More Concerning Ambrose Moran’s “Priestly” Ordination

Feb 3, 2016

In two previous posts, here and here, evidence was presented to show that Ambrose Moran was not ordained a Catholic priest.  In this post, I wrote the following:


“To further complicate matters, the date on the ordination certificate is May 19, 1974, but the information in the link below states that Bishop Nikolaus Ilnyckyj was consecrated an Orthodox bishop only in 1978!”


Today (February 3, 2016) Fr. Juan Ortiz received a letter from Fr. Bohdan Bilinsky, current Episcopal Vicar of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada, that was in the Eparchy’s archives.  You may download the letter here.  This letter is dated July 24, 1975 and was written by an Orthodox archpriest called Willam Ischie to Bishop Michael Dudick, bishop of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic in New Jersey at the time.  The letter concerns Bishop Nikolaus Ilnyckyj, ordaining Orthodox bishop of William Moran, and states that Nikolaus Ilnyckyj was consecrated a bishop on February 18, 1973.  As this official letter is a much more credible form of communication than this link regarding Nikolaus Ilnyckyj’s actual consecration date, I concede that 1978 as the consecration year is incorrect; rather, 1973 is correct.  Nevertheless, this July 24, 1975 letter seriously puts into question the validity of Nikolaus Ilnyckyj’s episcopal consecration.  Here is the summation of Orthodox Archpriest William Ischie on this matter:


“In summation, Your Excellency (Bishop Michael Dudick), it is my opinion that the alleged act of consecration on the 18th of February, 1973, of Nicholaus Ilnyckyj by three other laymen was null, void, and a blasphemy against God.  I obviously stand ready to supply you with additional information from my files but feel that the facts I have given you concerning the Satanic conspiracy should be enough to arm you in the protection of your faithful.”


Read the whole letter for yourself, but the key points that I want to make are the following:


1.  The validity of William Moran’s “priestly” ordination is seriously questioned by the very fact that the Orthodox themselves seriously questioned the validity of the episcopal consecration of Nikolaus Ilnyckyj.  How much more so, then, should Catholics question the validity of William Moran’s “priestly” ordination!

2.  The letter provides a taste of how Orthodox “clerics” mingled with Catholic clerics in the 1970s and thereby somewhat explains pictures of William Moran in Catholic churches.

3.  Despite this letter, Catholics generally cannot place their trust in the validity of any orders outside Her bosom.  Let us not forget that the Orthodox have been in schism for 1,000 years, they have become divided into countless different sects, and they fight amongst themselves on who is a valid bishop/priest.  Therefore, we cannot place our trust either in the validity of the Orthodox episcopal consecration of Ambrose Moran.

4.  Other than his word (see the 4 minutes and 50 seconds mark of this video), Ambrose Moran has not presented evidence that he was ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Josyf Slipyj.

5.  Ambrose Moran’s Catholic episcopal consecration certificate presented to Fr. Pfeiffer has been declared to be false.

6.  Given all the information presented in all my posts, we can safely conclude that Ambrose Moran was neither ordained a Catholic priest nor consecrated a Catholic bishop.  At best, he is an Orthodox bishop; at worst, he is simply a layman.  But most importantly, he is a fraud!


I e-mailed the July 24, 1975 letter to Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer earlier this afternoon (February 3, 2016).  I hope that it leads him to publicly retract his assertion that Ambrose Moran is truly a Catholic priest.

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