One Response to Two Letters of the Faithful of France

  1. The Declaration of The Resistance Priests in Vienna, Virginia, USA contained many important things.

    One thing it did not have was His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson.

    In a phone conversation with me, His Excellency asked if I had anything to say to him.

    “You missed the boat, Your Excellency”

    He asked three times, he got told three times:

    “You missed the boat, Your Excellency”

    Standing on that dock surrounding Bishop Williamson were all the good Padres that did not answer the call of Our Lady and her Son.

    Anything they or the Regime of His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay have to say now is a mute issue.

    Just as Judas could have repented, Bishop Fellay did not.

    Just as the Rich Man did not answer Christ’s call, those Padres wealthy with the Deposit of Faith did not as well.

    “We are all going to death, so why not go boldly, and why not go with Christ, why not go without fear, and why not go as our Master went?” Reverend Father Joseph Pfeiffer.


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