Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – February 8th, 2015

Feb 5, 2015

Please note the schedule for this coming Sunday. This is an extra Mass as Father is passing through. He will be on a very tight schedule. In fact, if there is a delay, there will be no Mass. (In that event, we would hold a Holy Hour instead.)



Fr. David Hewko


Date and Time:

Sunday February 8th

Mass around 12 noon


Location: Lugano roomSheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3, Toronto AMF, L5P 1C4


Note: Each car has to pay a parking fee of $3.20 per half hour. We have booked the hotel from 11 am till 3 pm. To pay the parking fee: You will get a ticket when you enter the parking lot. You take that with you to the hotel and pay as you are leaving, not at the main desk (they would charge for a whole day), but at a machine located on each floor of the hotel, where you are charged only for the amount of time you were in the parking lot. If you stay for 2 hours, it will be about $12.


We apologize for this fee. This was a last minute booking, and Father wanted it very close to the airport as he will be in Toronto for no more than 3 hours.


Also, there will be no Mass in St. Catharines this Sunday.

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