Ambrose Moran: Is He Really a Catholic Priest?

In a previous post, I demonstrated that Bishop Ambrose Moran was not consecrated a Catholic bishop.  Ever since then, Fr. Juan Ortiz wrote a study (publication retracted) that looks at the Ambrose Moran case from a theological and canonical perspective.  In his study, Fr. Ortiz also concludes that Ambrose Moran was not consecrated a Catholic bishop.  However, Fr. Ortiz’s study goes one step further by providing evidence and concluding that Ambrose Moran was not even ordained a Catholic priest; rather, he was ordained by a schismatic bishop.  You may read about this mainly in III, B, 5&7 of the study.  However, what Fr. Ortiz did not mention in his study is that he sent several documents for review and analysis to Fr. Bohdan Bilinksy, Episcopal Vicar of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada.  You may download here Fr. Bohdan Bilinksy’s formal response.  Among other things, Fr. Bilinsky makes these statements about the priestly life of Ambrose Moran:


1. Regarding his ordination certificate:


“The letterhead is from the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Kiev. The signatory, Bishop Nicholas is that of an Orthodox Bishop and not connected with the Catholic (Roman nor Eastern) Church hierarchy.”


2. Regarding his incardination:


“This is an authentic letter. I cannot explain why Ambrose would request and Bishop Isidor would accept him into the Eparchy for two years and at the same time give him permission to live and study outside the Eparchy i.e. in the US where he would need the local Bishop to give him faculties. HE WAS NOT incardinated into the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada.”


“I do, hereby, declare that (Priest, Bishop, Archbishop) Moran IS NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN incardinated into the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada.”


2. Regarding his association with the Catholic Church:


“All his credentials indicate that he is associated with some division of the Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church has no claim on him and he has no Canonical connection with the Catholic Church.”


From the evidence I’ve seen (and the lack of convincing contrary evidence), I conclude, with a prudential certitude, that Ambrose Moran was not ordained a Catholic priest.

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