Reaction From A Resistance Mother…

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 Reaction From A Resistance Mother…
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What is going on in the SSPX? What is the division in the Society about? Why are the more-discerning-than-most Catholics divided about the Catholic Faith?  Yes, Christ warned about the sword, so while no Catholic can be truly surprised about this, what we are surprised about is that the sword is cutting through Tradition a second time.   It is impossible to cut off Tradition from the Faith.  Even to suggest it is daft.  If anyone is cut off, it is the new Catholics since it is impossible to be practicing the full and entire traditional Catholic Faith and be cut off.   That is the very definition of an oxymoron.  New Catholics, Novus Ordo Roman “Catholics” claim they have the true Faith, but the differences in practice prove they are not the same as Tradition.  

The actual division itself, the division between Rome and the SSPX in 1988 is the proof that the new practitioners left, even if unknowingly. The same is true of the division within the Society.  The division itself proves someone is getting cut off, but which side is getting cut off?   Both sides of the SSPX division claim they are practicing traditional Catholicism, which well may be true for now.  But the leaders of one side are attempting to compromise with those who no longer hold the Faith, the prelates of Rome, claiming the Society is doing it for the sake of jurisdiction and unity.  If that’s true, the Society was wrong in the first place.  The Lefevbre division back in 1988 proved Rome didn’t want that Faith because Rome was given plenty of opportunity to say so and act like it.  Instead, they cut the herd in two with a symbolic excommunication.  Upon lifting the so-called excommunication, have the Roman prelates since come back to the Faith?  If not, what is to be gained in joining them?  The resounding response by the Society prelates is ‘jurisdiction’ and ‘unity!’  Ok, that seems reasonable.  But the great Archbishop Lefevbre proved such was a noble hope in a vacuum if unity without the Faith is the goal.  Does the Society not already have supplied jurisdiction?  If not, the men of the Society who want to go back to Rome show themselves the compromisers when they joined the Society or left in the first place. How do they explain their behavior back then?  Will the SSPX really get true unity?  Or will some traditionalists remain “cut off”?  

SSPX authority’s lack of concern for what they leave behind, their lost sheep, the Resistance, speaks volumes.  They are so desperate to talk to Rome, why aren’t they talking with their own priests?  Aha!  Busted!  The SSPX authority’s refusal to seek dialogue with their own priests proves they are guilty!  They brag, even, about punishing them! The SSPX authorities want to unite with Rome insisting mere words are the difference between them and the Novus Ordo Church.  It is impossible to miss the implication.  If the SSPX authorities believe dialogue is the only difference between the Society and Rome, they declare themselves the same as Rome!  The SSPX authorities do not want the Traditional Faith if they join with Rome, already proven unfaithful.  The authorities of the Society are 50 years and a whole lot of trouble late, but if fancy talk is the only difference between them and Rome, the laity has been given clarity, even if they do not want to see.  For those of us who see the forest through the trees, we resist you to the face, SSPX authorities!  Shame on you shepherds abandoning your flock! 

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