Third Order of St Francis in the Resistance

Nov 8, 2014

We are pleased to announce that professed members of the Third Order of St Francis will be forming a Fraternity for members of the Resistance in the Toronto Parish under the Directorship of Father David Hewko.

Information pertaining to the Third Order will be posted on this website so that people can consider whether this opportunity could be helpful to them.

Please contact me for further information at 519-363-3912.
Brother Joseph TOSF (Stephen Camidge)

Meanwhile, why should this be of interest to someone in the Resistance? Why not join a Confraternity or an SSPX Third Order? I would briefly like to address this:

The Third Order of St Francis is a secular order of the Catholic Church, with special privileges to pass on to its members. Each member (called a tertiary) shares in all the Masses, prayers and Graces earned by all of the members of the Franciscan Order throughout all of history. Noviciates (people joining on a trial basis as they learn what is involved) share in these benefits.

The Third Order differs from a Confraternity in that in most Confraternities normally multiply the merits earned by the living members. It does not reach into the past and it does not include merits earned by assisting at Masses.

The Third Order of the SSPX is a lay organization which has a history of 34 years.

As good as these organizations are (and they are), they cannot compare with the Third Order of St Francis.

Let me elaborate on what may not be obvious from what I have written. The members of the Third Order share not only the merits earned by the Third Order currently living in one location, but in all the merits of the First Order (priests), the Second Order (religious brothers) and the Third Order everywhere in the world throughout history.

So, you will ask, what do I have to do to earn these merits? What am I signing up for? We have a Constitution that tells us to live our lives following norms that any Resistance person should already be following. To that is added the requirement to recite an Office (more on the definition on an Office in a later posting). This can take as little as ten minutes per day (although there are two longer Offices available for those who want to do more). Further, one must attend a Fraternity meeting on a regular basis. We expect this to be quarterly at this time.

Why do we have to do so little to gain so much? Because the Catholic Church of All Time wants us to strive for perfection, and the Third Order can help. If the Church is prepared to be generous, why not consider this offer?

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