Rotten Fruit of Vatican II

The Rotten Fruit of Vatican II

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A person in the Resistance recently wrote a letter to a friend who became Sedevacantist. I believe this letter contains information that may be helpful to other Catholics, so, upon my request, the author agreed to allow me to post it (of course, with all names removed).


On Sedevacantism

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You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.


and courtesy of a parishioner:


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The July 2014 issue of the Recusant is now available here for download.

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Archbishop Lefebvre preached a retreat to the religious of Saint-Michel in Brenne, France, April 1st 1989, wherein he commented on the non-una-cum position of the sedevacantists.


Our friends in Quebec have provided the audio file and a translation of a transcript.
Monseigneur Lefebvre et l’Una Cum – Archbishop Lefebvre and the Una Cum – Transcript


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button. If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

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Fr. Francois Chazal


Date and Time:

Sunday July 20

Confessions at 2 pm, Mass at 2:30 pm

Bring your own food.



Italian Canadian Club of Milton

104 Tremaine Road

Milton, ON L9T 2W9



Father will also offer Mass in St. Catharines on July 20 at 6:30 pm at the Best Western Hotel (2 North Service Road, St. Catharines, ON, L2N 4G9).



Christine Saul

Secretary, Our Lady of Good Success Mission

(519) 927-9999

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When sorting out which French priests are with the Resistance and which have joined the ‘non una cum” position, it is refreshing to find a clear statement of position.


Father Pivert wrote a book of quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre which, of course, has been banned by Bishop Fellay. This quote is provided by our friends in Quebec.


Nos rapports avec Rome – Combat de la Foi catholique numéro spécial N°167


LEFEBVRE (Mgr), PIVERT (Abbé François) 


Page 145 chapitre 4


9. Notre attitude envers le pape

« Une telle situation d’un pape qui pourrait ne pas l’être, qui favorise l’hérésie, qui préside une Église schismatique, mais qu’on doit concrètement tenir pour pape, est la plus inconfortable qui soit. Mais la Providence l’a voulu ainsi, c’est donc dans ses circonstances que nous devons manifester notre fidélité. »


Abbé François Pivert (page 153)


Page 145 chapter 4


9. Our attitude towards the pope


“Such a situation of a pope who may not be pope, who favours heresy, who presides over a schismatic Church, that we must concretely believe to be pope, is the most uncomfortable that there is. But        Providence wanted it this way, it is therefore in these circumstances that we must show our fidelity.

Father Francois Pivert (page 153)

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A Precious Offering

7 July 2014

St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, was accustomed in special necessities to offer to the Eternal Father, by the hands of Mary, our Divine Saviour all covered with blood and wounds. This, he said, was an infallible means to obtain the most precious graces. The following words may be used to make this offering:


O Mary, Mother of Sorrows, I beseech thee, by the inexpressible tortures, thou didst endure at the death of they Son, offer to the Eternal Father, in my stead, thy beloved Son all covered with blood and wounds, for the grace of (make your request). Amen.


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Holy Saint Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of us, watch over us, pray for us. Guardian of the Paradise of the New Adam, provide for our temporal wants. Faithful Guardian of the Most Precious of All Treasures, we beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end, if it be for the Glory of God and the good of our souls.
Repeat 7 times:

O Glorious St. Joseph,
For the love and glory of Jesus and Mary
Come to our assistance.

This prayer may be said for nine days in petition and then for nine days in thanksgiving. If the prayer is not answered in the first nine days, it may be repeated until it is answered.


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