Fr. Rafael, O.S.B., Responds to Accusations Posted on CathInfo

Feb 15, 2017

Earlier this morning, Matthew of CathInfo posted a thread on his forum in which he listed several accusations made by an unnamed source, but an alleged “completely reliable and trustworthy source”, against Fr. Rafael, O.S.B.  You may found the initial post of this thread here.  The link to the thread is the following:


Note how Matthew titled the thread “The truth about Fr. Raphael Arizaga OSB”.  Fr. Rafael is guilty in Matthew’s eyes simply based on this “completely reliable and trustworthy source”.


In order to give Fr. Rafael an opportunity to defend himself, I sent him an e-mail with the list of accusations and asked him to affirm or deny each accusation.  Fr. Rafael responded and gave me permission to publish his responses.  Fr. Rafael’s responses are in quotes and red font.


“Before God I assure that all is false except point # 9.  My Father got better.  It is a diabolical attack.  A proof we are in the truth.  Because they cannot refute with doctrine, with charity or with God’s weapons.”


I asked Fr. Rafael to clarify his response to point #10 because Father himself informed me last week that he was in Colombia.


“yes I am with my 2 monks in Colombia. There is not lady here and never was”


Let Fr. Rafael’s accuser come forth, show himself, and prove his accusations with evidence!

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