You may download the letter here.


Fr. David Hewko


Date and Time:

Saturday October 18th–Confessions at 5 pm, Mass at 6 pm

Sunday October 19th–Confessions at 8 am, Mass at 8:30 am


Location (for both Masses):

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Oakville

2930 South Sheridan Way

Oakville, ON L6J 7J8


Country Inn Map


Please note: This hotel does not permit people to bring homemade food, but they do permit food from well-known restaurants (Tim Hortons, etc.) to be brought in.


Mass on Sunday will also take place in St. Catharines at 12:30 pm and in Syracuse at 7 pm. The Mass in St. Catharines will be held at this address:


21 Walters Court

St. Catharines, ON L2S 3J9

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Bishop Richard Williamson


Date and Time:

Wednesday November 5th

Confirmations start at 6 pm

There will be Mass and confessions, and there will be a potluck afterwards. More details on this will follow.



732 Niagara St

St. Catharines, Ontario



Those who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation may contact us so that we can make the arrangements.

Also, we are asked to provide a rough attendance number, so please respond to us by this Friday if you will be in attendance. We understand that it may not be possible yet to make a decision (due to work, etc.), but for those of you who are able, we would appreciate hearing from you.

We encourage everyone to show their support for His Excellency and attend the Confirmations.



Christine Saul

Secretary, Our Lady of Good Success Mission

(519) 927-9999

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We posted a sermon of Fr Pfeiffer where he noted the example of St Hermenegild and his relevance to the SSPX Crisis.
We found a very good write-up of the life of this saint from Butler’s Lives of the Saints:

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When Archbishop Lefebvre called Vatican II the French Revolution in the Church, he was not being clever or witty. He was serious and he meant it literally. In They Have Uncrowned Him, the Archbishop gives a clear and concise refutation of the error of Liberalism, its origin in the 16th century Protestantism and its triumph in Vatican II.
Liberalism is so pervasive in today’s society that we are probably not aware of how infected we really are. They Have Uncrowned Him is a wake-up call for all:

  • The Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not a nostalgic wish; rather, it is a “dogma of the Catholic Faith, which no one can put in doubt without being a heretic” (p 99).
  • Likewise, Separation of Church and State is “an impiety and an error close to heresy” (p 102).
  • Archbishop Lefebvre calls Liberal Catholicism a “sickness of the mind” (p 111).
  • The Archbishop illustrates a rule: “Liberalism leads from compromise to betrayal” (p 229).
  • He calls Religious Liberty of Vatican II a “Masonic victory” (p 67).
  • He reminds us that we must have a correct sense of history or a goal of history, which is the “recapitulation [restoration] of all things in Christ” (p 140).
  • The remedy Archbishop Lefebvre offers is to return to the sane and sound Thomistic teaching (and therefore thinking) and then to rebuild the Social Kingship of Christ.
  • He warns that once confidence in the truth is lost, Catholics (Congar, Rahner, Murray, Bea, etc.) then turn away from God and engage in senseless dialogue with the world, which leads to compromises and to the inevitable loss of Faith.

The Archbishop gave this book a subtitle: From Liberalism to Apostasy • The Conciliar Tragedy.
Since the publication of this book, several Traditional groups (Le Barroux, Campos, the Institute of Good Shepherd, the Redemptorists of Papa Stronsay) have been lost to Conciliar Rome.
More recently, the SSPX has pivoted towards Liberalism: In 2012, with the April 15 Declaration and the July General Chapter 6 Conditions, the SSPX openly abandoned the principles of Archbishop Lefebvre and pursued regularization/recognition with Conciliar Rome. This was followed by punishments and expulsions of priests who questioned and disagreed with the new orientation.
The Archbishop, after the 1988 Consecrations, clearly held the position that Vatican II cannot be understood in the Light of Tradition (chapter XXVII). He called the Council a “robber council” (p 163). Compare this with the April 15 Declaration, paragraph 4: “The entire tradition of Catholic Faith must be the criterion and guide in understanding the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, which, in turn, enlightens – in other words deepens and subsequently makes explicit – certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church implicitly present within itself or not yet conceptually formulated.” 

Lessons to be drawn from They Have Uncrowned Him

Those who want to work from within the SSPX in order to bring the SSPX back to the founder’s principles and those who want to work from within Rome in order to convert Rome must remember that they are not exempt in any way from the fate that befell the other Traditional groups who were regularized/recognized by Conciliar Rome:
• They must be silent on thorny issues, for example, errors of Vatican II.

• They need to compromise on thorny issues in order to be accepted by others who have already compromised.

• Finally, Liberalism creeps in and the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ becomes an embarrassment (especially after they have lost all their friends). Suddenly, all these Catholic “things” (doctrines) become imprudent and must be deferred until better times.
From reading They Have Uncrowned Him, one must conclude that it is time to work for the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The first and the most important step is strict adherence to Catholic Doctrine. This means the refusal to compromise with liberals whether in Rome or scattered throughout the Indult communities.
The great Cardinal Pie understood that the only way to fight the Revolution is to be faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ. To Napoleon III, who prided himself for restoring Catholicism by implementing Religious Tolerance (Vatican II already at work), the Cardinal (then Bishop) answered: “[If] the moment has not come for Jesus Christ to rule, – well! Then the moment has not come for the government to endure [to stay in power]” (p 28). In other words, God will not bless those who compromise in order to do good. This is a violation of the principle that one cannot do evil in order to do good.
They Have Uncrowned Him should be read by all members of the Resistance and especially by those attempting to change the SSPX or Rome from within. The book was relevant when the Archbishop wrote it; it is equally relevant today.

Work cited:
They Have Uncrowned Him, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Angelus Press, November 1992,
3rd Edition, pp. 261


Sr Constance (TOSF)


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Christ the King

Every knee shall bend and acknowledge Jesus Christ as his King.


Consecration to Christ the King

O Christ Jesus, I acknowledge Thee as universal King.  For Thee all creatures have been made.  Do Thou exercise over me all Thy rights.  Renewing my baptismal vows, I renounce Satan with all his works and pomps, and I promise to live as a good Catholic and soldier of Christ.  Especially do I pledge myself to work with all my power for the triumph of the rights of God and Thy Church, up to my death!  Amen.


Prayer to Christ the King

Almighty everlasting God, Who in Thy beloved Son, King of the whole world, hast willed to restore all things anew; grant in Thy mercy that all the families of nations, rent asunder by the wound of sin, heresy and apostasy, may be subjected to His most gentle rule.  Who with Thee liveth and reigneth world without end.  Amen.


These prayers may also be said daily as part of the requirement of being a member of the League of the Kingship of Christ.  A pdf of these prayers can be found here.

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Please listen to this excellent sermon by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer on the second anniversary (Oct. 3, 2014) of his expulsion from the neo-SSPX.


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Pilgrimage Recap

5 October 2014

Our Lady of Good Success Mission held their first pilgrimage to the Martyrs’ Shrine on this past Saturday. In spite of potentially bad weather, it turned out to be a beautiful experience. The Faithful started off with a Rosary recited in the Shrine itself and then proceeded to say the Stations of the Cross in the outdoor location. Several non-Traditional pilgrims and a NO priest joined us for the Stations of the Cross. Deo gratias!
The pilgrims then met for a potluck held in a parishioners’ home. A good time was held by all, and heartfelt thanks go to the hosting family.
We are already making plans to have our second pilgrimage in May 2015 at a shrine in the Kitchener area. This idea was suggested by a friend and we are hoping to make it work. Please mark it in on your calendar.
Remember that suggestions for parish activities are always welcome. 

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In this sermon, the 6th of a series published from the Retreats for Men in the Resistance given in June 2014, Father Pfeiffer gives many important lessons.
A few examples are worth noting.
Hermenegild was a Spanish prince who had to make a choice. He could accept Communion from an Arian priest or die. Since that priest was a heretic, Hermenegild decided that he was unable to take Communion which would denote his acceptance of the heretical teachings. Bishop Fellay has issued the April 15th Declaration which contains heretical statements (which Father Pfeiffer details). Hence, following the example of St Hermenegild, we cannot accept the Sacraments from Bishop Fellay and, by extension, from SSPX priests who represent his policies (see our prior article).
Father notes that Pope Pius X wrote a Motu Proprio in answer to modernist conclusions that various encyclicals did not contain a penalty, therefore could be disregarded. He wrote that people who disagreed in any way with Pascendi, The Syllabus of Errors and other key encyclicals were already excommunicated and that seminarians holding these views could not be ordained. What did the Vatican II “theologians” have to say about these documents? They called Vatican II a “Counter-Syllabus”. Therefore, we can infer that Modernists are already excommunicated and that Modernist Rome must be avoided until it comes back to the Catholic Faith. Clearly, we cannot seek an agreement or recognition!
Father then notes that throughout the history of the Church (Old Testament and New), people were given a choice of accepting a heretical doctrine or being martyred. Father concludes by asking the men in the retreat this question: Can you sign this document (April 15th Declaration) or be beheaded?


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Participants in discussions on some Resistance boards continue to maintain that the SSPX Chapels/Masses should be given a yellow light and that we should not stay away until we see erroneous doctrine being taught. They are missing a few points:

They are focussing on what is being taught – no current teaching error, therefore no problem. With this line of thought, the logical conclusion is that it is then permissible/required to go to Indult Masses, as they too do not currently teach error and do promote the Tridentine Mass. If this is sufficient, then there is no state of emergency, so there is no reason for the SSPX to exist. There are plenty of groups available within the structure of the Modern Church to meet this preference.

A further point that we can make is that the individual SSPX/Indult/NO priest, who may be personally solid, by staying within the organization represents the policies/principles of the organization. So, although the SSPX priest may be against the organizational policies/procedures, he still represents acceptability of 95% of Vatican II, acceptance of the new Code of Canon Law, NOM’s being legitimately promulgated (and therefore legitimate), etc.

The modern SSPX no longer passes on the fullness of the Teaching of the Catholic Church, partly by omission and partly by distorting the teachings of their founder. The fullness of the Truth is no longer sought, but a practical agreement becomes the target.

Lessons learned through observance of the many other Indult groups are ignored. Modernist Rome is considered trustworthy enough to be obeyed without criticizing their errors.

These participants, however,  are not focussing on what is not being taught – omission of teaching about what doctrinal and pastoral errors are present in the Modernist Church. Thus, by not warning their flock of these errors, the SSPX is in fact condoning these errors. The average adherent then thinks that everything in the Church must be acceptable, otherwise Father would be warning him. The SSPX thus becomes guilty of sins of omission by condoning these errors; the adherents are at risk for what they are not being taught.

The decision to continue to attend the Masses/Sacraments is defended as claiming that they are still valid and are the normal means of Grace, therefore it is sinful to stay away from them. What is not considered is that God is not limited to normal means. If our Faith is at risk due to the factors noted above, then it is imprudent and sinful to accept these normal means from the compromised SSPX. We might as well go to the NOM, if it is legitimately promulgated and thus is itself the normal means.

We conclude then that this line of thinking is flawed and that one cannot continue to consider the SSPX Masses/Sacraments of being worthy of a yellow light, but must be considered as worthy of a red light.


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