The Disingenuity of the Owner of CathInfo

Jan 8, 2017

Yesterday (Jan. 7, 2017 GMT) the owner of CathInfo started a thread on his website with this post.  This was his response to a thread that Br. Joseph had started shortly before in which he, Br. Joseph, linked to Episode 3 of Ecclesia Militans Radio.  The following are a few facts that I would like to point out in response to the owner’s post.


On October 4, 2016, I published my paper called A Refutation of “A Catechetical Refutation” in which I tore apart the sloppy defence by Mr. Sean Johnson of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson regarding advice the bishop gave to a lady in Mahopac, NY, in June 2015 on Novus Ordo Mass attendance.  Br. Joseph started a thread on CathInfo on the same day in which he linked to my paper.  I could not do it myself because I had been banned for some time.  The owner shortly thereafter interceded and cut the thread short claiming that he had already started a thread on the same topic.  See here and here.  The thread, however, that the owner had already started was not directly related to my paper; rather, the thread was Mr. Sean Johnson’s rebuttal to the refutation made against his paper in the September 2016 issue of The Recusant.  See here.  Furthermore, the owner did not link at all to my paper.  Instead, it was linked to by another forum member a few posts later.  See here.  The thread died off at that point.  On December 4, 2016, to my surprise, I received an e-mail that seemed to reactivate my account on CathInfo.  I tried to log in and it worked.  A couple of weeks later (I don’t have a record of the exact date), I started a thread on CathInfo in which I myself posted a link to my paper and was ready to defend it.  Within a short time, the owner removed the thread and banned me again without stating a reason for doing so.


Given what I wrote above, it is disingenuous, therefore, for the owner of CathInfo to claim in yesterday’s post, “If someone wants to debate Sean’s Catechetical Refutation, let them come here, and debate it in text.”  My paper is the most thorough paper that I have seen to date in refuting Mr. Sean Johnson’s defence of the advice Bishop Williamson gave to the lady in Mahopac; I have yet to see any substantial rebuttal.  Instead of attacking specific points in my paper, the owner resorts to ad hominem attacks that I am not a theologian, bishop, or priest, and that I have not even spent time in a seminary.  That I am not any of these and that I have not spent time in a seminary, he is correct.  However, that doesn’t make me an idiot.  I have been a Traditional Catholic for thirteen years and can hold my own on many theological points.  More importantly, two Resistance priests have read my paper and have given it the thumbs up.


I call upon the owner of CathInfo to reactivate my account and challenge him to debate my paper…..if he’s got the intestinal fortitude to do so.

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