A Confession from Menzingen by Dom Thomas Aquinas OSB

A Confession from Menzingen

Dom Thomas Aquinas OSB

March 22, 2015

The March 19th communiqué from Menzingen, although brief, teaches us a good number of things. Among others, there is a confession: namely that Bishop Williamson was expelled from the SSPX for his opposition to the rallying policy of Bishop Fellay.

Up until now, Menzingen spoke of disobedience: Bishop Williamson was undisciplined, a bad subordinate who does not obey orders. Now, Menzingen admits the real reason:
« the violent criticisms » of Bishop Williamson of Menzingen’s relations with Rome. The same goes for Bishop Faure. This is their fault.

The incident of the letter written by the three bishops to Bishop Fellay and his assistants was not very well received. Archbishop Lefebvre certainly had relations with Rome, but in the hope that Rome would correct itself and would come back. In fact, it was Archbishop Lefebvre who directed the negotiations with invincible certitude because his criterion was the Faith of All Times. Even so, he himself nearly fell into Rome’s trap. “I went too far”, he said.

On the other hand, with Bishop Fellay, things are handled very differently. It is not he who directs the negotiations. It is not he who has the strength to say to Rome : « It is I, the accused, who should judge you. » No, Bishop Fellay does not present himself as judging the errors of Rome. Rather, he presents himself as being guilty « of an irregular situation » and must fall into line and suffers because « his » Society does not follow him.

Let us digress for a moment. Are we judging Rome? Is that not the role of the superiors rather than of the inferiors? Of course. But it is the superiors who have already judged. It is Quanta Cura, Pascendi, Quas Primas, etc. that condemn the liberal popes. It is Rome, the Eternal Rome, that has already judged the neo-modernist and neo-Protestant Rome. That is what Bishop Fellay seems to want to forget and to make forgotten with his “concrete Church of today”. End of digression.

Bishop Williamson blocked Menzingen’s moves. He was a hindrance. Everyone knew it, but the General House gave another version. Now they admit it. « The violent
» of Bishop Williamson against Operation Suicide were the cause of his expulsion. It was time for Menzingen to say it. Now it is done.

However, Menzingen falsifies the matter by saying that these violent criticisms were about « all relations with the Roman authorities ». No. This is not true. They concern the rallying that would put the SSPX under the modernist and liberal yoke used by the devil to try to achieve what Carção called « the terminal sin » : to bring down the last bastions in an ultimate and monumental affront against God.

Under no circumstances will we support this effort. The devil will not achieve his goal because Our Lady is keeping watch: Ipsa conteret. This is our hope. It will not be in vain if we are faithful by the grace of God: Fidelis inveniatur.


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