No Tradecumenism

Below is an extract of a sermon given by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer in Denver, Colorado on January 19, 2014.  Father noted that the Letter of Appeal published on the same day contained the signatures of two Sedevacantist priests.  Father warned that we cannot work together with those who adhere to positions not consistent with the SSPX founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. This includes groups such as Sedevacantists, Ecclesia Dei religious communities, and conservative Novus Ordo priests.  I agree with Father.  Working together could easily result in a watering down of the Archbishop’s position, which is nothing other than that of Catholic Tradition.  We must fight on the basis of truth and truth only.  Father did not say so explicitly, but it is reasonable to conclude that he now includes the neo-SSPX as one of those groups that we can no longer work with.


I want to make it clear that the Masses sponsored by the Our Lady of Good Success Mission in Toronto are open to all, but the core group that runs the Mission is made up of people who have left the neo-SSPX for good.  We want to remain faithful to the Archbishop; continuing to attend neo-SSPX Masses would be contrary to this purpose.


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