Friends of OLGS Chapel are preparing to celebrate the First Year Anniversary of their stance against Modernism and their faithfulness to Eternal Rome.


On the afternoon of October 27th, there will be a celebration featuring music, drama and various presentations/brief discussions.


– review what happened in the Resistance in Year One

– what steps are required to bring the Mass to Toronto

– building of the altar

– presentation on the vestments

– finance report

– volunteers – driving people to Mass, contingency planning for bad weather, recognition to past volunteers

– locating Mass Centers – close to airport, parking, permit food, low price, seat 50 people

– material display – Recusant, books, Eleison Comments, computer screen with blog postings, etc

– how to navigate this site, how to post/comment, writers needed, first year’s postings

– how to obtain books, sermons, information (navigate internet)

– how to use ipods to listen to sermons – good for people without internet

– music – learn to sing Kyriale & chant, hymns, future musical events

– plan future events such as pilgrimages, musical events, etc.


If you wish to contact us, please call 519-927-9999.

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