mother looked doubtful as to the extent of this freedom when she faced a grass stained, bruised kneed and mud bedecked young teenager with mussed pony tail swaying, coming in the door barely in time to wash for dinner! All seemed resolved as the family sat at dinner in quiet, well-scrubbed, neatly combed and clean clothed formality, of a rare “children should be seen and not heard” rule unusual for our day. The wildness ended inside the home!
One wonders how a friendship could have developed between this wild Viking type and the luminous eyed, gentile, entirely lady-like, feminine, always poised, patient and somewhat bemused dark haired, dark eyed Hispanic of Mexican descent! Isabella was never critical and Beth always was!
After a while of observing Isabella, Beth started feeling badly. You see, Beth hated to lose. She competed in Quarter Horse competition for cowgirls. It was hard to be strong and not show disappointment if one did not come in first in barrel racing. The competition against the other girls was intense. Why did she feel that she was working against herself? She was not even competing with Isabella, which is one reason why the friendship worked. Why then, did she feel like she was losing!
Beth loved her mother very much, and her two older brothers. Her mother was a great companion and a wise and talented teacher whom she loved dearly. She seemed a dignified lady, traditional in morals, supportive of her father and helpful in his business, with good homemaking skills; yet she also seemed quite hard and dedicated to freedom. Perhaps her need for creative femininity was not understood and she was unfairly oppressed somewhat, as she seemed to always have to fight in order to do the oil paintings she so loved. She sought answers to this in the New Age and that strange Utopian hope.
Isabella’s mother was quite different. Beth was always welcome in her friend’s home for a cup of Mexican chocolate. The aroma of corn based dishes filled the kitchen. There were always children playing, the older ones watching them automatically. Mrs. Espinoza loved to paint decorative vases as gifts for her friends. She also painted small scenes of Saints as gifts. She was always encouraged in this creativity. After a time, Beth began dressing in flowered pants, and then even a skirt, when she came to visit, as the games were gentle, and jeans seemed crass and uncomfortable in that home.
One day Isabella invited her to The Dancing of the Horses. She said, “Oh, let’s dress up! We can both wear peasant blouses and ruffled skirts with combs in our hair! We can be the opposite twins! I’ll dress in the green along with my companions, and you may borrow my yellow skirt! Beth liked that idea, and laughing, they dressed up. Isabella brushed Beth’s blond hair into curls, tied with a yellow flower, and set a fine straw hat on. Then Beth brushed Isabella’s dark locks, tied with an emerald green flower, and placed a similar hat or sombrero on her. A few sprays of perfume and the two companions walked arm in arm to the waiting car and went off with Mr.& Mrs. Espinoza to the horse arena.
At the stables, immediately Beth was astonished. What kind of a saddle was this? Isabella laughed. She demonstrated how a lady sat side saddle. All Beth could do was watch in amazement. How could one possible stay on the horse in one of these! Mr. Espinoza gently guided Isabella in guiding the horse, gazing pleased at his graceful daughter, riding obediently and beautifully. Soon she was off with the other girls, full ruffled skirts flowing over long tailed horses, galloping and turning. Beth was thrilled at the control and strength they displayed. The firm and disciplined riding revealed a refinement and graciousness never to be found in the rough, aggressive life of a cowgirl, Beth realized. She became enchanted, falling in love with Escarmuza. Oh, she wanted to learn this kind of riding! The horses responded so well to the light touch of the girls. Horses often prefer girls and ladies to the men, as they treat their gentle mouths so tenderly, exerting only the pressure necessary to guide the horse and give it their commands.
Feelings like steady breezes were lightening Beth’s awareness. Maybe being a bruise kneed cowgirl in tight stiff blue jeans was not so great after all! The skirt and petticoat felt so much nicer and more comfortable and she enjoyed feeling modest and pretty. And the fathers looked with such a balance of humility and appropriate pride at their young daughters! They both looked so happy with each other! Beth often felt conflict with her own father, as if she had to compete with him. That did not feel so good. These fathers and daughters complimented each other. It resulted in an elevated dance of horses and young ladies, and continuity of family customs.
The brilliant white ruffles with emerald green bands swirled and twirled; shinning coated horses cantering in smooth circles past a blur of benches, now suddenly changing direction, now passing in opposite direction, a sudden power stop here, a vigorous rear there. All the while the young ladies, the senoritas, maintained complete poise and displayed a feminine strength of a lovely union of horse and rider in complete balance. Certainly each senorita displayed individual skill, however, the consciousness was very much on the pageant as a whole, each girl riding to enhance their companions, rather than competing with or fighting against each other.
After the show, Isabella’s father helped Beth to mount the horse side saddle. He patiently walked her around a nearby paddock, then let her trot by herself and even do a figure eight all by herself. He talked to her and suggested a few things to help her with her balance: such as keep your hands in a straight line with your forearms and your back straight. Then he smiled and said that she had done very well for the first time in riding side saddle. Beth knew she had a long way to go, however, she was happy to begin, and felt how natural this kind of riding was for her. She did not feel like fighting with Mr. Espinoza, a situation for her to get used to! It both surprised and pleased her.
Later in the day, the two families joined each other in a meadow beside Mr. Espinoza’s horse pasture for an afternoon picnic supper. Gently, Isabella calmly, quietly and a little shyly, asked if Beth would like to come and experience Latin Chant at Mass in the morning. There was no pressure, merely a cordial invitation. Beth thought a moment, and then decided why not? After all, she had had such a pleasant surprise in experiencing Esperanza. Would not, perhaps, this strange Chant also open a new world of something graceful to her? She was encouraged to try and she trusted Isabella. Her parents, being the broad minded New Agers that they were, had no objection to any religion. They were actually a little relieved to see Beth consign her hole in the knees blue jeans to the waste can, as they were beginning to worry a little about her and were at a bit of a loss as to what to do about it! They liked Isabella’s confidence and were hoping a little would wear off on Beth! Besides, how can one go wrong with another friend also named after St. Elizabeth?
To be continued.

God Bless,
Photo #1 print from 1200’s AD
#2 painting from 1400’s AD
#3 1700’s AD
#4 contemporary arena
In the English tradition. The relaxed, pleased smile of this very sophisticated and elegant lady shows how natural it is for a lady to ride sidesaddle. The beautifully bred horse seems equally pleased and happy to do its best to show itself and the rider to best advantage.



horse-side saddle MA

horse-side saddle-1700's

horse-side saddle 001 (2)


Please note the schedule for this coming Sunday. This is an extra Mass as Father is passing through. He will be on a very tight schedule. In fact, if there is a delay, there will be no Mass. (In that event, we would hold a Holy Hour instead.)



Fr. David Hewko


Date and Time:

Sunday February 8th

Mass around 12 noon


Location: Lugano roomSheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3, Toronto AMF, L5P 1C4


Note: Each car has to pay a parking fee of $3.20 per half hour. We have booked the hotel from 11 am till 3 pm. To pay the parking fee: You will get a ticket when you enter the parking lot. You take that with you to the hotel and pay as you are leaving, not at the main desk (they would charge for a whole day), but at a machine located on each floor of the hotel, where you are charged only for the amount of time you were in the parking lot. If you stay for 2 hours, it will be about $12.


We apologize for this fee. This was a last minute booking, and Father wanted it very close to the airport as he will be in Toronto for no more than 3 hours.


Also, there will be no Mass in St. Catharines this Sunday.

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Bishop Sheen Humour #1

4 February 2015

There are these three men who return to their high rise
New York hotel in a power blackout. The manager offers to make
up beds in the foyer so they won’t have to climb 45 floors to their
They assure him it’s all right, saying, “Harry will sing
songs for the first fifteen stories to help pass the time, then Joe
will tell funny stories for the next fifteen stories, and Gus will tell
sad stories for the last fifteen.” So off they go.
Harry sings for the first fifteen stories. No problem.
Then Joe takes over and tells funny stories for the middle fifteen. Time
goes pretty fast. Then it’s Gus’ turn.
“OK, Gus, it’s your turn” the other two yell out. “What’s
your first sad story”.
“I forgot the key”.


A Bishop Sheen Fan


The Scrubs

3 February 2015

The Resistance in Action – Must listen to at least the last two minutes!


Pax et Bonum, in the Union of Prayer,


Brother Joseph TOSF


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