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Father Edward MacDonald will offer Mass at 11:30 am on February 4th, preceded by Confession. There will also be a Baptism.


Best Western Plus Milton Inn
Halton Room
161 Chisholm Drive
Milton, Ontario
L9T 4A6
Telephone (905)875-3818


Father MacDonald will be also offering Mass at 7 pm with confessions at 6:30pm on February 3rd, near Midland,Ontario. A potluck will follow.
Anyone interested in attending please contact Therese at

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Today is the fifth anniversary of that infamous sermon given by His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota.  The following is the quote that really caught my ear back then:


“We told them very clearly, if you accept us as is, without change, without obliging us to accept these things, then we are ready.”


By these words Bishop Fellay publicly opposed the old SSPX adage of “no canonical agreement prior to a doctrinal resolution”.  In other words, he publicly adopted a position in opposition to that of the SSPX founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who from the 1988 Consecrations onward clearly and firmly held the position that Rome must accept the pre-conciliar Magisterial teachings prior to the resumption of discussions regarding a canonical regularization.  It is true that there were almost two years of doctrinal discussions between Rome and the SSPX prior to this sermon, but the conclusion reached was that each party could not convince the other of its position.


My friends, does this make any sense?  The SSPX starts the doctrinal discussions with Rome in 2009 with the position that the doctrinal differences between the two parties must be resolved prior to any canonical regularization.  Then almost two years of discussions are held after which both parties cannot come to an agreement on the doctrinal discrepancies.  Nonetheless, soon after Bishop Fellay is willing to accept a canonical regularization so long as Rome accepts the SSPX “as is”.  Huh?


You may also listen to the Feb. 2, 2012 sermon here.  Start at the 39:50 mark if you want to hear Bishop Fellay’s statement quoted above.

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Today is the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord.  We also honour on this day Our Lady under Her title of Good Success.


May the Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts Come Soon!



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With the canonical regularization of the neo-SSPX looming, below are links to two articles I wrote a while ago related to this subject:


The Society of St. Pius X and the Diocesan Bishops


“No Canonical Agreement Prior to a Doctrinal Resolution” Is a Catholic Principle

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