Clarification of “Apology to the Organizers of the Bishop Williamson Visit to Mahopac, New York” Post

I received a phone call this morning from someone who was confused by my apology in this post.  I want to make it clear that my apology did not imply a separation between the Our Lady of Good Success Mission and the SSPX-Marian Corps. Far be from it!  The Our Lady of Good Success Mission and I continue to fully support the SSPX-Marian Corps.  Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer and Fr. David Hewko are the pastors of the Our Lady of Good Success Mission.  We are so blessed to have these faithful warriors of Catholic Tradition and of the line of the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre!  My apology was directed towards unsubstantiated suspicions about reputations that I aroused in this post by questioning (the questions no longer appear in the post) the secrecy surrounding Bishop Williamson’s visit to Mahopac, New York, in an accusatory manner without sufficiently investigating the reasons for the secrecy.  For this, I stand by my apology.  To repair for my poor judgement, I requested of the author of the e-mail mentioned in my apology post if I could publish part of the e-mail that seemed to me to provide some justification for the secrecy.  During my conversation this morning, the caller came to understand my reasons for the apology post, but suggested that I post counterpoints to the points listed in the aforementioned e-mail.  I agreed that this was a good idea in fairness to those who have concerns about the secrecy.  I want to make clear, however, that I firmly believe that the author of the e-mail was sincere about the points made, regardless of whether the author was correct or mistaken in any of the points.


Below is a list of counterpoints, in blue font, from a poster of Archbishop Lefebvre Forums 2.0 who goes by the name of ‘Rose’.  The points of the author of the e-mail are in red font.  I did not post Rose’s response to ‘Fact 3’ because the author of the e-mail was not referring to the Resistance faithful outside of Fr. X’s group.  If the author of the e-mail and Rose want to continue the discussion, then they may do so on the forum itself.


Fact 1: No one knew (even the Confirmands!) where exactly the Confirmations were going to be held until the day before the event.


Even if the venue change happened as quickly and rapidly as it was noted here…it was never previously advertised, with the concomitant location change subsequently posted somewhere where the local faithful could find it. We in the Resistance are used to the frequent changes in Mass times/locations depending on availability. We tend to be very understanding. So while I don’t doubt the venue did change, its original and continued secrecy are at issue.


Fact 2: It was not even known for more than a week that there were going to be Confirmations.


If the person who wrote this was not aware until a week before, then that is poor communication within that group.  It was well known to the good Dominican fathers from France before the 16th of June that they were going to be in the CT/NY area for Confirmations that particular Sunday.


Fact 4: Bishop Williamson.  He is not only despised by many in the mainstream Y but is also despised by secularists.  That might have led to not only a disruption, but a loss of the facility altogether like Fact 3.  To say that Bishop Williamson’s presence in the W area was sensitive is an understatement.


The good Bishop has advertised his presence for Confirmations all over the US.  Is it only in NY/CT that he is not safe?  This is a weak reason to hide Confirmations.  Again, paranoia.  If the Bishop was concerned with his safety, these would all be private events.  We are not yet in the times of persecution, although they are bearing down upon us quickly.  The time for secrecy is not yet upon us.


So no, it is not ideal in the least that this event had to be kept quiet.  It was kept quiet out of necessity or it may not have come off at all.  I do not think this is unlike why the consecration of Bishop Faure was also kept quiet in South America.  Bishop Williamson (and Fr. X) have many enemies.


The consecration was announced, but only a few days before.  While +HE is not popular and may have enemies, he has these enemies for coming out and speaking the truth.  It is for those very reasons, because he publicly speaks the truth for the world to hear/see.  We do not see this with Fr. X.  So his enemies are secret because no one is sure of what he preaches.


What Fr. X is doing in that community is heroic, and if you knew half of what was going on there, I have no doubt that you would agree.


The only trouble is, no one has any idea except his followers because no one else is privy to that information.  My understanding is that he is trying to build a retreat house and school in that area.

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