SSPX Gains Official Acceptance in Argentina

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A prominent member of the Resistance offers an important observation (and this says it all):
What I also see in it how they are using the Estate for this. If the estate is giving the legitimacy to the SSPX they also can take it from whomever they wish so.
Brazil have signed an agreement with the Vatican in 2009 ( Take a look in article 7:
Article 7
The Federal Republic of Brazil shall, in accordance with to its laws, take the measures necessary to ensure the protection of places of worship of the Catholic Church, as well as its liturgy, symbols, images and objects of veneration, against all forms of violation, disrespect and illegitimate use.
§ 1. No building, dependency or object related to the Catholic creed can, so as long as the social ends of the property and the [requirements of] the law are met, be demolished, occupied, transported, subject to alteration or consigned by the State and public bodies to different purposes, except due to the needs or utility of the state or because of social needs, in accordance with the Brazilian Constitution.

It means that if by any chance the Vatican declares that we are no longer catholics the estate could charge us for illegitimate use of the catholic symbols, liturgy, etc. And heard that those kind of agreement have been done with many countries since JPII. It very interesting to notice that this happened in Argentina just after the Consecration took place in Brasil.
The article 18 also leaves space for future addendum without any congressional approval.

The news is now posted
and includes a comment from the Vatican.
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Colouring Activity for Children

The Coat of Arms of Bishop Faure


Coat of Arms 1


In the centre is the Lamb of the Apocalypse, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, announced by Isaiah. The hearts recall the Vendeé martyrs of the revolution and the Fleur de Lys is the emblem of Catholic France. The motto, “ipsa cónteret” (“she shall crush”) is taken from the Vulgate, Genesis 3,15 where God prom- ises the victory of the Virgin Mary over the dragon.

(explanation taken from “Exclusive Interview with Fr. Faure” with “Non Possumus” March 18, 2015)


Coat of Arms 2



If any reader would like to produce a similar activity for the coats of arms of Bishop Williamson, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Castro de Mayer, please send it to us and we will be happy to post it.


Pax et Bonum


Sister Constance TOSF

Spirit of Vatican II Song


“What could be clearer? We must [according to Rome] henceforth obey and be faithful to the Conciliar Church, no longer to the Catholic Church. Right there is our whole problem: we are suspended a divinis by the Conciliar Church, the Conciliar Church, to which we have no wish to belong! That Conciliar Church is a schismatic church because it breaks with the Catholic Church that has always been. It has its new dogmas, its new priesthood, its new institutions, its new worship… The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic. To whatever extent Pope, Bishops, priests, or the faithful adhere to this new church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.”
(Archbishop Lefebvre, Reflections on His Suspension A Divinis, July 29, 1976)

Third Order and Archconfraternity Open Worldwide

Speaking to Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer this morning, he said that the Third Order Secular of St. Francis and the Archconfraternity of the Cord of St. Francis are open to any Catholic worldwide that holds the same line as the SSPX-Marian Corps.  Deo gratias!


Until fraternities and chapters get established elsewhere, Toronto will be the world headquarters of the Third Order and Calgary will be the world headquarters of the Archconfraternity of the Cord.


Third Order Contact:


Archconfraternity Contact: