Aug 30, 2014

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AUGUST 29, 2014


“The intransigence is a virtue which is self-preservation to life. A virtue without intransigence or hate intransigence does not exist, or keep just the exterior. A faith without intransigence, or is dead, or just live without, because you lost the spirit. Faith being the foundation of the supernatural life, tolerance in matters of faith is the starting point for all ills, especially for heresy. ”
(Pastoral Letter, June 1953, true judgment No. 37).

Sometimes with words, sometimes with the works, and this more and more often, the SSPX has shown that NO and uncompromising faith with respect to the enemies of the Catholic Church that have occupied. Leaving such intransigence in faith, taking the words of Msgr. Don Antonio de Castro Mayer, the SSPX has lost the Catholic spirit, the spirit of its founder, Msgr. Marcel Lefebvre. His defense of faith, therefore, that is dead or is self-righteous and only appearance defending the true faith.


This pharisaical spirit, using the words of Dom Antonio, “is the starting point for all evil”; ie, the “Pandora’s box” has been unleashed and from the SSPX.

The SSPX is unfortunately falling into the same attitude of the modernists to be attacking those of us who strongly defend the intransigence in the faith; on the other hand having tolerance and sympathy for the enemies of the Church who are currently occupying the See of St. Peter as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Doing what had already mentioned Garrigou Lagrange: “Catholics are intolerant because they believe in the doctrine, but tolerant in charity because they love. The enemies of Christ are intolerant doctrine that do not believe in charity and intolerant because they love. This is the contradiction in which they always fall the enemies of the Church. Since they tolerate all opinions except that opinion of those who say that faith is uncompromising. Because if this is for them just an opinion like many others, why not tolerate? If this view is false, why not ignore it doing something tolerable?
Bishop explains. De Castro Mayer this statement saying that this lack of intransigence in faith, which is common in every one of the enemies of the Church, “we must open our eyes and see the sovereign importance to the life of the Church in doctrinal matters intolerance. ” Precisely for this reason said Cardinal Pie French Catholics of the nineteenth century: “The battles are lost or won the doctrinal level, the error of the French Catholics of the nineteenth century was the wait to see the consequences of false principles of the revolution French to react. ” Expect to see the consequences of the SSPX doctrinal tolerance to react, it will be too late to react, to do battle against the revolutionaries. We should not wait until there is a visible agreement between Rome and the SSPX reconcile to react if we continue to defend the Reign of Christ the King through Faith, Hope and Charity (in the present circumstances the agreement would be an agreement tolerant necessarily practical principles as those in Rome were not converted).
The service we have provided the members of the Resistance to the SSPX in warning about the grave mistake they have fallen, has been a huge act of charity and the most important issue that is in our existence: the defense of the faith, the life of the Church, the reason for the SSPX. What we’ve been trying to do is to rescue the SSPX from the clutches of the enemies of Christ, the snares of the devil, the appearances of good; and this at the expense of our well-being and reputation. This is one of the works of mercy towards others, which is to correct the erring. But with great disappointment we saw members of the Resistance instead that we are so large agradeciera charity towards them, they have received in return only sticks, expulsions, persecution and anathemas. Does this attitude clearly confirms that the SSPX is diabolically disoriented and has lost its reason to exist?
They accuse us that we have exceeded our reaction, but respond with Cardinal De Lai, Secretary of the Sacred Hall during the pontificate of St. Pius X Congregation: “It is always better to overdo a little danger warning to shut up and let it grow “.
For all these reasons we are launching a new call on our brothers SSPX rectify the true way of defense in the faith which is the intransigence in doctrine both in theory and in practice, before it’s too late .
We leave you with the words of his own patron, St. Pius X, directed the Catholic newspaper L’Unita that had been created to preserve the faith and can also be applied to the SSPX:
“Everything is fine when it comes to respect people, but I would not want that for the love of peace were to commitments and to avoid hatred to the true mission of L’Unita (SSPX) is missing, which is in ensuring that the principles and be advanced sentry gives the alarm, even if the manner of geese of the Capitol, and that wakes the half asleep. In this case, L’Unita (FSPPX) has no reason to exist “(Disquisitio, p. 107, apud Pensée Catholique, No.23, p. 84).

Father Rafael Arízaga, OSB


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