In a previous post, I wrote about the erection of the Fraternity of St. Francis of Assisi under the directorship of Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz.  Immediately after the erection ceremony, another ceremony was conducted in which Sr. Elizabeth of Ontario became a professed member of the Third Order Secular of St. Francis.  Deo gratias!


Let us pray that St. Francis obtains for her the graces to continue to grow in the love Our Lord, Our Lady, St. Joseph, and the Third Order.


Below are several pictures of the ceremonies.


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_001


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_003


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_004


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_006


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_007


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_008


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_009


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_010


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_011


Fr Ortiz Easter 2016 TOSF_012

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On Sunday March 27, 2016 (Easter Sunday), Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz erected the Fraternity of St. Francis of Assisi in a ceremony conducted in Buffalo, New York.  Deo gratias!  A new page has been set up that reflects this new fraternity and the Third Order Secular of St. Francis in general.  The fraternity is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but welcomes members (professed, novices, & postulants) from other fraternities and isolated tertiaries throughout the world that want to remain faithful to the spirit of St. Francis and the line of the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  We also welcome potential postulants who believe that God is calling them to the tertiary life.


We thank Fr. Ortiz, a faithful son of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for erecting the fraternity and agreeing to being its Director.  Deo gratias again!

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He Is Risen!

27 March 2016

The Our Lady of Good Success Mission wishes you all a most Blessed Easter!



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Thanks to a French Canadian gentleman of the Resistance, here is a translated into English extract of a conference given by the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on April 11, 1990 in Econe, Switzerland.  This extract concerns the liturgical reforms attributed to Pope John XXIII.  It is clear from this conference that a true follower of Archbishop Lefebvre cannot reject the 1962 Missal and Breviary.


The audio extract (in French) of the conference regarding this subject is provided below, courtesy of the same French Canadian gentlemen.


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The owner of the website Milita Jesu Christi found a gem on Bishop Williamson’s former public position on the New Mass.  You may listen to the audio recording below.  I do not know the date and place of this recording.


In this recording, Bishop Williamson says that the New Mass is “illicit in any case”, that it is “intrinsically evil”, and that “one may not attend a valid, illicit Mass anymore than a Satanic Mass”.  Wow!  What a difference this is from what the same Bishop Williamson said to the lady in the Mahopac, NY conference given on June 28, 2015, where he basically told her that it was okay to continue attending the New Mass so long as her faith was nourished by it.  The words His Excellency uttered in this conference (and his later Eleison Comments) have caused strife within the Resistance between priests and faithful alike.  Yet, His Excellency has not backed down from what he said at that conference.


What a shame it is that an old wound has been opened up by His Excellency on a matter that had already been settled by Archbishop Lefebvre, which is that the New Mass is bad in itself and hence it may not be attended despite the reverence with which a priest celebrates it.  Therefore, the faithful followers of the Archbishop must resist Bishop Williamson or any other Resistance bishop, priest, or faithful who defend his words.


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Our Lady of Good Success Mission in Toronto, along with members of the Resistance in Buffalo, would like to invite you to Holy Mass offered by Father Juan Ortiz on Easter Sunday.

We would like to thank Brian Torsell for coordinating the arrangements for this Mass. Brian can be contacted for further information at or at 716-908-5257.

Confessions will be at 5 pm, Mass will be at 6 pm. A conference and potluck will follow.

The address is 6777 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221


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“I became aware of this desire of Rome to impose on us their ideas and their way of seeing things. Cardinal Ratzinger always said to me, “But, Monsignor, there is only one Church, you must not make a parallel Church.”


What is this Church for him? The Conciliar Church, this is clear! When he explicitly told us: “Obviously, if we grant you this protocol, some privileges, you will also have to accept what we do; and therefore, in the Church of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, a New Mass will also have to be said every Sunday.”…


You see clearly that he wanted to bring us back to the Conciliar Church. This is not possible because it is clear that they want to impose these innovations on us to put an end to Tradition. They grant nothing out of esteem for the traditional liturgy, but simply to deceive those whom they give it to, and to diminish our resistance, to drive a wedge in the Traditional block to destroy it.


These are their politics, their conscious tactics! They do not make mistakes and you know the pressures they exert …”

(Conference at Econe, September 9, 1988)

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“The more one analyzes the documents of Vatican II, and the more one analyzes their interpretation by the authorities of the Church, the more one realizes that what is at stake is not merely superficial errors, a few mistakes, ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, a certain Liberalism, but rather a wholesale perversion of the mind, a whole new philosophy based on modern philosophy, on subjectivism.” 

(Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, “Two Years after the Consecrations”, Address Given to Priests in Econe, Switzerland on September 6, 1990)

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