Abp Lefebvre and Non Una Cum

Archbishop Lefebvre preached a retreat to the religious of Saint-Michel in Brenne, France, April 1st 1989, wherein he commented on the non-una-cum position of the sedevacantists.


Our friends in Quebec have provided the audio file and a translation of a transcript.
Monseigneur Lefebvre et l’Una Cum – Archbishop Lefebvre and the Una Cum – Transcript


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Father Pivert’s Position on “Non Una Cum”

When sorting out which French priests are with the Resistance and which have joined the ‘non una cum” position, it is refreshing to find a clear statement of position.


Father Pivert wrote a book of quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre which, of course, has been banned by Bishop Fellay. This quote is provided by our friends in Quebec.


Nos rapports avec Rome – Combat de la Foi catholique numéro spécial N°167


LEFEBVRE (Mgr), PIVERT (Abbé François) 


Page 145 chapitre 4


9. Notre attitude envers le pape

« Une telle situation d’un pape qui pourrait ne pas l’être, qui favorise l’hérésie, qui préside une Église schismatique, mais qu’on doit concrètement tenir pour pape, est la plus inconfortable qui soit. Mais la Providence l’a voulu ainsi, c’est donc dans ses circonstances que nous devons manifester notre fidélité. »


Abbé François Pivert (page 153)


Page 145 chapter 4


9. Our attitude towards the pope


“Such a situation of a pope who may not be pope, who favours heresy, who presides over a schismatic Church, that we must concretely believe to be pope, is the most uncomfortable that there is. But        Providence wanted it this way, it is therefore in these circumstances that we must show our fidelity.

Father Francois Pivert (page 153)

A Precious Offering

St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, was accustomed in special necessities to offer to the Eternal Father, by the hands of Mary, our Divine Saviour all covered with blood and wounds. This, he said, was an infallible means to obtain the most precious graces. The following words may be used to make this offering:


O Mary, Mother of Sorrows, I beseech thee, by the inexpressible tortures, thou didst endure at the death of they Son, offer to the Eternal Father, in my stead, thy beloved Son all covered with blood and wounds, for the grace of (make your request). Amen.


Prayer to Saint Joseph in Temporal Wants

Holy Saint Joseph, Spouse of Mary, be mindful of us, watch over us, pray for us. Guardian of the Paradise of the New Adam, provide for our temporal wants. Faithful Guardian of the Most Precious of All Treasures, we beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end, if it be for the Glory of God and the good of our souls.
Repeat 7 times:

O Glorious St. Joseph,
For the love and glory of Jesus and Mary
Come to our assistance.

This prayer may be said for nine days in petition and then for nine days in thanksgiving. If the prayer is not answered in the first nine days, it may be repeated until it is answered.


Novena to Saint Martha

O admirable Saint Martha, I have recourse to thee and I depend entirely on thy  intercession in  my trials. In thanksgiving, I promise to spread this devotion  everywhere. I humbly beg thee to console me in  all my difficulties. By the immense joy that filled thy soul when thou didst receive the Redeemer of the world at thy home in Bethany, be pleased to intercede for me and my family, in order that we may keep God in our hearts and therefore, deserve to obtain the remedy to our necessities, especially the present situation that overwhelms me.


(mention request)

I implore thee, O Auxiliatrice in all needs; help us to overcome our difficulties, thou who so victoriously fought the devil. Amen.


Say one Our  Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory be and three times the invocation“Saint Martha, pray for us”.


Novena to be said 9 consecutive Tuesdays with a lit blessed candle.


Father Faure Receives First Admonition

Thanks to Centroamerica for the translation:


of the news item on


and Father’s reply is here



What follows is the English translation.


Rev. Fr. Michel Faure received his first canonical admonition today from Fr. Bouchacourt. 

Effectively, the impenitent denier of the deicide committed by the Jewish people is now Pontius Pilate to Fr. Faure. 

Fr. Faure has only denounced the liberal deviations and treasons coming from Menzingen and remained true to his duties as a Shepard of souls. Our Lord spoke very well when saying that “they will put you of the Synagogues”-St. John 16:2 

Fr. Bouchacourt: Who is a revolutionary, he who defends the ageless doctrine while defending the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre, or he who attempts to exonerate the Jewish people from the crime of deicide? 

[the letter heading and the letter begins] 

Dear Rev. Father, 

Being responsible for the territory [district] where you have resided and exercised your ministry as a member of our Society until recent times, I am obliged to inform you of this first canonical admonition required by the law and fair governance of all clerical institutions, in order to establish the reproachable facts, reminding you of your acquired obligations and asking you to return to your priestly family without delay, avoiding the painful and inevitable canonical consequences that will result should you insist on remaining in your current situation. 

For exceptional reasons that are known to us, you were permitted for many years to exercise your priestly ministry in Paraguay, practically in solitude, maintaining juridical and fraternal bonds not only in the La Reja seminary but also in the South American District. 

On February 2nd, 2013 a declaration of several priests, you amongst them, was made public on the internet and was received and interpreted as an open attack on the authority of the Superior General. After this date, you began an irregular ministry, independent of the Society, making yourself an addition to the so-called “resistance” led by other priests who have left the Society. 

Since then there have been numerous public declarations confirming not only your support of this revolutionary movement but your effective and continued inciting of the faithful of our chapels to join themselves to this rebellion of priests. 

In particular, I would like to point out your interview given on the 5th of December 2013 (the one where you gave your biased version of the 2012 General Chapter, including a divulgence of internal details without respecting sworn confidentiality of all the participants), your designation as “coordinator of the resistance” by H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson, and the December 22, 2013 communications. 

Also, equally accessible on the internet are many of your sermons, preached from Mass centers without any reference made to authorities and ostensibly in opposition to the legitimate superiors of the Society, a circumstance that if it hadn’t already been known to those who scour the internet looking for your sermons o[n] YouTube, it would soon become manifest to hear in them the virulent criticisms and constant attacks hurled against *your superiors. 

Even though you may have separated yourself voluntarily and unilaterally from the Society and all that that entails, and you are found to be exercising in actuality a ministry independent from its structure, you do not remain free because of this from fulfilling the serious obligations and solemn commitments that result from your priestly ordination and its perpetual oblation [he means here that because he joined the resistance he still has responsibilities like the continual sacrifice of being a priest and implies that by joining the resistance Fr. Faure is not fulfilling these responsibilities as if intentionally]. In virtue of these obligations and commitments, I make this first canonical admonition in conformity with the law, requesting that you reintegrate yourself into the Society, giving you the option of choosing between residence in the Santiago de Chile priory or the retreat house in Montgardin, France. 

A second admonition will follow this one in 15 business days if you do not fulfill the condition required or if you don’t make your intention known to abide by [the requirements] as much as is feasible and without much delay. After another period of 15 business days if you have not did your part to conform [to this admonition], the Superior General will initiate the expulsion process prescribed by canon law, considering in particular: 1) that all clerics are obliged to show respect and obedience to their superiors, 2) that the disobedience pertinent to the legitimate mandates of the superiors in grave matters and scandal are the reasons for the expulsion, 3) that the Society’s own laws establish obstinacy and disobedience as reasons for expulsion, y 4) that the very same law considers the public dissemination of litigation to be a supplementary [additional] crime. [so this very post now I must consider that Fr. Bouchacourt believes that I am assisting Fr. Faure’s “supplementary crime”!] 

In so far as it is sound, your rights of defense- if this is what you prefer- can be communicated directly to the Superior General. 

I implore God and the Most Holy Virgin, dear father, that you become aware of your unjust and false accusations, that you repair the scandal caused and that very soon you return to your priestly family, in which you have been, until recent times, a universally respected member and labored so much for. Tantus labor non sit cassus. 

Fr. Bouchacourt 

* I translated “sus superiores” as “your superiors”. The actual context does not indicate if he meant Fr. Faure’s superiors or “the faithful’s superiors”i.e “their superiors”. “Sus superiores” can be both “your superiors” or “their superiors”. I assume that Fr. Bouchacourt knows that although I have attended Society Masses all my life, neither him nor the SG have ever been my superior as a layman.