Recusant Reports on Conference

Apologies lack of updates and for delay in uploading videos. Our video man won’t arrive home til tonight, hopefully he can start uploading to YouTube ASAP from then on…

Sunday went v. well. Around 50ppl attended, although some of them were different people from those who attended on Saturday.


Missa Cantata was followed by the renewal of the Consecration of the SSPX to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, first done by Abp.Lefebvre in 1984, and which Bishop Fellay will no longer renew.


After lunch, some further messsages of support sent to the organisers were read out. One from the Carmelites of Brilon Wald promising their prayers for the success of the conference and for the Resistance in our country. Another from Fr. Patrick Girouard, in which he announced that he had now set up a Resistance priory and chapel in Canada.


Fr. Kramer gave an excellent talk regarding Fatima and the mystery of iniquity, and ended by comprehensively showing the folly and error of claiming that the New Mass was “legitimately promulgated”.


Fr. Pfeiffer raised and then answered many common objections to the Resistance put forward by Menzingen’s apparatchiks. (Fr. complained about the lack of hecklers and said that he had to perform that role himself!)


An open Q&A session concluded the proceedings.


Everyone present was of one mind regarding the current crisis in the SSPX, and my own impression is that everyone spoken to seemed to say they could no longer in conscience attend the SSPX, things being as they are. The practical result is that a resistance Mass centre in London is now a permanent fixture. Expect further announcements.


Heartfelt thanks go to all those who kept us in their prayers.


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