Fr. Raphael, O.S.B., Gives His Approbation to “A Refutation of a Catechetical Refutation”

Nov 24, 2016

The following comment, in green font, is from Fr. Raphael, O.S.B., in response to my request to give me feedback regarding “A Refutation of a Catechetical Refutation”.  I have the permission of Fr. Raphael to publish it.


Dear Tony,


I liked your paper from the beginning to end.  I think it is beautifully profound and you draw the same conclusions I did.


My blessings.


Fr. Raphael, O.S.B.


Fr. Raphael linked to the web page containing my paper in the Winter 2016 issue of his monastery bulletin. The following is the portion of my paper that he also included in the same bulletin:


“As for those of us who want to remain wholly faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, the modern day St. Athanasius, let us continue his fight.  We must reject the Novus Ordo Mass wholesale.  We must never celebrate it, actively attend it, or advise others ‘in a positive manner’ to actively attend it.”


Please morally and financially support this holy monk and his monastery.

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