Prayer Request

19 June 2015

Please pray for the conversion and recovery of the relative of a parishioner. The man was taken to hospital yesterday and has a brain tumour.

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Urgent Prayer Request

12 June 2015

Please pray for a relative of a parishioner in the Toronto Resistance Mission.

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May is the month of Our Lady. Here is a link to an exquisite colouring book of pictures of the Blessed Mother. It is free for downloading and printing.

There will be a Holy Hour starting at 11 am on Sunday May 3rd. Here is the location:


414 Harvest Rd
Dundas, ON L9H 5E2


Please bring a dish for a potluck afterwards.

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We Have a New Bishop!

19 March 2015

Deo Gratias!



Sung by Frank Patterson






For more pictures, visit and

For more information, see these articles:


Dom Thomas

Fr (now Bishop) Faure

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A Religion Test

17 March 2015

A student who attends a NO high-school told me this two weeks ago:

In a Religion test, he was asked to choose one correct answer
from the following choices:

The Story of Creation is

a) a historical fact

b) a religious fact

c) a scientific fact

You can email me your answer, and I will let you know how you scored.

Pax et Bonum,

Sister Catherine, TOSF

St. Thomas Aquinas


To print this picture, please click here

The website has some beautiful Catholic pictures available for children to colour. They are free for printing. Here are some examples of what is available (these are smaller versions – you can print full page versions):

St. Joseph


For the St Joseph picture click here


Stations photo
For the complete Stations of the Cross, click here


Sister Catherine TOSF


A Crown of Thorns

3 March 2015

This beautiful Lenten project was suggested by a homeschooling mother in the United States:


“We make a crown of thorns out of play dough or clay and stick toothpicks into the crown. We place it on a table with a small glass jar and as the children (& the grown ups too) do a good deed or make an extra sacrifice for Jesus during Lent, we remove a toothpick from the crown.


“It is great for the kids to see how many good deeds they can accomplish. It is even exciting for the adults.”


Please offer your crown of thorns, be it material or spiritual, for our priests in the Resistance!