The Dominicans of Avrille answer the nsspx Fr Simoulin article:
“No practical agreement until there is a doctrinal agreement?”
I particularly like the comment: “The word ‘sadness‘ (italics added) is repeated five times: appeal to sentiment. But here, it is reason and faith which should guide us.”
Which is of course, what the Domincans are famous for, the use of logic over sentiment.


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This is dealt with in the last five minutes of the talk entitled “A Conversation With Fr. Hesse #1 “.


Question: “I only have the NOM to go to. If there is no Latin Mass to go to, what do I do?”
Fr Hesse answers: “The Church has answered the question in the past when the Church did not allow you to fulfill your Sunday duty in a Russian Orthodox Mass. The Russian Orthodox Mass is recognized valid – it’s recognized as a valid Mass. The Church has never as a matter of fact doubted the validity. Validity means it takes place; it doesn’t mean it’s allowed to go there. Most people confuse valid and licit: valid means the sacrament is actually there. Licit means it’s also allowed to do so. …
The Conciliar Church does not provide me with Holy Mass for the simple reason that it is my Divine right – Divine God-given right – that’s the definition of the Church – to receive all the Sacraments in my rite (ritus). It’s a God-given right that I receive the Sacraments in the rite of my Church. My Church happens to be the Latin Catholic Church. The rites of the Latin Catholic Church are the ones confirmed by the Council of Trent, Pope Pius V and his successors. They [the rites of the Latin Catholic Church] are not the changed new rites. The new rites – Paul VI called the Novus Ordo the New Order of Mass – the New Order of Mass I don’t know to whom it belongs except the Devil. My liturgy – It is not my liturgy – it does not belong to my church – I cannot go there. …
The Church said sanctify Sunday by going to Mass. If you can’t go to Mass, then you can’t go there. Try to make it for Christmas or Easter. …

You cannot fulfill your Sunday obligation at the New Mass because the New Mass in itself is schismatic, against Divine Law, against Eternal Law. How can I fulfill Eternal Law by going against it? It’s absurd. You can’t. … [emphasis added]

Better the Old Mass once a month than the New Mass every day.”
Sr C

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Message from the Buffalo Resistance:
Fr. Ortiz will again be visiting Buffalo, N.Y. on Sunday December, 18 to offer Holy Mass and perform a Baptism. Mass is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. with confessions starting at 12:00. I hope you will be able to come.
The location for Mass is:
112 James Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14210
As seating in the room for Mass will be a bit limited, please RSVP, if possible, with an approximate number of people that will be coming, so accommodations can be prepared beforehand. Plans are being made in case a “satellite room” becomes necessary, as well. Please be advised that Mass is being held on the second floor of the building, in case some of the faithful require more time going up stairs.
A small potluck meal/desserts is planned to follow afterward. Coffee and tableware will be provided.
We would like to thank Brian Torsell for coordinating the arrangements for this Mass. Brian can be contacted for further information at or at 716-908-5257.


Please note when checking for directions:
Google maps says for the address:
Abortion Ask First
Abortion Clinic
It is NOT an abortion clinic – it is mislabelled by Google.
The phone number is 1 716-852-3026.
If you listen to the recorded message, you will see that it is very Pro-Life, strongly discouraging abortion and explaining the evil that abortion is.
So do not be scandalized by the (intentional?) mislabelling by Google.

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We wish you all a most blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception!



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You are invited to the Holy Mass that will be offered by Father Juan Ortiz on Wednesday, December 28th
Confessions: 2 pm
Mass of the Holy Innocents: 3 pm
BEST WESTERN PLUS Windjammer Inn & Conference Center
Burlington Room
1076 Williston Road, South Burlington, Vermont, 05403

Google Map Itineary

For information:


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