Father Hugo Ruiz V. requested that the following unanswered letter be made public.


August 28th 2018


Dear Father Hewko,


I am sending this letter to you but I would like you to communicate it, please, also to Father Pfeiffer.


Since I met you with Father Pfeiffer, I have always had in very good concept your people and your apostolate. I note that you have reacted correctly to the FSSPX crisis and that, with great zeal, you have helped many of the faithful abandoned by the neo-FSSPX in the four corners of the United States, and elsewhere. Likewise, your firmness to avoid any doctrinal decline in what today is called “resistance” which would simply be the authentic continuation of the work of Monsignor Lefebvre and the Church.


It is true that times are difficult and that we do not know how much longer this terrible crisis can last, not only for the Church but also for society and the world. But it is also true that in this expectation we must always refer to Divine Providence since God can do everything and he watches over us, we must always believe that, at a given moment, God will come to our aid, because he cannot abandon his indefinitely, it is impossible. However, He puts us to the test for a time, and that is why we must know how to wait and not rush into trying to force a given situation.


The fact that you do not yet find a bishop to ordain your seminarians does not mean that you would never find him. If we have to wait, we must wait, but we should not force the situation and resort to a “bishop” who is, at best, doubtful. It was sufficiently proved that “Bishop” Ambrose Moran was not ordained by Cardinal Slipyj and that even after the alleged ordination he continued his activities in the schismatic Orthodox church. The solution to your problems is not there, it is obviously not God’s will. By this decision you can break the trust of the faithful that have recourse to your apostolate and to whom you have so far done so much good. I ask you fraternally, as a priest whom you esteem, to distance yourself definitively from this man who is not clear in anything about what he does, all this is a false solution, an illusion. Henceforth, it is necessary to make a public retraction because the ordination “under condition” of Father Poisson is a very serious matter, you must dissociate yourself publicly and definitively from Ambroise Moran, because by this error, even your Catholic orthodoxy is compromised. If you do not go back and make reparation for this mistake I personally would be obliged, to my regret, to move away from you and your apostolate, for it is a matter of first order.


You can count with my fraternal prayers and support in all that is good.


May the Immaculate Virgin enlighten and guide you,


Father Hugo Ruiz V.



(French original version)


Bien cher Mr l’abbé Hewko,


je vous adresse ce courrier a vous mais je voudrais que vous le communiquiez, s’il vous plaît, aussi a Mr l’abbé Pfeiffer.


Depuis que je vous connais avec Mr l’abbé Pfeiffer j’ai toujours eu en très bon concept vos personnes et de votre apostolat. Je constate que vous avez réagi correctement vis-a-vis de la crise de la FSSPX et que, avec beaucoup de zèle, vous avez aide beaucoup des fidèles abandonnez au quatre coins des États Unis, et ailleurs. De même, votre fermeté pour éviter tout déclin doctrinal dans ce que l’on appelle aujourd’hui “la résistance” laquelle ne serait simplement que la continuation authentique de l’oeuvre de Monseigneur Lefebvre et de l’Église.


C’est vrai que le temps sont difficiles et que nous ne savons pas combien de temps peut encore durer cette crise affreuse, non seulement de l’Église mais aussi de la société et du monde. Mais aussi c’est vrai que dans cette attente nous devons toujours faire référence a la Divine Providence puisque Dieu peut tout et qu’il veille sur nous, il faut toujours croire que, a moment donné, Dieu viendra a notre secours, car il ne peut pas abandonner les siens indéfiniment, c’est impossible. Cependant il nous met a l’épreuve pour un temps, et c’est pour cela qu’il faut savoir attendre et ne pas se précipiter en voulant forcer une situation donné.


Le fait que vous ne trouvez pas encore un évêque pour ordonner vos séminaristes cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne le trouverais jamais. S’il faut attendre il faut attendre, mais il ne convient pas de forcer la situation et de faire recours a un “évêque” qui est, dans les meilleurs des cas, douteux. Il a été suffisamment prouve que “Mgr” Ambroise Moran n’a pas été ordonne par le Cardinal Slipyj et que même après la prétendue ordination il a continue ses activités dans l’église orthodoxe schismatique. La solution a vos problèmes ne se trouve pas là, ce n’est pas évidement la volonté de Dieu. Par cette décision vous pouvez casser la confiance des fidèles qu’on fait recours a votre apostolat et a qui vous avez jusqu’au présent fait tant de bien. Je vous demande fraternellement, comme un prêtre que vous estime, de vous éloigner définitivement de cette homme qui n’est pas clair en rien de ce qu’il fait, tout cela est une fausse solution, une illusion. Désormais il est nécessaire faire une rétractation publique car l’ordination “sous condition” de Mr l’abbé Poisson est un affaire très grave, il faut vous dissocier publiquement et définitivement de Ambroise Moran, car par cet erreur, même votre orthodoxie catholique est compromise. Si vous ne faites marche en arrière et faites réparation de cet erreur moi personnellement je serais obligé, a mon regret, de m’éloigner de vous et de votre apostolat, car c’est un affaire de premier ordre.


Vos pouvez comptez avec mes fraternelles prières et mon soutien dans tout ce qui est bien.


Que la Vierge Immaculée vous éclaire et vous guide,


Abbé Hugo Ruiz V.

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In late 2015, Fr. Juan Ortiz sent several documents to Fr. Fr. Bohdan Bilinksy, the then and current Episcopal Vicar of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada, for review and analysis.  Fr. Bilinsky sent Fr. Ortiz this letter in response.  Of particular interest for this post is this 1976 letter, which is also found on this website, allegedly written by Bishop Isidore Borecky, the then Eparch of Toronto.  Ambrose Moran presented this letter to Fr. Pfeiffer as additional evidence that he was consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj.  Furthermore, this letter states that Cardinal Slipyj was to announce that Ambrose Moran would be appointed his successor as Metropolitan Archbishop.  Ambrose Moran never did become Metropolitan Archbishop after Cardinal Slipyj’s death in 1984.  Instead, it was Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky, who was co-consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj in 1979, that became his successor.  Well, then, why wasn’t Ambrose Moran appointed the successor as per the letter?  For the answer, let us read the words of Fr. Bilinsky:


“A copy of this letter is not in our files. The signature on this document is not congruent with other signatures of Bishop Isidore’s that we have on file. I allege that it is a forgery.”


Fr. Bilinsky is spot on regarding the letter being a forgery.  First, note that the letter does not contain a protocol number, which is typical in official Church correspondence.  Compare it to this letter (also found on this website), which is in the Eparchy of Toronto archives, as attested to by Fr. Bilinsky himself.  The letter found in the archives contains Protocol No. 2/75c.  Second, let us recall in this post that Ambrose Moran wrote a letter in 1980 to Bishop Isidore Borecky, which Fr. Bilinsky also attests to being in the Eparchy of Toronto archives, addressing himself as “Father” Moran, referencing Protocol No. 2/75c, and requesting a letter of reference to be admitted to the Orthodox Church in America.  These all show that the 1976 letter is a fake.  As a side note, the 1980 letter is NOT posted on this website.  Hmm.  I wonder why.


So let us see now. Ambrose Moran fakes an episcopal consecration certificate, fakes a photo of himself with Cardinal Slipy, and fakes a letter in which he has Bishop Isidore Borecky state that he was consecrated a bishop by and appointed successor to Cardinal Slipyj.  What should be one’s response toward Ambrose Moran in this situation?  Run far away!


Screenshots of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada website:




Screenshots of the Catholic Hierarchy website:



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In the latter part of 2007, Ambrose Moran joined a schismatic sect called the Genuine Orthodox Church of America (GOCA).  The major event he took part in was the “consecration” of “Bishop” John.  In mid-2008, Ambrose Moran left the GOCA.  You can read the timeline of events here as told by the GOCA.  It was from “Bishop” Gregory that I obtained Ambrose Moran’s Orthodox consecration certificate.  Ambrose Moran presented it as evidence that he was an Orthodox bishop.  He also presented this letter.


When asked about this time in his life, Ambrose Moran told the Kentucky Fathers that “Bishop” Gregory led him to believe that he wished to be received into the Catholic Church.  Now if one reads the GOCA website and clicks on the link below, which is to an impartial news post published in July 2008, he may be forced to ask himself, “Can anything be more comical than Ambrose Moran’s claim that ‘Bishop’ Gregory wanted to become Catholic?”


Gregory of Colorado’s Single-Handed Consecration: “Don’t let the Kiousites Find Out”


News post screenshot:



GOCA website screenshot:



The “consecration” of “Bishop” John:


“Bishop” John, “Bishop” Gregory, Ambrose Moran

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In this post, I presented an e-mail from Don Marco Yaroslav Semehen, the then and still Rector of St. Sophia church in Rome, in which he concluded that the episcopal consecration certificate presented by Ambrose Moran as evidence of his episcopal consecration by Cardinal Slipyj is false.  St. Sophia is the church where Ambrose Moran claims he was consecrated a bishop by Cardinal Slipyj.  With Ambrose Moran now back in the picture at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary in Boston, Kentucky, I decided to make a second inquiry at the same church.  I presented the above linked episcopal consecration certificate as well as this picture (background is St. Sophia church) and website.  This morning (of August 25, 2018) I received the following (in red font) via e-mail from Don Andriy Soletskyy, current Vice Rector of St. Sophia church in Rome:


Glory to Jesus Christ!


Let me give you a brief response on your request, concerning the presence in the Historical Archives of the UGCC in Rome of the documents testifying the possible Bishop ordination of William (Vasyliy, Amvrosiy) Moran by Patriarch Josyph.


Checking the main archival funds and cases revealed the complete absence of such documents. Moreover, the comparison of signatures of His Beatitude Josyph and His Excellency Isydor Boretskyy from that period with the signatures in the “document” sent by you, certifies that your document is a falsification and the signatures in it are fake.


We have found instead a letter from Bishop Boretskyy to Patriarch Josyph, containing a petition for acceptance under his jurisdiction of Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America Mykolay Ilnytskyy with two priests, Ivan Ropke and William Moran, from November 29, 1974. In a draft of the response letter Patriarch Josyph asks Boretskyy to send the original documents and to find out more about the canonical status of the requesters.


Any other documents were not found. In my opinion, there is no need of further researches, which may take a long time. Also, from the newly opened Archival funds of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) we know that similar fake documents were often made by Soviet secret service.


A second investigation, conducted by a different priest, produces the same result, that is, Ambrose Moran is a fraud by presenting himself as a Catholic bishop consecrated by Cardinal Slipyj. Yet he has managed somehow to gain the Kentucky Fathers’ trust.


The following is a screenshot taken on August 25, 2018 of the website linked above, which provides information regarding St. Sophia church in Rome (taken in case it changes in the future):


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Here is the picture presented by Ambrose Moran as evidence of his episcopal consecration by Cardinal Slipyj. Even a child could spot that Ambrose Moran’s head is imposed on another person’s body. What a joke! This picture alone should have made the Kentucky Fathers run far away from Ambrose Moran.



This is Annex 3 of Fr. Ortiz’s theological and canonical study on Ambrose Moran related to this matter.

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For the sake of argument, let us take for granted that Ambrose Moran truly underwent an episcopal consecration ceremony in 1976 by an Orthodox bishop, and since the Catholic Church has historically accepted the validity of the sacraments administered by the Orthodox, would we not therefore be able to conclude that Ambrose Moran is truly a bishop?  The simple answer is “no”.  Let me explain.  When the Catholic Church teaches that the Orthodox have valid sacraments, we must understand that there are some general assumptions being made, such as:


1. The priest or bishop is truly a priest or bishop.
2. The priest or bishop has the right intention, that is, to do what the Catholic Church does.
3. The rite itself has valid matter and form.
4. The rite is scrupulously adhered to.


Now when the administration of the sacraments is under the control of the Catholic Church, the above assumptions are generally not questioned and therefore one may have a moral certitude as to the validity and consequent acceptance of the sacraments administered by Catholic clergy.  However, this is not the situation with the sacraments administered by the Orthodox; rather, each case must be investigated.  We must remember that the Orthodox have been in schism with the Catholic Church for nearly a millennium.  During that time there have been many factions that have broken off from each other and even disagree with each other for one reason or another regarding, for example, who is a valid priest or bishop.  What has happened to the Orthodox is akin to what has happened to the Protestants after they broken off from the true Church of Christ in the 16th century; they have become a mess.  Understanding this, then, and even when one can prove that he underwent an episcopal consecration ceremony by an Orthodox bishop, we cannot as Catholics claim to have a moral certitude that he is truly a bishop without a thorough investigation being done, which needs to consist of the following, at a minimum, by the competent authorities1:


1. That the rite used was a received and approved rite of the Catholic Church.
2. That the rite was scrupulously adhered to.
3. That the supposed bishop performing the consecration was truly a bishop.  This would involve investigating points 1 and 2 for him and all those in his line going all the way back to the last Catholic bishop.


You can foresee that this could be an exhausting and time consuming process, and yet still end up with uncertain results.


In regards to Ambrose Moran’s case, even if we take for granted that he truly underwent a consecration ceremony by an Orthodox bishop, we cannot have a moral certitude that he is a valid bishop.  The above formula would have to be applied by the competent authorities.  But what if we can prove that his consecration was probably valid?  Would not this, then, make it morally lawful to receive the sacraments from him?  The simple answer again is “no”.  The following proposition was condemned by the Holy Office in 1679 under Pope Innocent XI:


“It is not illicit in conferring sacraments to follow a probable opinion regarding the value of the sacrament, the safer opinion being abandoned, unless the law forbids it, convention or the danger of incurring grave harm.  Therefore, one should not make use of probable opinions only in conferring baptism, sacerdotal or episcopal orders.”
(Denzinger 1151)


Therefore, even if we take for granted that Ambrose Moran underwent a consecration ceremony by an Orthodox bishop and that we can prove that his consecration was probably valid, it would still be morally unlawful to receive the sacraments from him.  We must first have a moral certitude that he has the power to confer the sacraments, which would need to consist of the competent authorities first proving with a moral certitude each point of the formula stated above.


In addition to needing to prove with a moral certitude each point of the the formula, note that I qualified that the investigation be done “by the competent authorities”.  Can we consider Fr. Pfeiffer and/or Fr. Hewko competent authorities to prove with a moral certitude that Ambrose Moran is a true bishop?  One of the requirements of a competent authority should be that he have no vested interest in the case in question.  Otherwise, he will be biased to seek evidence in favour of his wish or determined position. Now the Kentucky Fathers have made their position clear; they accept Ambrose Moran as a true bishop.  They originally arrived at this conclusion almost three years ago because of statements made by Ambrose Moran and documents received from him, despite the evidence presented to the contrary.  From the start, the original investigation on their part was biased because they needed a bishop for their seminary.  Since then, they have become more desperate for a bishop, so much so that they approved the recent conditional ordination of Fr. Poisson from the hands of Ambrose Moran.  Now I hear that Fr. Pfeiffer is likely to come out soon with some presentation providing evidence of the validity of the episcopacy of Ambrose Moran.  Will this evidence be evidence already presented or new evidence?  If it is the former, then this evidence has already been sufficiently refuted to at least place a positive doubt on the matter; if it is the latter, then how unbiased will this evidence be when Fr. Pfeiffer has already doubled down by the approval of the conditional ordination of Fr. Poisson?


In conclusion, even if we take for granted that Ambrose Moran truly underwent an episcopal consecration ceremony in 1976 by an Orthodox bishop, we cannot state with a moral certitude that he is truly a bishop unless a thorough investigation is done, which needs to consist of the following, at a minimum, by the competent authorities1:


1. That the rite used was a received and approved rite of the Catholic Church.
2. That the rite was scrupulously adhered to.
3. That the supposed bishop performing the consecration was truly a bishop.  This would involve investigating points 1 and 2 for him and all those in his line going all the way back to the last Catholic bishop.


If the validity of one’s priesthood is in question, then a thorough investigation would need to be done, which needs to consist of the following, at a minimum, by the competent authorities:


1. That the rite used was a received and approved rite of the Catholic Church.
2. That the rite was scrupulously adhered to.
3. That the supposed bishop performing the ordination was truly a bishop.  This would involve investigating points 1 and 2 for him and all those in his line going all the way back to the last Catholic bishop.

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In September 2017, without any solicitation on my part, I was contacted via e-mail by a Mr. James DeSantis.  He wrote that he saw pictures on this Ambrose Moran website and that he recognized Ambrose Moran as a Catholic elementary school teacher that he had in Grade 8 of the 1970 to 1971 school year at Incarnation School in Queens Village, New York.  One of the pictures that most caught Mr. DeSantis’ attention was that of William Moran as a seminarian in 1971 (see below).  According to Mr. DeSantis, that is the way William Moran looked at that time, but that he was not a seminarian; rather, he was a school teacher.  William Moran was introduced in September 1970 as Brother William Moran.


Mr. DeSantis graduated from Incarnation School in June 1971.  Therefore, he no longer had contact with William Moran after that.  However, he had friends in earlier grades that could vouch that William Moran remained a school teacher in the 1971 to 1972 and 1972 to 1973 school years.  It was in 1973 that Mr. DeSantis learned that the school discovered some time in the 1971 to 1972 school year that William Moran was not actually a brother and that some time in the 1972 to 1973 school year he was dismissed from the school.  Furthermore, Mr. DeSantis learned that William Moran was dismissed from a seminary prior to his arrival at Incarnation School (I believe this may be the seminary written about in this post).


As evidence of William Moran being a teacher during at least two of the mentioned years, Mr. DeSantis provided me over the course of our communications (via e-mail and over the phone) class pictures of the 1971 to 1972 and 1972 to 1973 school years that were provided to him by students of earlier grades.  You can find William Moran to the left hand side of the pastor who is in the middle of each picture.  Unfortunately, Mr. DeSantis could not find a class picture of the 1970 to 1971 school year, but is willing to put his testimony on the line by communicating with anybody interested in doing so.  Mr. DeSantis can be reached at “jvdesantis@gmail.com”.  Please forgive Mr. DeSantis if he takes several days to get back to you as he is a businessman often on the move.


I provided the two class pictures to Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko (one picture was provided in September 2017 and the other in December 2017) shortly after I received them from Mr. DeSantis.  I questioned the Fathers on how William Moran could be ordained a priest by Cardinal Slipyj in 1974 when he spent the three previous years as a school teacher rather than as a seminarian.  Neither of the Fathers responded to me.


My friends, if we take the testimony of Mr. DeSantis and the evidence of the two class pictures presented in this post along with the several other pieces of evidence presented in my other posts, the story given by Ambrose Moran that he was ordained a priest in 1974 and consecrated a bishop in 1976, both by Cardinal Slipyj, just doesn’t add up.  Furthermore, it is dangerous to assume that Ambrose Moran’s alleged ordination in 1974 and consecration in 1976 by Orthodox bishops were valid.  Even if one accepts that the Orthodox ordination and consecration ceremonies did truly occur and that they were probably valid, it is still not sufficient in the moral order to receive the sacraments from him (refer to Denzinger 1151).  Yet recently we had Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko approve of Ambrose Moran conditionally ordaining Fr. Poisson, former priest of the Fraternity of St. Peter.  Now that the Fathers have gone down this road, do not be surprised if Ambrose Moran sooner or later administers the Minor and Major Orders to their seminarians.


Things are getting really messy in Boston, Kentucky!




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The e-mail correspondence in the link below is related the photo that follows:


William Moran and the Don Bosco College Seminary


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The e-mail correspondence in the link below is regarding the photo that follows:


William Moran, Elevated to a Catholic Archimandrite?


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A letter dated June 30, 1980 was sent by William Moran to Bishop Borecky of the Toronto Eparchy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.  I wrote about this letter in this post, in which I stated the following:


“William Moran identifies himself as ‘Fr.‘ Basil Moran.  Hold on a minute!  Why does he identify himself as ‘Father‘ when he was supposedly consecrated a bishop twice in 1976 (and this while he was continuing his graduate studies as per the February 14, 1975 letter, which is also referenced in this June 30, 1980 letter)?  And don’t forget that Bishop Borecky himself, according to Ambrose Moran, co-consecrated him a bishop in July 1976 and provided him a letter dated August 26, 1976 congratulating him for being appointed the successor of Cardinal Josyf Slipyj.  It is obvious here that William Moran was NOT consecrated a bishop either by Cardinal Slipyj or Bishop Borecky!”


That William Moran called himself “Father” in this 1980 letter caught my interest again (also note that he did not call himself “Ambrose” as he does when referring to himself as a bishop).  It led me to contact the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) to see whether they had anything on record regarding William Moran and his application to submit himself under the jurisdiction of Orthodox Metropolitan Theodosius.  Today (July 31, 2018) I received a message from a Fr. Eric G. Tosi, Secretary of the Chancery Office, in which he wrote that he did an extensive search of the archives and found some information about William Moran’s application to the OCA.  I then spoke to Fr. Tosi over the phone and he told me that William Moran applied to the OCA as an archimandrite (which is an honorary title for Eastern Catholic and Orthodox priests).  He was interviewed and given a theological test.  The result was that he was not accepted into the OCA.  Fr. Tosi was not allowed to supply me with records of the application and related documentation.


We see here that twice, in the letter and in the application, William Moran refers to himself as a priest and not a bishop, and this four years after he was supposedly consecrated a bishop, twice!  Very strange.

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