Divini Redemptoris – Communists Hate Christianity

“Meanwhile the sorry effects of this propaganda are before our eyes. Where Communism has been able to assert its power – and here We are thinking with special affection of the people of Russia and Mexico – it has striven by every possible means, as its champions openly boast, to destroy Christian civilization and the Christian religion by banishing every remembrance of them from the hearts of men, especially of the young. Bishops and priests were exiled, condemned to forced labor, shot and done to death in inhuman fashion; laymen suspected of defending their religion were vexed, persecuted, dragged off to trial and thrown into prison.”

Pius XI, Pope. DIVINI REDEMPTORIS On Atheistic Communism (pp. 22-23). Kindle Edition.

“No One Has Died from the Coronavirus” – Dr. Stoian Alexov

“Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a ‘criminal medical organization’ for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.”


Divini Redemptoris – The Mainstream Media Is Complicit in the Spread of Communism

“A third powerful factor in the diffusion of Communism is the conspiracy of silence on the part of a large section of the non-Catholic press of the world. We say conspiracy, because it is impossible otherwise to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit even the little daily incidents of life has been able to remain silent for so long about the horrors perpetrated in Russia, in Mexico and even in a great part of Spain; and that it should have relatively so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence is due in part to shortsighted political policy, and is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order.”

Pius XI, Pope. DIVINI REDEMPTORIS On Atheistic Communism (p. 22). Kindle Edition.

5th Anniversary of Infamous Conference of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the infamous conference of His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson in which he publicly deviated from the position of the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre by stating that there are objective circumstances that permit one to actively assist at the Novus Ordo Rite of Mass.  The link at the bottom contains a paper I wrote on this matter.

Since then, the Resistance has fallen apart for an accumulation of reasons.  There are priests who still adhere to the position of Archbishop Lefebvre on key issues, including active assistance at the Novus Ordo Rite.  However, there is a huge problem that came to light to me in the second half of 2019, that is, all Resistance priests adhere to an anti-pope, Jorge Bergoglio.  Therefore, they are in material schism with the true pope, Benedict XVI, and they keep their faithful in material schism as well.  With a little bit of study and prayer, they could come to the same conclusion as I did, but for some reason or another, they persist in adhering to the anti-papacy of Jorge Bergoglio no matter what evil he inflicts.  Our Lord cannot bless this.  That is partially why we are in the mess we are in now.

As evil weighs on us more and more each passing day, let us pray to Our Lady of Good Success to bring forth the Holy Prelate She prophesied to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres who will come to restore the spirit of priests.1

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!

The incorrupt body of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres

A Refutation of “A Catechetical Refutation”

Divini Redemptoris – Communism Is Directed by the Global Elite

“There is another explanation for the rapid diffusion of the Communistic ideas now seeping into every nation, great and small, advanced and backward, so that no corner of the earth is free from them. This explanation is to be found in a propaganda so truly diabolical that the world has perhaps never witnessed it like before. It is directed from one common center. It is shrewdly adapted to the varying conditions of diverse peoples. It has at its disposal great financial resources, gigantic organizations, international congresses, and countless trained workers. It makes use of pamphlets and reviews, of cinema, theater and radio, of schools and even universities. Little by little it penetrates into all classes of the people and even reaches the better-minded groups of the community, with the result that few are aware of the poison which increasingly pervades their minds and hearts.”

Pius XI, Pope. DIVINI REDEMPTORIS On Atheistic Communism (pp. 20-21). Kindle Edition.