Fr. Edward McDonald Conference – April 12, 2015

May 6, 2015


Index to Topics covered in video:


01:00 It truly is a battle for the Faith
03:50 Great crisis in the Church
05:10 Crisis in the SSPX – little things keep changing
08:10 Some French Priests now wearing birettas)
10:10 No veil on the processional cross on Holy Thursday
11:30 Why Fr MacDonald has come to Australia for the Resistance
12:30 Story of St Teresa – That’s the way I treat my friends
13:25 Starting all over again – persevering.
14:40 Sedevacantism is not a doctrine of the Church
21:30 CMRI (sedevacantist) – was a cult but have cleaned up their act
25:15 Modern Canonizations of saints
28:00 Everything the newchurch touches is corrupted)
29:30 Pay no attention to them
29:57 SSPX silence – Priests haven’t been told anything to say.
30:28 Public praying to Modern canonized saints
31:25 SSPX Seminary in Virginia
32:30 When I was a boy in Detroit
34:28 Do confreres discuss the crisis in the SSPX?

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