“If I Align Myself with Anyone, It Will Be Said Publicly and Clearly and Before All”

Oct 2, 2018

These are the words spoken by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer during a sermon given on October 3, 2015 in Portales, New Mexico.  Fr. Pfeiffer was defending himself against those that accused him of aligning himself with an Orthodox bishop (i.e., Ambrose Moran).  The following is a one minute clip of that sermon (full sermon is at the bottom of this post) containing these words:



In September 2015, Ambrose Moran was publicly introduced to the Resistance through the posting of sermons and interviews on the 469fitter YouTube channel.  Those videos are no longer available as they were scrubbed off a couple of months ago by the owner of 469fitter (see post here regarding this).


On November 7, 2015, the Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary run by Fr. Pfeiffer published a statement through the Filii Mariae website that it had decided not to associate with Ambrose Moran.  This was after much backlash from priests and faithful since Ambrose Moran’s introduction two months before.


The issue of Ambrose Moran caused many to no longer support Fr. Pfeiffer.  Others remained with Father in light of the November 7, 2015 statement.  Over the course of time, some who had left came back seeing that the November 7, 2015 statement was being honoured.  However, unfortunately, the decision not to associate with Ambrose Moran came to a halt earlier this year (see post here) when Fr. Pfeiffer had Ambrose Moran conditionally ordain a former Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter priest, Fr. Poisson.  One of the sad things about this is that Fr. Pfeiffer did not stick to his “if I align myself with anyone, it will be said publicly and clearly and before all” statement emphatically proclaimed in the October 3, 2015 sermon.  Instead, the conditional ordination was done without any public announcement beforehand and no public statement was made afterwards; we are still waiting.


Sure, Fr. Pfeiffer and his supporters can try to downplay the use of Ambrose Moran for the conditional ordination in that it does not mean that Fr. Pfeiffer has “aligned” or “associated” himself with Ambrose Moran, but this is a just a play on words.  In Fr. Pfeiffer’s eyes, Ambrose Moran is not just a simple priest passing by to visit the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church; rather, in Fr. Pfeiffer eyes, Ambrose Moran has the sacerdotal power to turn his seminarians in priests, and that is no small matter.  He knows the magnitude of this matter and we know that he knows, which makes it all the more disappointing in seeing him take such a concealed approach.


Let us pray that Fr. Pfeiffer returns to saying things “publicly and clearly and before all”.


Addendum – full sermon (also scrubbed off 469fitter YouTube channel):


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