Our Priests React

Mar 24, 2015

Our priests react to the Consecration of Bishop Faure by Bishop Williamson and comment on the reaction of Menzingen. The sermon of Fr Hewko has already been posted; here are those of Fr Pfeiffer and Fr Chazal.


Please particularly note (as did a member of the Cor Marie website):
At 25:52 Fr Pfeiffer says…
And it is unfortunate that the new head [+Fellay] of the Society admits in the new press release, and has made it very clearly, “there will be no new bishops for the Society of St Pius X mainstream, unless these bishops are approved by moderist Rome.” And these Bishops if they are approved will be more moderist than the present ones. Therefore the New-Society is dead. It has no future.
Even one of the Priests in South America who also denounced the consecrations, (Bishop Williamson consecrating Bishop Faure) said “now the Resistance will grow and we will die, because they have a future and we don’t.” Their future is gone. They are no longer standing for the Catholic truth. They have let their founder die. …



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