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James and Christine Saul are proud to announce the birth of their son William Joseph Ambrose Saul. He was born in Orangeville at 4:25 pm on December 7, 2013. He weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Mother and son are well.


Deo Gratias!

Baby Saul

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Here is an anonymous open letter to Fr. Yves le Roux.

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First Newsletter


Second Newsletter

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Fr. David Hewko


Date and Time:

Sunday December 8th at 3:15 pm (confessions at 2:45 pm)



Italian Canadian Club of Milton

104 Tremaine Road, Milton, ON L9T 2W9,-79.924829&sspn=0.020043,0.034933&mra=ls&t=m&z=15



Christine Saul

Secretary, Our Lady of Good Success Mission

(519) 927-9999

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I received the following message this morning.


It has been pointed out to me that a SWIFT code is needed for international deposits, for the account opened here for Fr Chazal’s appeal for the Philippines. This is the equivalent of what is called an IBAN or sort code in some other countries.


BSB 064-111
Account number 1018 5161

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This website contains quite a few posts on the SSPX.  Naturally this would be the case because we’ve spent many years attending Masses celebrated by its priests and have often defended the SSPX against the attacks of those in the conciliar church.  When the SSPX abandoned the principles of its founder in July 2012, we were heartbroken.  Sentiment, however, cannot be the driver of our decisions.  Those who adhere to truth know that they must make the right decision and that is to speak out against the new direction and not go along with it.  This is what the writers on this website have done.  We now consider the SSPX to be in the same class as the other pseudo-Traditional communities such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP).  This being the case, I thought it would now be opportune to speak about the FSSP itself.


The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter was founded by a group of priests who separated from the Society of St. Pius X after Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre consecrated four priests to the episcopacy on June 30, 1988.  It was erected as a clerical society of Apostolic Life with Pontifical Right on October 18, 1988.  Article 8 of its Constitutions states the following:


The particular aim of the Fraternity of Saint Peter is to achieve this objective (i.e., sanctification of its priests) through the faithful observance of the “liturgical and spiritual traditions” according to the dispositions of the Motu Propio Ecclesia Dei of July 2, 1988, which is at the origin of its foundation.


The Motu Proprio “Ecclesia Dei” was the document of Pope John Paul II that confirmed the “excommunications” of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de Castro Meyer, and the four consecrated bishops.  Note that the article above states that this Motu Proprio for the FSSP “is at the origin of its foundation”.  Since the FSSP doesn’t state otherwise in any of its official documents, we must conclude that the FSSP agrees with the validity of the “excommunications” and orthodoxy of the doctrinal declarations in the Motu Proprio.  Fr. Gregory Hesse (+2006), Doctor of Sacred Theology and Canon Law, gave a conference at St. Michael’s Church (run by Fr. Hector Bolduc until his death in 2012) in Wisconsin in 1998.  In this conference, Fr. Hesse tears the Motu Proprio to bits by pointing out its doctrinal, moral, and canonical errors, thereby demonstrating that the FSSP is truly a house built on sand.  Please take the time to listen below to an extract of the conference.


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

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In your November 10, 2013 letter to Friends & Benefactors,(Fr leRoux November 2013) you are writing about authority and about Tradition, and unless Traditionalists submit to authority, they will become revolutionaries who will subvert all things Catholic.


In the first four paragraphs, you say that subversion and revolution are contrary to the wishes of God, and you use the French Revolution to make your point. Your readers will recall the comparison made by Archbishop Lefebvre and assume that you are attacking Vatican II and Conciliar Rome.


Then, in paragraph eight, a surprise is thrown in: “For the last months this subtle temptation of distrust of authority has been poisoning the ranks of the defenders of the tradition of the Church”. Since the SSPX has always considered themselves the defenders of Tradition, you are therefore clearly attacking those who resist the new orientation of the SSPX.


Further, your letter implies that Bishop Fellay has authority to which we must submit and that those who refuse to do so are subversive and offensive to God. However, Bishop Fellay has very limited authority: he is the head of a pious union of priests and thus has no real authority. Further, as a priest and bishop, with respect to the laity, he has only that authority which we grant to him through supplied jurisdiction.


Therefore, the Superiors of the SSPX are greatly exceeding their authority by refusing Sacraments to parishioners who express opinions contrary to the Superiors. Further, since the SSPX does not currently have proper canonical status, the Superior General cannot legitimately expel members. He could not even legitimately refuse access to any Superior from the General Chapter, so the exclusion of Bishop Williamson should be considered as invalidating the General Chapter, a true act of subversion that you have failed to refer to in your letter.


Further, among some SSPX faithful there is the naïve notion that the SSPX, once given a proper canonical status, will then reform Rome from within. If the SSPX priests, even from within, cannot correct the thinking of their superiors without being labeled as subversive, how could the inferior (SSPX) reform the superior (Rome)?


Your letter raises many questions. I will limit myself to three:


Why do you compare the Resistance priests and faithful to Monsignor de Talleyrand? Are they worshipping at the “altar of power”? What power are they seeking?


Is it not “treason” to expel priests precisely for what they were ordained to do: teach and defend the Catholic Faith?


Ought we submit to Bishop Fellay’s authority when he declares that Vatican II enlightens the life of the Church, that the new Mass is legitimately promulgated, that the NO Sacraments are valid, etc.?  This is clearly contrary to the teachings of Archbishop Lefebvre and contrary to Catholic common sense.


In your letter you refer to “a new formal attack” that is about to be levelled at the “last vestiges of Tradition”. I am surprised at your fearful attitude when on December 28, 2012, in Canada, Bishop Fellay was optimistic about the future: ‘… we start to see the little signs that start to say that spring is coming’.


I do agree with you that it is “high time to cease this suicidal internal war” started by Bishop Fellay against the largely unsuspecting SSPX priests and adherents and fuelled by fear of punitive action directed against all outspoken individuals.


We are aware of the methods the SSPX headquarters are using when they find someone who disagrees with them. Small wonder that those who are still within the SSPX must hide and be silent – and you call them “secretive”, “anonymous” and “cowardly”! Fear and coercion are the tools of revolutionaries (today’s SSPX); fear and coercion are not the tools of the Resistance!


The Resistance is not using revolutionary methods. We are doing all we can in order to warn others of the dangers coming not so much from the Novus Ordo (we all know by now what to expect from Rome) but especially from the SSPX which has secretly morphed into an Indult entity that has nothing in common with the work started by Archbishop Lefebvre. (The novel The Stepford Wives comes to mind – a rather chilling comparison to what is happening inside the SSPX. No, I am not recommending it – read rather Spiritual Journey.)


Father, the charges that you raise in your letter were levelled at Archbishop Lefebvre. The Resistance should therefore be proud to be equally treated!


Your letter was given to me by a friend in Tradition. She noted the surprising number of harsh words that she understood to be levelled against the Resistance: subversion, Revolution, perversity, infiltrating, weapon, devil, scandalous, satanic, violent, hatred. These words are found in the first two paragraphs alone!


In the past, SSPX superiors never used to write letters of this sort! They used to write pastoral letters in which they warned us of the dangers of Conciliar Rome and they gave clear and relevant examples to make their point. But those days are over.


There is a new orientation being followed today. Paragraph five contains a most revealing statement about this new SSPX orientation: “Sometimes, when the authority in charge ceases to be faithful to its role of guardian of the common good, it falls to the defenders of Tradition to remind authority of its role and to do this even publicly, thus respecting the very nature of authority while rejecting the secretive, anonymous, cowardly methods of the subversive.”


The Conciliar Church, by adopting the new Teachings, the new Mass, the new Sacraments, the new Code of Canon Law, does not only sometimes not guard the common good, but rather the Conciliar Church never guards the common good!


By the above statement and especially by the words “sometimes” and “remind” (could you have selected a weaker verb?), you have proved that the SSPX has joined the ranks of other defectors of Tradition (Campos, FSSP, etc.).


The title of your letter to Friends & Benefactors should read “Subversion Of Tradition”. And this subversion was effected by Menzingen, not by the Resistance.


Your letter was mailed to my friend possibly because many years ago she supported financially and with her prayers a seminarian who has since become a priest. Today he is in danger of losing his faith due to the changed orientation of the SSPX.


My friend was one of the founding members of the SSPX Toronto chapel. She dedicated over two decades of her life to the support of the priests and the needs of the chapel. Today, she no longer supports the SSPX. She now supports the Resistance. She has kept the Faith.


Further, it is unworthy of the SSPX to include a brochure to raise money by advertising a talk by Dr White to give the illusion that he supports the SSPX. Dr White has been a faithful supporter of Bishop Williamson for many years, and his talk in Virginia on the 25th Anniversary of the Episcopal Consecrations on June 29, 2013 gave a morale boost to the Resistance.


For a future fund-raising project, you might consider using Dr White’s talk given in Virginia on Sophocles’ Philoctetes. The opening part is a highly entertaining commentary on the newly rebranded SSPX. It is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!!


Lastly, we have learned of the expulsion of Father Girouard:  “Another head has rolled off the Menzingen guillotine” (Father’s own words). This is another example of the subversion of Tradition by the new SSPX. It is tragic that the SSPX is continuing to self-destruct. It is a blessing and joy to have Father Girouard in the Resistance where he can remain faithful and form future generations of Traditional Catholics.


With my very best wishes, in Jesus and Mary,


Sister Constance


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Below is a recent sermon given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer in the Philippines.  He speaks about the sin of silence when one ought to speak out.  He makes reference to the deafening silence of the SSPX priests in the face of the Liberalism found within their own backyard, despite the fact they were especially formed to fight this very same Liberalism no matter where it rears its ugly head.  What a shame!


This YouTube video is programmed to start and finish at the relevant portion which is from 27:50 to 31:55.


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