Letter of Appeal to the Faithful

Jan 19, 2014

Faithful to the heritage of Abp. Marcel Lefebvre and in particular to his memorable Declaration of the 21st November 1974, “we adhere with all our heart, with all our soul, to catholic Rome, guardian of the catholic faith and the necessary conditions to maintain this faith, to eternal Rome mistress of wisdom and truth.”


According to the example of this great prelate, intrepid  defender of the of the Church and the Apostolic See, “we refuse on the contrary and have always refused to follow neo-modernist and neo-protestant Rome which clearly manifested itself at the second Vatican council and after the council, in all the reforms and orientations which followed it.”


Since the year 2000 and in particular from 2012 the authorities of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X have taken the opposite direction of aligning themselves with modernist Rome.


The Doctrinal Declaration of the 15th April 2012, followed by the exclusion of a bishop and numerous priests and confirmed by the condemnation of the book, “Monseigneur Lefebvre, Our Relations with Rome”, all that shows the pertinacity in this direction which leads to death.


No authority, even the highest in the hierarchy, can make us abandon or diminish our Catholic Faith clearly expressed by the Magisterium of the Church for twenty centuries.


Under the protection of Our Lady Guardian of the Faith, we intend to follow operation survival begun by Abp. Lefebvre.


In consequence, in these tragic circumstances in which we find ourselves, we put our priesthood at the disposal of all those who want to  remain faithful in the combat for the Faith. This is why from now on, we are  committed to respond to the demands which will be made on us, to sustain your families in their educational duties, to offer the priestly formation to young men who desire it, to safeguard the Mass, the sacraments and the doctrinal formation, everywhere we are required to do so.


As for you, we exhort you to be zealous apostles for the reign of Christ the King and Mary our Queen.


Long Live Christ our  King!

Our Lady Guardian of the Faith, protect us!

Saint Pius X, pray for us!


The 7th January 2014



Fr. Roland de Mérode (prieur, France)
Fr. Michel Koller (prieur, France)
Fr. Vignalou (France)
Fr. Hubert de Sainte-Marie d’Agneau (France)
Fr. Nicolas Pinaud (France)
Fr. Olivier Rioult (France)
Fr. Matthieu Salenave (France)
Fr. Pierre-Marie OP and 10 other priests from the Convent of  Avrillé (France)
Fr. Bruno OSB (France)
Fr. Avril, fondateur de l’œuvre  de Notre-Dame de Salérans (France)
Fr. Raffali (France)
Fr. Rémi Picot (Kenya)
Fr. Jean-Michel Faure (South America)
Fr. François Chazal (Asia)
Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz (Italy)
Fr. Brühwiller (Switzerland)
Fr. Martin Fuchs (Austria)
Fr. Patrick Girouard (Canada)
Fr. David Hewko (USA)
Fr. Pierre-Célestin N’dong (Gabon)
Fr. Ernesto Cardozo (Brazil)
Fr. Arturo Vargas (Mexico)
Fr. Fernando Altamira  (Columbia)
Fr. Hugo Ruiz (Mexico)
Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz  (Australia)
Fr. Frank Sauer (Germany)
Fr. Eduardo Suelo (Asia)
Fr. Richard Voigt (USA)
Fr. Arnold Trauner (Austria)
Fr. Trincado (Mexico)
Fr. Valan Rajkumar (Asia)
Fr. Rafael Arizaga OSB (Mexico)
Fr. Thomas d’Aquin Ferreira da Costa OSB  (Brazil)
Fr. Jahir Brito, FMBV  (Brazil)
Fr. Joaquim Daniel Maria de Sant’ana, FMBV (Brazil)

(To be continued)

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  1. Dr Archie Jackson
    January 19th, 2014 at 3:16 am #


    Pray for the souls of those whom Bishop Fellay and his friends lead into the darkness of Modernism and away from the True Light of the One True Church and Faith.

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