The Conciliar Church or the Roman Catholic Church?

Oct 23, 2016

Is the post-Vatican II Church the Conciliar Church or the Roman Catholic Church?

In the past four years, the nSSPX no longer refers to the post-Vatican II Church as the Conciliar Church (a term used by ABL). Instead, the nSSPX wants us to believe the post-Vatican II Church is the Catholic Church.

Listen to what Fr Hesse has to say:

At the 25:16 mark of the tape “The Mess Manifest …”, Fr Hesse comments:
That means it [the post-Vatican II Church] is a fully and completely completely heretical Church and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais of the Society of St Pius X very very rightly said it is a Gnostic sect.


As Fr Hesse then points out, Gnosticism is Satanic.

Therefore the post-Vatican II Church is not the Roman Catholic Church and should be identified as the Conciliar Church. So, stay away from it!!!


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