(Beginning May 13th, Anniversary of the First Fatima Apparition)


As we witness the unimaginable and blasphemous new doctrine being pushed forward by Pope Francis and the Conciliar Church, and the equally unimaginable and compromising events slowly but surely unfolding within the Neo-SSPX as their train continues on its journey to Modernist Rome, as world events bring us ever more menacingly to the brink of WWIII….


As we hear about the “sky falling”…Planet X, solar flares, EMP’s, Yellowstone, earthquakes, contamination of our oceans and our entire eco-systems….tsunamis….


As we face the grim possibilities of foreign invasion, economic collapse, martial law and tyranny in our own countries, starvation, plagues, the death of millions, we cry out…..






like we’ve never prayed before!!


We can beg Our Lady of Fatima to help us in this, our hour of need




Let Us Unite Under the Greatest General the World has Ever Known,



Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?” (Cant.6:9)
Let Us Pick Up the Greatest Weapon at Our Disposal,



“Fight, Children of the Light, You, the Few Who Can See!”

(Our Lady of La Salette)


Let us Circle the Globe with our Rosaries

to form a





Let us unite our minds and our hearts, adding the intentions of this Rosary Crusade

to our existing rosaries, praying with attention and devotion for:


  • the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

as requested by Our Lady of Fatima

  • the conversion of sinners and in reparation for our sins
  • God’s mercy on and Our Lady’s protection over our families




From His Excellency, Bishop Richard Williamson:

“Bishop Williamson supports all efforts to obtain prayers for the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, and he asks Almighty God to bless all those who pray for that Consecration.”


From Fr. David Hewko:

“I think do it, without hesitation! Nations, families and souls are at stake! The Consecration of Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested must be prominent. You have my encouragement and blessings!” 


(More details to follow…..)



ANNONCE, 30 avril 2015.

Croisade mondiale du Rosaire de la résistance catholique – commençant le 13 mai prochain, anniversaire de la première apparition de Fatima.

Comme nous sommes témoins de nouvelles doctrines inimaginables et blasphématoires mises de l’avant par le pape François et l’Église conciliaire, de même que les événements compromettants eux-aussi inimaginables qui se déroulent lentement au sein de la néo-FSSPX dans son odyssée vers la Rome moderniste, alors que le monde toujours plus menaçant se rapproche de la Troisième Guerre…

Comme nous entendons des choses à propos du « ciel qui tombe »…, de la Planète X, des IEM, de Yellowstone, des tremblements de terre, de la contamination de nos océans et de tout l’écosystème, des tsunamis…

Lorsque nous faisons face aux sombres possibilités d’une invasion étrangère, d’un effondrement économique, de la loi martiale et de la tyrannie dans nos propres pays, de la famine, de la peste, de la mort de millions d’individus, nous crions…



comme on ne l’a jamais fait avant !

Nous pouvons supplier Notre-Dame de Fatima de nous aider dans tout cela, notre heure dans le besoin


Unissons-nous sous le plus grand général que le monde ait connu,


« Quelle est celle-ci qui apparaît comme l’aurore, belle comme la lune, pure comme le soleil, mais terrible comme des bataillons ? » – Cantiques VI.10

Prenons la plus grande arme à notre disposition,


« Combattez, enfants de la Lumière, Vous, le peu qui voit ! » Notre-Dame de la Salette

Embrassons le monde de nos rosaires pour former une


Unissons nos esprits et nos cœurs, ajoutant les intentions de cette croisade du rosaire à celles que nous formons déjà, priant avec attention et dévotion pour :

  • La Consécration de la Russie au Cœur immaculé de Marie telle que demandée par Notre-Dame de Fatima
  • La conversion des pécheurs et en réparation pour nos péchés
  • La miséricorde de Dieu et la protection de Notre-Dame sur nos familles

« Son Excellence Mgr Williamson soutient tous les efforts possibles pour obtenir la Consécration de la Russie au Cœur immaculé, et il demande à Dieu Tout-Puissant de bénir tous ceux qui prient pour cette Consécration. »

« Je crois qu’il faut le faire, sans hésitation ! Les nations, les familles et les âmes sont à risque ! La Consécration de la Russie que désire Notre-Dame de Fatima doit être bien en vue. Vous avez mes encouragements et ma bénédiction!«    M. l’Abbé Hewko




Franciscan Comment on Return to Rome

La Porte Latine, the official SSPX website in France, has published a letter from the Franciscan monastery in Morgon, France: Franciscan Tertiary Letter No. 266 of March/­April 2015 (http://laportelatine.org/publications/editos/2015/15_04_primaute_de_la_doctrine_lettre_tertiaire_franciscaine.php).

The letter is a masterpiece, presenting in Archbishop Lefebvre’s own words the position that there must be no agreement with Rome until Rome converts.

So, given that Morgon has a history of sitting on the fence during the current crisis, given that the article is hosted by an official SSPX website, given that the French district is run by one of the most liberal Superiors, does this mean that the SSPX has again changed course? That now, the SSPX has joined the Resistance?

Let’s consider what the article is saying – it presents the view of the Archbishop, and the first Superior of the SSPX responding to a liberal priest (Dom Gerard), but all of the article, except for the final paragraph, presents what the views of these people were many years ago. Then it presents one comment of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais from 2014.

So, reading the article, you have a nice warm feeling that all is well.

However, does the article correctly portray what the SSPX leadership is currently proclaiming? Clearly not. The hierarchy proclaims to all who will listen that they want an agreement with Rome, that they intend to convert Rome from within, and that they are looking for the proper structure within Rome to accomplish this.

So why would Morgon publish this article and why would the SSPX leadership post this on their website?

Could this have anything to do with the recent events in the Resistance? In particular, the recent Consecration of Bishop Faure by Bishop Williamson? Since Bishop Faure is highly respected world-wide, they may well be afraid that the Resistance may no longer have the image of a bunch of independent, disobedient loose cannons. Remember that the SSPX is highly conscious of image these days! Perhaps the SSPX leadership is afraid that more of their currently docile priests could take heart and join the Resistance. Perhaps there are more priests like Fr MacDonald waiting for the right opportunity to make a move. Fr MacDonald did make reference to priests in England who are very solid and are not going to join Rome. In fact, there may be another Resistance priory about to be set up in London.

So, if London is waking up, maybe it is time for the SSPX to do some major damage control.

Morgon also has lost tertiaries to the Resistance, and many still inside the Third Order fraternities that report to Morgon are complaining about the lack of direction by Morgon on how to deal with the crisis. By issuing this statement, Morgon too may well be doing major damage control.

So, take the article with a grain of salt. It does reflect the position held by Archbishop Lefebvre years ago, and since Rome has not changed for the better, the article should reflect the views of Morgon and of the NSSPX today. But does it? In the case of the NSSPX, the evidence is overwhelming – it does not.

But nobody seems to clearly understand the position currently held by Morgon.


Just A Reminder . . . Spiritual Bouquet for Father Hewko

In the middle of a sermon he chuckles as if his Guardian Angel has just reminded him of some humorous or ironic story or fact to relay to his flock. His love of his Faith is obvious. His love of Our Lord and His Mother is obvious. You can sense the heaviness he feels about the current crisis within the Church. Yet, he remains tireless. He is a Resistance priest. He is Father David Hewko.

We wish to offer our next Spiritual Bouquet for Father Hewko. Let us be generous and tireless as he.

We wish to offer him this bouquet on May 2nd, the feast of St. Athanasius; so, please forward the fruit of your tireless endeavors to info@ecclesiamilitans.com before Saturday, May 2nd.

God bless

This time, it’s personal!

As they gallop toward Rome, their home, the neo-SSPX (NSSPX) horsemen halt their stampede to offer a few responses regarding the consecration of Father Jean-Michel Faure a bishop by His Excellency, Bishop Richard Williamson. A more recent denouncement, A comparison of motives for a new bishop, attempts to comparatively distance the actions of Archbishop Lefebvre from the similar actions of Bishop Williamson.


The NSSPX frames the intentions of Bishop Williamson by stating that his actions were undertaken, essentially, for personal reasons and ceremoniously validated with statements of supernatural intentions to foster an appearance of sanctity. They state: “. . . personal motivations may indeed seem too human, and so they are accompanied by statements of supernatural intention . . .”.[2]


As this is a blatant misrepresentation, it is almost funny. The spin is amusing, but anything can be twisted to suit one’s agenda. A telling story illustrates this point: A man rescued a little girl after she had been caught by an African lion, while she had leaned too far into the lion’s cage. A gentleman observed the unfortunate incident and sprang into action. He walloped the lion over the nose with his umbrella. This stunned the lion and caused him to release his hold on the girl. The man pulled the girl free and returned her unharmed to her frantic parents. The entire episode had been witnessed by a journalist who endeavored to interview the heroic man. While speaking to him, the journalist noticed that the gentleman had a small bible in his pocket and asked if he was a Christian. Indeed, he was a Christian. Once the interview was complete, the journalist gave the man his card and told him that the article should appear in his newspaper the next day. Early the next morning, the man purchased a copy. He found the article, detailing his actions, with the following headline: Right-wing Christian Fundamentalist Assaults African Immigrant and Steals His Lunch.[2]


It must be a very distracting time for the NSSPX. All those twists and turns that they must navigate in their theatre of magical signposts along the road to raucous Rome, to join the mecca of infernal party boys – Rome is our home – giggle, giggle. Such must be the cause of detraction, I meant distraction.


They seem to have forgotten the telling signposts from one of their very own websites:


>>>>Shocking ecumenism of Pope Francis
>>>>Pope sorry for “breeding like rabbits” comments
>>>>Bishop Fellay: Church situation catastrophic!

Signposts that translate to read: Crisis in the Church – still!


For an individual, such as Bishop Williamson, who is highly literate as well as vastly observant, the many such signposts and the seemingly willful blindness of the NSSPX hierarchy offer more than a . . . mere doubt . . . that there is . . . sufficient cause . . . to act to protect the Faith as he did on March 19, 2015. In fact, his actions were far from . . . foolish haste . . ., but a testament to his . . . real prudence.


Catholics have a duty to fight for the Truth at all times, especially during times when the Church is hemorrhaging from one crisis after another. For each individual Catholic this battle is personal. All will render an account to God for their valour or their cowardice – laymen, priests and bishops alike.


Heed the words of Our Lady at La Salette, September 1846. She encouraged faithful Catholics to fight: Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see.


The Church has always recognized that enemies lurk within and that we must be constantly vigilant. In the Office of Holy Week (1890), we find words that were not penned by the willfully naïve: . . . see what things the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary. And they that hate thee have made their boasts, in the midst of thy solemnity.[3]


His Excellency, Archbishop Lefebvre, left a clear warning, too: . . . we must be very prudent and fight to the death, if need be, in order to deliver the Church from these enemies who are within.[4]


Where the deposit of Faith is being guarded by faithful Churchmen, there shall be found amongst them malevolent, ravenous termites – cunning and shapeshifting as ever, often framing the true faithful as the deviants. Isn’t it ironic!


When, therefore, has the fight for Truth not been personal, one’s own duty to act?


In The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: Trial by Canon Law, Charles P. Nemeth, a lawyer, wrote: That Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre [now include Bishop Richard Williamson] conducted an unauthorized consecration is not a point of contention. The Act was done. But Acts are not the sole basis in the determination of ecclesiastical wrongs. An act in and of itself has no moral dimension or inherent imputability. An act must be linked to a mental state, an intent or mindset . . . Both the 1917 and 1983 Code [see Canon 1323, especially § 4 & 7] insist on a mental imputability to find one liable for the acts they commit .[5]


The NSSPX websites states the same: However, according to canon law, a person who believes, like Archbishop Lefebvre did, that there is a moral necessity to break a law (i.e., for the salvation of souls) would not incur any automatic penalties, even if that person were to be incorrect in that assessment .[6]


The author further explains: No “authority,” . . . can force a bishop to compromise in his teaching of Catholic faith or administering of Catholic sacraments. No “law,” can force him to cooperate in the destruction of the Church. With Rome giving no guarantee of preserving Catholic Tradition [now include the NSSPX], Archbishop Lefebvre had to do what he could with his God-given episcopal powers to guarantee its preservation. This was his duty as a bishop.[7]


And, in comparison, so it is with His Excellency, Bishop Williamson. May Our Lord bless him in abundance.



[1] A comparison of motives for a new bishop., retrieved from http://sspx.org/en/news-events/news/comparison-motives-new-bishop-7745

[2] Kevin DUTTON, Split-Second Persuasion: The Ancient Art and New Science of Changing Minds, Anchor Canada, pp. 160-161.

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[7] ibid


                                                                                                                                              Sr. Michaela Raphaela

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