Fr. Rafael Is Not a Sedevacantist

Feb 16, 2017

Fr. Rafael, O.S.B., because of some comments he made regarding the Conciliar Church and its relation to the Catholic Church in his most recent newlsetter, is now being labelled by some as a Sedevacantist or bordering on becoming a Sedevacantist.  Yet let us take a look at what the same Fr. Rafael wrote in his August/September 2015 newsletter (bold mine):


“The Conciliar Church since Vatican II, fifty years already by now, have incorporated the false principles of the Revolution to its doctrine as if were its own. These are principles already condemned by the Catholic Church in many occasions by her infallible magisterium. Fifty years have passed through since the apostasy began, the treason; fifty years of having uncrowned Our Lord Jesus Christ placing instead in His place, men himself, and his “sacred” liberty. And now Pope Francis is calling for a “holy” Jubilee for the celebration of those fifty years of apostasy.”


“By performing these deeds, the SSPX has canonized Vatican II calling it “holy” as they celebrate its anniversary. Also the SSPX is placing on them the label of “Catholics” by accepting to work together with them. By labeling as catholic the new masonic apostate Church, The SSPX is misleading thousands of Catholics towards apostasy. By these blind deeds of traitor compromise, the SSPX is cooperating with the destruction of the Catholic Church by omission and commission.”


Wow!  Father goes so far as stating that the Conciliar Church is an “apostate” Church.  Yet note that he still calls Francis “Pope”.  Why then are some being frantic about what Father writes in his latest newsletter?  Oh, yes; it’s because Father now criticizes the three “Resistance” bishops for their sliding away, by commission or omission, from the position of Archbishop Lefebvre.  And there’s no way the aptly named “false” Resistance can take that!  So they attack Father using the same smear tactics that Bishop Fellay and his cohorts used when the Resistance was first rising:  “You’re a Sedevacantist!”


My friends, the “false” Resistance gets what it deserves for the weak yellow light position, led by one of its bishops, it has been propagating for the past four years:  a smoochfest with the Conciliar Church!

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