Resistance Gains Notice

In an article here:


the liberal Catholic press defends the SSPX  against the Resistance, by attacking the Recusant.


The Recusant responds here:


and with a comment here:


The Recusant sent an Open Letter to Father Morgan here:


Father’s disappointing response is here:



Why all the fuss?


Bishop Fellay is going to England to give a conference in an area well known to be unaccepting of his views on the new direction of the SSPX. The Recusant has launched a counter attack and has arranged a competing conference for the same day to outline the views of the Resistance. Fathers Pfeiffer, Hewko and Father Paul Kramer will be in attendance.


It would appear that someone noticed and wants to derail the conference. Please offer some prayers that Truth prevails.


For those who may not know, the Recusant has become the most useful repository of documents, articles and editorials for the Resistance and is run by concerned laymen. I strongly recommend this site.

4 Responses to Resistance Gains Notice

  1. Dear Editor CT

    Gerragrip, yourself. Try to be more cerebral and less emotional. The objective truth – fact – is that Bp Fellay contradicts himself every five minutes. The less charitable would say he lies or that he does not wish to take ownership of his, own acts and statements. I say only that he has a problem with objective truth, that he finds it complicated to be coherent. A simple but Catholic mind would be forgiven for saying that a lack of coherence between word uttered and thought or known fact is what they call a lie. For Bishop Fellay, the fact that he says one thing and knows another is okay until or unless he is discovered. Who do you think you are to refer to good Catholic Priests as ‘scoundrels’? If anyone is making a fool of herself, it is you. You are quite unable to refute what the Resistance is for unless you are willing formally to repudiate and to condemn the work of Archbishop Lefebvre. If you do, you are no friend to Catholic Tradition.

  2. “Bp Fellay’s cats paws …”

    What a nasty way to speak of any bishop.

    The daft “resistance” (to nothing!) has fallen flat on its face and the scoundrels behind it have made manifest fools of themselves as not one of their crackpot “prophecies” have come true.


  3. ‘Somebody’ is not attempting to skewer the conference. Bp Fellay’s cats paws have been at very successful work and there is no doubt that this will not cease because Bp Fellay and cronies see the writing on the Menzingen wall. Bp Fellay and his friends are too much in bed with friend Max and all that this entails. Mega scandals are ripening and none of that lot will have anywhere to hide when the proverbial excrementum hits the blades of the legal fan. Dum excusare credas, accusas, dear Superior General. We, here, are not likely to be gulled by his honeyed yet specious words. we know what you and your friends have been up to so fess up, tell the Truth and shame the Devil. If you do not you may be facing him, ‘ere long. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You are not Archbishop Lefebvre’s heir, much less are you a right thinking Catholic Bishop. Go before events break you. Your sins will surely find you out. As a saintly Priest recently told me: Follow the money, follow the money.

    • EditoCT, thank you for looking at at least one article on the site. Please refute the facts offered by the Resistance if you can. Emotional responses like yours do not help anyone to get to the truth.

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