In an article here:


the liberal Catholic press defends the SSPX  against the Resistance, by attacking the Recusant.


The Recusant responds here:


and with a comment here:


The Recusant sent an Open Letter to Father Morgan here:


Father’s disappointing response is here:



Why all the fuss?


Bishop Fellay is going to England to give a conference in an area well known to be unaccepting of his views on the new direction of the SSPX. The Recusant has launched a counter attack and has arranged a competing conference for the same day to outline the views of the Resistance. Fathers Pfeiffer, Hewko and Father Paul Kramer will be in attendance.


It would appear that someone noticed and wants to derail the conference. Please offer some prayers that Truth prevails.


For those who may not know, the Recusant has become the most useful repository of documents, articles and editorials for the Resistance and is run by concerned laymen. I strongly recommend this site.

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Listen to this good sermon by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer given on May 14, 2013 in Dublin, Ireland.  In a portion of this sermon, Fr. Pfeiffer speaks about those who want everything to be perfectly established before they fully join the Resistance.  Father’s answer:


Place your trust in Our Lady!

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Two Analyses

18 May 2013

Here is a 5 part essay responding to Father Theman’s well publicized lecture:


In response to a question posted at this link:

Sean Johnson offers this summary of the crisis:


1) There is not going to be a deal only because Our Lady prevented Rome from accepting Bishop Fellay’s scandalous doctrinal declaration;

2) However, the 2012 General Chapter Declaration still stands as an open invitation to the Romans as official SSPX policy;

3) And despite the Talleyrand spin represented in Bishop Fellay’s March, 2013 “Letter to Friends and Benefactors,” in which he seems to be talking traditional again, it is only because he does not perceive a deal to be possible at this time, because of ROMAN disinterest;

4) That 2012 GC declaration mutated the traditional position of the SSPX in dealings with Rome, and gave the green light to a merely practical accord, despite the persevering modernism in Rome;

5) Effectively, this places legal unity over doctrinal integrity;

6) The same General Chapter also produced 6 merely practical (and limp) conditions which, if met, would stand as surrender terms to Rome;

7) All of this is still on the table, but wait…..there’s more!

8) We have also seen, finally, the degree to which Bishop Fellay was willing to go in order to get legal recognition in his scandalous April-2012 doctrinal declaration, in which, among other things, he accepts that Vatican II is traditional (?!?), and all of that garbage must be accepted as traditional…even the heretical Article 2 of Dignitatis Humanae;

9) So he accepts that heresy is traditional, in this particular instance;

10) He then writes a letter to BXVI, explaining his commitment to pursuing the path of a practical accord at the expense of considerable opposition within the SSPX, but vows to plow forward.

11) There is therefore a perpetual trust issue in place, so long as his administration remains in power.

12) We have his own words as the source of this distrust, and his own words acknowledging his revolutionary activity as a cause of division, which he dishonestly seeks to deflect to Bishop Williamson (for failing to go along with the revolution?);

13) Menzingen cannot ignore the existence of Bishop Williamson, because the latter is a thorn in their side by continuing to point out the truth; an embarrassment to the lie that is attempting to be justified  (just as the SSPX used to be a sign of contradiction to Rome and the false doctrines of V2);

14) They are so afraid of his existence, they feel it necessary to build a new seminary at considerable (and unnecessary) expense, just to escape the ghost of Bishop Williamson in Winona;

15) If there is a new formation of priests (SSPX-SO), it is necessary to preserve the apostolate of the original SSPX, to come to the aid of souls caught in a state of grave spiritual necessity; to preserve a valid priesthood; to preserve the integral corpus of Catholic doctrine; to warn the faithful about the slow-drip poison coming from Menzingen which endangers all these things; this latter is not possible within the framework of the neo-SSPX;

16) And that in itself is justification enough to found a new order which will allow priests to continue to faithfully serve God’s Church.

PS: With regard to the denial of Holy Communion: The neo-SSPX would say that it is justified in denial of Communion to notorious and public sinners.  They would be correct.  Problem is when they equate public resistance to the weakening of Faith and leftward drift in Menzingen as public sin.  I do not know enough about specific instances to apply the rules to the individual cases to opine whether withholding has been justified or not.

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At this link you may download an excellent conference given by Fr. David Hewko when he was in Toronto last Sunday (May 12).  Father speaks about the new Archbishop Lefebvre that has been painted by some circles of the neo-SSPX.

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The May/June 2013 issue of the Recusant is now available here for download.

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Fr. David Hewko came to Toronto this past Sunday and gave an excellent sermon on the pains of hell.  Father also spoke about the crisis within the Society of St. Pius X.  This is a must listen!


You can either listen to it on YouTube or download the mp3 audio here.

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We are establishing communications with the German Resistance, as soon as we get the audio, we will forward them to you of Padres latest sermons.


The German Resistance will call you if you like, just to have a tie worldwide.


At the moment, we are exchanging e-mails. We will include you as well.


The Chief Administrator in Kansas City will contact you.


God be with you.


Viva Cristo Rey!


*Life 19

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Two encouraging items

11 May 2013

This sermon of Father Pfeiffer on two errors of Resistance is excellent. So is the reaction of the translator:


Doctor David Allen White is working on a new book:


This should be very worthwhile!

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Please read this excellent article by Fr. David Hewko.

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