SSPX Priests, Your Silence Implies Consent – Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

Below is a recent sermon given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer in the Philippines.  He speaks about the sin of silence when one ought to speak out.  He makes reference to the deafening silence of the SSPX priests in the face of the Liberalism found within their own backyard, despite the fact they were especially formed to fight this very same Liberalism no matter where it rears its ugly head.  What a shame!


This YouTube video is programmed to start and finish at the relevant portion which is from 27:50 to 31:55.


2 Responses to SSPX Priests, Your Silence Implies Consent – Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

  1. RuyDiaz,

    I think they are accomplices, but not necessarily in an explicit and voluntary manner. They ought to know better and take the appropriate action. If we cannot depend on priests who were specifically formed to combat Liberalism, then who can we depend on???

  2. It is true, their silence implies consent. Furthermore, I would say silence makes them accomplices. Let’s pray for courage and Faith to be given by The Lord to all those priests that know there is error in the neo-society, for them to become truthful and brave soldiers of our Lord. That they get the courage to denounce and leave in order to join the truly Catholic remnant

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