St. Francis states:

3 March 2015

“No man ought wickedly to pride himself upon such things as a sinner can do. A sinner,” he said, “can fast, pray, weep, mortify his flesh; this only he cannot do – be faithful to his Lord. In this, then, we may glory – if we give Him the glory which is due to Him, if we serve Him faithfully, if we ascribe all HIs gifts to Him.”


The Life of St. Francis of Assisi by St. Bonaventure


Sister Michaela Raphaela TOSF


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Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame.

Socrates as quoted in neo-SSPX video

It starts with a quote from the pagan philosopher Socrates and ends with an invitation to support Catholic education by buying a raffle ticket for a 2015 Malibu LS (through a link to Such is the New video on St. Mary’s Academy & College‏, delivered via the SSPX E-pistola.


Really, with all things considered as regards the neo-SSPX, this is more or less yawn territory, now. Nevertheless, the highbrow piano composition serves to keep the viewer’s attention. If one does continue to view the New video on St. Mary’s Academy & College, then the words of Mr. Andrew Clarendon reward with a bit of tragicomedy.

Mr. Andrew Clarendon, Department Head, St. Mary’s Academy, attempts to describe the institution’s objective: “The academy seeks to develop the whole man: physical attributes, mental attributes, moral attributes, spiritual attributes. We’re less interested in memorization of data and of discrete facts and we’re more interested in developing the student the ability to find those facts, to process those facts, to know the meaning of those facts and how they fit into the whole. So, in other words, we are interested in developing human beings.”


The tragedy:We’re less interested in memorization of data and of discrete facts and we’re more interested in developing the student the ability to find those facts, to process those facts, to know the meaning of those facts and how they fit into the whole.”

Even the well-heeled, highbrow-ish, secularists know that such a strategy is bunk. An article on the George Lucas (of Star Wars fame) Educational Foundation site offers a bit of free education on the benefits of rote learning: “Before students can think critically, they need to have something to think about in their brains. It is true that knowledge without comprehension is of little use, but comprehension requires knowledge . . . the highest order of thinking occurs at the evaluating and creating levels which infer that the thinkers must have knowledge, facts, data, or information in their brains to combine into something new, or with which to judge relative importance or value. Therefore, effective knowledge acquisition has to come first.[1]
Then again, empty vessels might be much more comfortable with the neo-SSPX; conversely, the neo-SSPX might be much more comfortable with empty vessels. A gambling man might wager a bet on the latter.


More tragedy: “So, in other words, we are interested in developing human beings.” As suspected, if you Google “developing human beings”, then you will get “About 47,000,000 results” on human development, as in baby on the way.
According to the above statement, St. Mary’s Academy & College is seeking to do very little for their students, as human beings are already developed, once born. More study is recommended on this topic or, at least, the wording thereof.


The comedy: It is pretentious. It is misguided. It lacks attention to detail. It is commercial. It is lowbrow.
And they paid for this bit of hogwash? Hence the raffles, one would suppose!


From a fallen tree (branch), make kindling.

                                       Spanish proverb


[1] When Rote Learning Makes Sense,


Sister Michaela Raphaela TOSF

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A Crown of Thorns

3 March 2015

This beautiful Lenten project was suggested by a homeschooling mother in the United States:


“We make a crown of thorns out of play dough or clay and stick toothpicks into the crown. We place it on a table with a small glass jar and as the children (& the grown ups too) do a good deed or make an extra sacrifice for Jesus during Lent, we remove a toothpick from the crown.


“It is great for the kids to see how many good deeds they can accomplish. It is even exciting for the adults.”


Please offer your crown of thorns, be it material or spiritual, for our priests in the Resistance!





St. Joseph


A resistance group has an idea they would like to share with others.  Please share this with the faithful in your group and those who may not have a group.


With the Feast of St. Joseph coming up we are aiming to fill a table in Kentucky, by March 19th, for the seminarians to help themselves to any needed items.  The items can be purchased and mailed to Kentucky for them.


A short list of common items for the seminarians is included here for anyone who would like to help make sure the items are in good supply for the Priests and seminarians who are at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary.  Of course these things will be needed on a regular basis, so at any time they can be mailed and they will be put to good use.


Besides the Priests, there are 9 seminarians and a Brother, so don’t worry about duplicating.  The more the better.


St. Joseph’s Table Item Suggestions for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary

black socks

T-shirts: 4 wear size medium, 4 wear size large, 1 X-lg

black pants sizes: 32×32, 32×34, 32×36, 34×32, 36×30, 36×30, 36×32

black zippered sweatshirts

black coats

black belts (to wear over the work cassock) sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44

cassocks, new or used: size 20, 6 size 18, 18X, 2 size 19, (used cassocks are for work to save wear on the new one) *see below

toiletries, such as shaving supplies

shoes: size 9, 2 wear size 9 1/2, 3 wear size 11, 13, 10 wide, 12

long underwear: some of the seminarians are from other countries, India, Philippines, or from southern states and not used to a cold climate.


If anyone is interested, please mail package directly to Kentucky:


Attn:  Mrs. Pfeiffer

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
1730 N. Stillwell Rd.
Boston, KY 40107


*Altar server (work cassocks) may be ordered from:


Tonini Church Supply Co.

966 Breckenridge Ln.

Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-897-7100; Fax:502-897-7190

Toll Free: 1-800-626-3545



“Some saints are privileged to extend to us their patronage with particular efficacy in certain needs, but not in others; but our holy patron St. Joseph has the power to assist us in all cases, in every necessity, in every undertaking.”

(St. Thomas Aquinas)

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Below are some links that homeschooling mothers may find interesting. They were sent to us by a Resistance mother in the States. Some of the links include free materials, others must be purchased.
The first website contains absolutely beautiful ideas for Catholic handwriting projects.
Additional ideas: