Pictures of Third Order Secular of St. Francis Novitiate Ceremony – Sunday February 22, 2015 – Milton, Ontario

Mar 4, 2015

We thank a gentleman who assists at Masses hosted by the Our Lady of Good Success Mission for taking these pictures of the Third Order Secular of St. Francis novitiate ceremony performed by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer on Sunday February 22, 2015 in Milton, Ontario.  This is the same ceremony as the one first posted here; a video of this ceremony is posted here.


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_005


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_007


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_015


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_017


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_020


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_022


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_027


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_030


OLGSM TOSF Ceremony_031

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