2015 03 14 – Fr. David Hewko Sermon – Saturday after Third Sunday of Lent – Milton, ON

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Lenten Idea for Children

12 March 2015

Lenten Idea


Your children will be delighted to learn to crochet their own rosettes – here is how.

Pax et Bonum


Sister Catherine TOSF


St. Athanasius, one of the great Doctors of the Eastern Church, earned the title of “Father of Orthodoxy” for his strong and uncompromising defense of our Catholic Faith against the Arian Heresy which affected most of the hierarchy, including the pope. Athanasius was banned from his diocese at least five times, spending a total of seventeen years in exile.

He sent the following letter to his flock which is a powerful lesson for our times:

What saddens you is the fact that others have occupied the churches by violence, while during this time you are on the outside. It is a fact that they have the premises – but you have the Apostolic Faith. They can occupy our churches, but they are outside the true Faith. You remain outside the places of worship, but the Faith dwells within you. Let us consider: what is more important? The place or the Faith? The true Faith, obviously. Who has lost and who has won in this struggle? The one who keeps the premises or the one who keeps the Faith?

Let us reflect upon this stated above quotation of one of the great Doctors of the Catholic Faith and come to our own conclusions. God awaits our love towards Him during the time of our greatest trials, discomforts, physical and /or spiritual suffering rather than during our greatest triumphs.

Life is short — and death is sure;
The hour of death — remains obscure.
A soul you have — and only one;
If that be lost, all hope is gone.
Waste not your time – while time shall last;
For after death, ’tis ever past.
The all-seeing God your Judge will be —
Or heaven or hell, your destiny.
All earthly things will fleet away.
Eternity shall ever stay.


Brother Andrew TOSF


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“Remember to wipe your feet, Beth.” Auntie said, giving her usual reminder to preserve her immaculate home, given the extra polish the day before her guests were to arrive. Beth stepped gingerly on the rug and over the waxed oak floor onto the home made rag rug, so as not to put even on scuff mark on said sacred space. Beth and her family were visiting the grandparents, aunts and uncles after a three hour drive. Beth felt happy. She loved her family. No one sat down, having been riding in the car for three hours, but conversed congenially, and then set out for Waterfalls Park.
Mercifully, the oak lined winding road was only twenty minutes to the park with its freedom to run and chatter with the chipmunks and breathe! Soon all were off, all three generations, at various paces, confident to all meet at the falls. It was an idyllic time. The scent of Bay and cool water along the stream enhanced the experience. Her brother Richard ran ahead, trail blazing. Randy, the oldest, dreamily gazed at all the detail of cliff and bush, undoubtedly recording in his mind yet another scene to recreate for his model railroad. Beth just skipped, ran and walked, sometimes going down in the stream to hop from rock to rock, just happy to be moving!
The falls were a special place. One could even wade into the pool below and hide behind the falls in a one person sized cavern and surprise abashed tourists with sudden appearance! Great fun!
After a time, when all had gathered, it was time to go back, as hunger called! The quick paced walk back ended at cloth covered picnic tables, under moss draped, spreading oak trees, where everyone enjoyed the repast of red cabbage and fruit salads, sandwiches, cool drinks and a fudge dessert. As the warm sun began its golden glow descent and full tummies relaxed all into the dreamtime, Grandfather began with stories of the far away homeland, and of the long voyage of The Crossing to a new land. Then it was time to go.
At Aunties, Beth and Mother helped Aunt Elizabeth open the couch, which Uncle Pete had made from red maple, organizing bedding and pillows, and all settled in for the night. Beth dozed to the lull of crickets and starlight softly silvering the thin white curtain covering the picture window.
In the morning, Aunt Elizabeth prepared the distinctive round pancakes of her homeland, left so long ago, when she was Beth’s age. Then these three “girls”, more like sisters to Beth (her parents were older when they married, so they only had three children) hiked off to the town graveyard, picturesque on a bluff overlooking another little stream and canyon, just before Auntie’s home. Auntie straightened the vases and added a few fresh picked wildflowers before granite markers, engraved in old lettering, of friends of the grandparents who had passed on.
All of a sudden Aunt Eva exclaimed, “Hush! They’re here!” Grandmother arrived in her hand made, lace trimmed black and white cape, with a smile and greeting in the most gracious, warm voice one had ever heard, lighting up the entire room. Grandfather smiled and shook hands with the men and gave a little bow, hat in hand, to the ladies. All were seated for about five minutes, and then all invited to sit at table. Uncle Pete sang the blessing, praising God, to the families’ bowed heads.
After the meal, the ladies retired to the kitchen to hand wash a huge amount of dishes. Beth’s brothers went down to the river to pick cattails and pussy willows for Grandmother. Dishes were washed quite quickly, with so many hands to help, one to scrape, one to wash, one to dry and one to put away. Then all retired to the living room to sip coffee with cookies. Beth enjoyed listening to the good natured conversation during “coffee” after the luncheon chores were done, about the little foibles of neighbors, for which they had affection. Aunt Elena smiled and talked about the time everyone met at the local beach when Great Aunt Anna visited from The Homeland.
Afterwards, Beth and her mother walked to the Grandparents home. They passed a large, grassy yard with a sorrel horse grazing in it. It raised its head as they passed in curiosity. Beth wished it were hers! They entered Grandfather’s garden with the little rock lined well, on narrow pathways between all the flowers and fruit bushes, to the garage where Grandfather was working in his woodshop. Beth loved the smell of the fresh walnut, cherry and oak wood shavings fallen on the floor. She enjoyed looking at the signs. “How did you make this nubby background between the letters?” Beth asked. Grandfather showed her a couple of tools, when she asked how it was carved. There were rounded tools and squared off ones, with wooden handles. There was a hammer and a metal tool where a background design could be pounded into the wood for the nubby effect. He also made fine furniture, though not so many pieces as when he was young. Then they said good bye, not staying long, for older people tire more easily.
Walking back in the warm sunshine, Beth dreamed happily of growing up and joining the church where she saw the wonderful vision of Jesus and Mary, when she grew up. In the meantime, she had her best friend in Isabella, her family and her comforting vision. The End.
#1 Pencil sketch of waterfall #2 Watercolor of sorrel horse.


Najoqui Falls 001
red 002
God bless,

Celebrant: Father David Hewko
Date and Time:
1) Saturday March 14, Mass at 7:30 pm; please bring a dish for a potluck after the Mass.
2) Sunday March 15, Mass at 8 am

Location: Italian Canadian Club of Milton

104 Tremaine Road, Milton, ON L9T 2W9

There will also be Mass in St. Catharines on Sunday March 15th at 12:30 pm and in Syracuse at 7 pm. The Mass in St. Catharines will take place at 21 Walters Court, St Catharines, ON.

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Hope within the SSPX?

11 March 2015

A recent EC comments “let us present one encouraging sign that his Society is not yet completely dead: quotes from a sermon given on January 1 of this year in Chicago by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, one of the four bishops consecrated for the SSPX in 1988. ”
Is it safe then to stay in the SSPX?
Review the information in and you will see that as long as documents such as the 2012 General Chapter Statement and the recent interview of Fr Pfluger are not retracted, the SSPX are not following the path outlined by the Archbishop.

Therefore we cannot say that it is safe to stay within the SSPX.
The 2015 sermon here was excellent and His Excellency did give an excellent sermon in 2014 and one in 2013 – but only once a year?
I am sorry, but the SSPX has not yet resurrected from the dead.

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The Religion of Charity

11 March 2015

The Dominicans have an exceptional article outlining how life was quite different in pre-Christian societies as compared to the Social Reign of Christ. Now that we are in the post-Christian era, we will likely revert to the behaviour found in the pre-Christian era.
The article does have one major flaw – it neglects to mention the Franciscan influence on society. We will put a link to the article anyway …


Our Young People for the Kingship of Christ is one way of working towards the Social Reign of Christ. Reminder to the young people – please send in your contributions.

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Their March newsletter is here . An excellent source of information from the New Hampshire Resistance!


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Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.


                                                                             Our Lady at La Salette, 1846

It seems to be a popular destination, this Rome – even the Devil is jostling for a seat or two for his progeny.
Father Michel Simoulin, in his article, Romanitas: essential for Catholicism, issued through the SSPX E-pistola, lavishes the readers with more neo-SSPX inspired sappy laments for eternal Rome.  He recounts a recent pilgrimage of the Dominican sisters, with their charges, to Rome, wherein he relates, “. . . their minds still embalmed with the ‘perfume of Rome’. What happiness!”  Embalmed? Are they still alive? A stench so overpowering it proves fatal? Might it have been a whiff from the seventh circle of Hell, home to the . . . stunted and gnarled trees with twisting branches and poisoned fruit?

What happiness, he exclaimed?  He should have said: What a mess!

It is a messy maze, indeed.  Father Simoulin later notes: “Obviously, but I do not want to dwell on this, we would have liked to sing the Mass, at least once, in one of the Roman basilicas.”  So, the “hosts of the Vatican” threw open the doors for the pilgrims, but forbade entrance of the Traditional Latin Mass kits, which had to be left at the door, so to speak. In other words, Christ was not welcomed in eternal Rome – His Rome. The Rome that is the pope’s “. . . but . . . belongs first to Jesus Christ.”   He was denied access to His own Roman basilicas? Shame!  Our Lord shall repay them for their coldness in due course.

It would appear, from Father Simoulin’s article, that neither the pilgrims or their superiors offered even a slight protest to this insult to our Lord; obviously, proving themselves to be somewhat less than great friends of our Lord! Not to mention, a terrible example for the students in tow. In which circle might Dante have placed such a brand of culprits? A lyrical translation of such culpable cold-heartedness must be penned. Let us call it The Chant of the Ingrates:

Leave Him at the door,

we wish to explore.

The treasures of Rome,
we will adore,
Not Him, Whom

we left at the door!


Such an exclusion is acceptable by the standards of the neo-SSPX?  That perfume, spoken of earlier, might have been the same infamous smoke of Satan, said to have lingered in Rome, which now seems to have embalmed the minds of far too many within the neo-SSPX hierarchy.  One fundraising idea, to help pay for all those public relations initiatives, might be to set-up a business for the production of doormats, to be sold throughout eternal Rome, especially  Vatican City and now Menzingen, which might read: Christians welcome, but not their Founder; or, perhaps, a more general option: All welcome, except the Creator. It is the Age of Transparency, so they say.

On the topic of business, a simple rule to facilitate commercial success has been distilled into three words:  Location, Location, Location. That is, the location of a storefront business often determines its degree of success. This catchphrase was coined to serve as a simple reminder for those embarking on a new business venture.

What of our Faith? Is its success dependent on a geographical location? If the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, becomes dislodged from Rome, Vatican City, would this spell the end of our Faith? Or, lessen it to any extent?  Keep in mind the fact that even if Rome, as a geographical entity, ceased to exist, then we would still be subjected to a personal judgement, upon death (after exposure to some of Rome’s perfume, perhaps), according to our individual fidelity to the precepts of the Faith. In reality, this grandiose idea of eternal Rome is a nice-to-have, not a necessity.

His Excellency, Archbishop Lefebvre recognized the duality of the Roman dilemma, but he remained clear on the matter as it relates to the Faith as noted in his Declaration of November 21, 1974: “We hold firmly with all our heart and with all our mind to Catholic Rome, Guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary to the maintenance of this faith, to the eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth. We refuse on the other hand, and have always refused, to follow the Rome of Neo-Modernist and Neo-Protestant tendencies, which became clearly mani­fest during the Second Vatican Council, and after the Council, in all the re­forms which issued from it.”

Consider the recent statements and actions of Pope Francis, plastered all over the media. Can any prudent person believe that in light of such effuse demonstrates that he, the Pope, is a faithful Guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary to the maintenance of this faith? It must be acknowledged that Rome has changed, but only to become progressively worse since the close of the Second Vatican CounciI.

Shirk the sentimentality and longing for unity, for a moment, at least, and be honest on this one point. If you answered in the negative to the above question, then consider if it is reasonable, at this time, to move toward any form of unsanctioned cohabitation with the Rome of Neo-Modernist and Neo-Protestant tendencies? Is it judicious even to ignite such sentimentality for eternal Rome amongst the faithful, which could lead to a misplaced reverence toward the conciliar hierarchy?  This becomes a question of life and death, the eternal destination of your soul.

Eternal Rome is figurative. The Faith is eternal.  The Faith is Truth. Truth is unchanging. Rome has been graced as the temporal home of the Church, Vatican City. The Vicar of Christ, who resides at the Vatican, has been entrusted as the Guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary to the maintenance of this faith, hence its earthly prominence. The ultimate and true eternal Rome is Heaven, because it is Heaven that is eternal as well as the final end of those who have kept the Faith – in its entirety.

His Excellency, Archbishop Lefebvre, when he spoke at Rennes, France, in November of 1972 asked a question:  “What does faith give you?”  He answered: “Eternal Life.”[1]

It is the untainted deposit of the Faith of which His Excellency spoke and to which we much adhere in order to earn eternal life. Verboten are the compromised, liquidated, distortions propagated by a modernist, enemy embracing, Conciliar loving Rome, still dizzy, obviously, from a diabolical disorientation.

In his Spiritual Journey, Archbishop Lefebvre wrote: “The higher they come from, the more scandals provoke disasters. Certainly, the Church itself guards its sanctity and its sources of sanctification, but the control of its institutions by unfaithful popes and apostate bishops ruins the faith of the faithful and the clergy, sterilizes the instrument of grace, and favors the assault of all the powers of Hell which seem to triumph.”[2]

And so it remains “. . . until such time as the true light of tradition dissipates the gloom which obscures the sky of the eternal Rome”[3]


Instead of joining the hullabaloo for eternal Rome, true Roman Catholics should herald a little catchphrase to remind themselves to aspire to the ultimate success: Salvation, Salvation, Salvation. Strive for the true eternal, which is Heaven, and spurn the disorienting smoke and mirrors roadshow peddled by the traitors to our Lord, Jesus Christ. He, Who lives and reigns forever, in eternal Heaven. Deo gratias.

Let us give thanks to our dear Lord for having sent us such a faithful and wise bishop, who was His Excellency, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


[1] A Bishop Speaks: Writings and Addresses 1963-1976, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, p. 119.

[2] Spiritual Journey, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, p. 54.

[3] Archbishop Lefebvre’s Declaration of November 21, 1974, p. 5, retrieved from

Note: The four marks of the true Church are One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Roman is not a mark of the Church, but it might become one, unofficially, should the neo-SSPX ever decide to issue their own catechism.



Sister Michaela Raphaela TOSF

AKA: Patricia MacLean




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