Monastery of St. Joseph and Link to “A Refutation of a Catechetical Refutation”

Nov 17, 2016

You may download here the Winter 2016 Bulletin of the Monastery of St. Joseph in Ecuador with Fr. Raphael, O.S.B., as the Prior.  Father and his four monks had to move to Ecuador from Colombia due to problems they had encountered.  Thank God that all the monks remained firm together during their crisis.  And what better land to move to than that of Our Lady of Good Success!  The bulletin shows pictures of their new home.


Fr. Raphael is a warrior of Our Lady.  He makes no compromises with the Novus Ordo Mass and is a red lighter.  He is faithful to the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and opposes the errors of those who have abandoned the Archbishop’s position(s).  I thank him for providing a link in this bulletin to “A Refutation of a Catechetical Refutation”, which I wrote to tear apart the erroneous ideas and principles that Mr. Sean Johnson presented in trying to defend Bishop Richard Williamson’s comments regarding active attendance at the Novus Ordo Mass.


Please consider donating to Fr. Raphael.  Your donation will go a long way in supporting warriors of Catholic Tradition.  You may donate at the following link:

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