Bishop Sheen Humour #1

There are these three men who return to their high rise
New York hotel in a power blackout. The manager offers to make
up beds in the foyer so they won’t have to climb 45 floors to their
They assure him it’s all right, saying, “Harry will sing
songs for the first fifteen stories to help pass the time, then Joe
will tell funny stories for the next fifteen stories, and Gus will tell
sad stories for the last fifteen.” So off they go.
Harry sings for the first fifteen stories. No problem.
Then Joe takes over and tells funny stories for the middle fifteen. Time
goes pretty fast. Then it’s Gus’ turn.
“OK, Gus, it’s your turn” the other two yell out. “What’s
your first sad story”.
“I forgot the key”.


A Bishop Sheen Fan


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