In this two part video:
Part 1
Part 2
Fr Hesse labels the NOM as generally invalid as well as illicit. He explains that the Sacrifice must take place in order for Grace to be available. That Grace is God himself. If the NOM has no Sacrifice, then there is no Mass, and therefore no Grace.
Furthermore, we can never tell if the NOM is valid because the sacrificial nature of the Mass is downplayed or outright removed. And when there is doubt about the sacrificial nature of the Mass, we run the risk of worshiping a cookie. Fr Hesse reiterates the necessity to stay away from doubtful sacraments.
Fr Hesse also states that the NOM was never decreed but was merely published by Pope Paul VI. He also states that the infallible Council of Trent forbade the creation of a new Rite or a new Mass.
Here are some quotations from this conference:
• Do not participate in something which is against Divine Law.
• Do not participate in something which is doubtful.
• Follow the safer course. The safer course cannot be to attend the New Mass which you don’t even know if it’s valid or not.
• You cannot sanctify Sunday by doing something wrong.
• Illicit means it is against Divine Law.
• The New Mass is a Protestant Mass.
• The New Mass was written by Protestants.
• The New Liturgy is illicit and you cannot participate in it.
• In most cases in today’s parishes, you receive a cookie and nothing else.


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Excellent interview.



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Is the post-Vatican II Church the Conciliar Church or the Roman Catholic Church?

In the past four years, the nSSPX no longer refers to the post-Vatican II Church as the Conciliar Church (a term used by ABL). Instead, the nSSPX wants us to believe the post-Vatican II Church is the Catholic Church.

Listen to what Fr Hesse has to say:

At the 25:16 mark of the tape “The Mess Manifest …”, Fr Hesse comments:
That means it [the post-Vatican II Church] is a fully and completely completely heretical Church and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais of the Society of St Pius X very very rightly said it is a Gnostic sect.


As Fr Hesse then points out, Gnosticism is Satanic.

Therefore the post-Vatican II Church is not the Roman Catholic Church and should be identified as the Conciliar Church. So, stay away from it!!!


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We would like to remind our readers that we cannot go to the NOM.
To support this recommendation, we refer to two sources:
1) The teaching of the SSPX prior to the change in direction:
2) The teaching of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre which follows:
“The current problem of the Mass is an extremely serious problem for the Holy Church. I believe that if the dioceses and seminaries and works that are currently done are struck with sterility, it is because the recent deviations drew upon us the divine curse. All the efforts that are made to hang on to what is being lost, to reorganize, reconstruct, rebuild, all that is struck with sterility, because we no longer have the true source of holiness which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Profaned as it is, it no longer gives grace, it no longer makes grace pass.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, August 1972, priestly retreat; can be found in A Bishop Speaks)


as translated at


We remind our readers to re-read the works left to us by the Archbishop. They are possibly even more relevant to our situation today than they were at the time he wrote them. Truth does not change!

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For another interesting (but non-canonical) presentation of what Archbishop Lefebvre and Canon Hesse had to say about attendance at the NOM, I recommend:

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Rather than meditating and making pronouncements on your personal interpretation of Canon Law, as do too many members of the Resistance, I recommend again the sermons of the book noted at Sermons For Sundays.
Today’s (19th Sunday after Pentecost) meditations concern how to interpret the Feast and how to apply it to your life to ensure that you are not cast out. This is an excellent way to “nourish your Faith”.


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Our Lady of Good Success Mission in Toronto, along with members of the Resistance in Buffalo, would like to invite you to Holy Mass offered by Father Juan Ortiz on Sunday September 18.


Mass scheduled for 1, preceeded by Confession, potluck/snacks afterward.
The location is
2211 Kensington Ave, Amherst, NY 14226

We would like to thank Brian Torsell for coordinating the arrangements for this Mass. Brian can be contacted for further information at or at 716-908-5257.


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Sermons for Sundays

10 September 2016

Attached is a set of sermons discussing the Mass readings for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost. We encourage everyone to read a good set of sermons every Sunday as we are in need of proper teaching and do not have recourse to sermons of Resistance priests on a regular basis.

The complete book of sermons (four books in total) can be found here:


In particular, we call your attention to the second sermon (St Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church) called Meditation on Humility and on Vainglory, which exemplifies Franciscan Spirituality. and demonstrates why these Virtues are to be sought after.



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Fr. Juan Ortiz will offer Holy Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Chapel — the private chapel of Fr. Leon Bourke (a mission annex of St. Athanasius) —
on Sunday July 03.
Confessions will begin at 12:15pm; Mass will begin at 12:30.
Sorry, no pot luck after (we’re just not set up for it).
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel
2541 Maycrest St. NW
Roanoke, VA 24012
540-521-6445 (Fr. Leon Bourke)

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Over the past four years, the most prominent leaders of the Resistance have been Bishop Williamson and Father Pfeiffer. These priests have led by example, bringing the Sacraments all over the world to many different Mass Centers, taught clearly the proper Doctrine and warned of the errors of the new direction of both the nSSPX and their new masters in the Vatican. Unfortunately, both have made serious prudential errors, resulting in the undermining of the Resistance, making it a minefield both for those in the Resistance and for those who are considering joining it.
BW has consecrated two bishops who teach solid Doctrine and are committed to preserving the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre. For this, we are most grateful.
In the absence of solid clerical leadership, members of the laity have risen to the task. The “Leader of the Resistance” is a key threat to the effectiveness of Father Pfeiffer. Some members of the laity have heavily promoted the acceptance of an irregular “bishop”. Others have written on the acceptability of the NOM under certain circumstances, and many cannot see the wisdom of the Red Light Position, recommending that they can, as BW put it, “nourish their Faith” in Masses offered by priests in an organization that is headed in the wrong direction. So much for lay leadership.
We are encouraged by the actions of other priests of the Resistance. A few priests are offering the Sacraments to people formerly served by OLMC. Fr Ortiz authored comprehensive documents exposing the irregular “bishop”. The Dominicans are continually teaching proper Doctrine. The Franciscans have criticized the nSSPX and might join the Resistance (we hope). Bishop Faure has set up a seminary and, within the past few weeks, a new association for priests.
Contrary to the position of a loose association of independent priests, we maintain that the Resistance needs stronger leadership from the priests and bishops. Standards have to be defined by and for the priests to adhere to in order to help the laity to save their souls. The laity need to know which priests can be relied upon now and how to determine over time if the priests are still reliable. The excuse of a lack of a canonical status is unacceptable – strong moral leadership and properly defined standards are needed for the Resistance.

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