Resistance Rosary Crusade Month 2 Update


Pax et Bonum!


Just wanted to let you know that ANOTHER TWO COUNTRIES!!  ENGLAND AND GERMANY!!  have joined our Worldwide Resistance Rosary Crusade!


England:  84
Germany:  84


USA amount has increased by 2,422 rosaries and 4 families!  USA total to date10,884
Australia has increased by 305 rosaries, bringing their total to:  804




Can’t wait to see those four new flags…Finland / Indonesia / England / Germany…flying high on the website!


Joyfully and gratefully,
Sr Rose


2nd Month Tally Totals: June 13th – July 12th Resistance Rosary Crusade

Due to technical difficulties with the website, the organizers of the Resistance Rosary Crusade asked me to post the results that came in so far for the second month. If your results are not in, please contact them at
Their message follows:


2nd Month Tally Totals: June 13th – July 12th Resistance Rosary Crusade

Australia 499
Canada 3,756
Denmark 151
Finland 47
France —
India —
Indonesia 94
Ireland 880
New Zealand 107
Philippines 610
Romania 195
Singapore 590
USA 8,462
Total: 15,391

In this 2nd month, 2 more countries, FINLAND and INDONESIA, and 14 more families joined in. Welcome and thanks for participating in the worldwide Resistance Rosary Crusade!

Internal SSPX Resistance Is Futile – Response

RedI really (also) like the Machabees post in response to Tony’s article:

As with the catholic Roman soldiers who were inside the organization and garrison of the Roman institution, they could not effect the line of thinking handed down to them from their leaders; they were either transferred, expelled, or killed.

Nicodemus could not effect change either being inside. He could only be a ‘secret’ follower of our Lord.

Our Lord was the greatest example of being a ‘red lighter’. While recognizing the appropriate authority, He made the change from being on the outside of the hypocritical environment in order to freely preach the True Faith His Father gave to Him to uphold and to instill in the minds and hearts of the people. To see, hear, and understand our Lord, this required the people to leave the compromised environment also in order to find the Tree of Life.

Such was Archbishop Lefebvre’s faith and leadership to encouraging Catholics to get OUT of the compromising and dangerous environment. Some heeded his wisdom; some did not and then became the worst haters of tradition they said they wanted to hold fast to. There is no such thing as an internal resistance within a den of compromise.

We are not meant to serve an institution over the faith; institutions exist to serve the faith. These neo-priests and people need to find their priorities and hold a conviction on the power of the Cross and not on the power of men.

Internal SSPX Resistance Is Futile

For those who support internal clergy and lay resistance within the SSPX, I firmly believe your resistance is futile.  The time has long passed for internal resistance.  Bishop Fellay and the SSPX leaders have firmly shown that they will not change from their current path of desiring to place themselves under Modernist Rome.  We have three years and a tsunami of evidence to prove this.


In this category of internal resistance, I include those priests and laity who publicly display their resistance against the new direction.  Amongst the priests, I believe internal public resistance is few and far in between.  These priests will either be kicked out or moved to a remote location.  Nevertheless, they will not achieve their goal of turning the tide of their leadership away from the direction towards Modernist Rome.  The reality is they belong, as in any organization, to a religious union in which the purpose and goals are defined by the leadership.  In July 2012, all the leaders of the SSPX gathered and published a declaration of their new position.  It is now three years later and there have been no signs of movement away from that position.  Therefore, I believe it is time for the SSPX priests and laity who do not support the new direction to make their move out of the SSPX.  Those who think they can continue to internally resist with hope of success are fooling themselves.  If anything, they place themselves in danger of adopting the new direction.  Look how many have done exactly this thus far.


Remember that Archbishop Lefebvre taught that it is the superiors that make the subjects.  This was true then and it is true now.

Fr Chazal conference at Brisbane Australia on 2015-07-05

Fr Chazal’s conference deals with four main topics including
• the “SSPX: Incoming Liberalism”,
• “The Canonical Slide of the SSPX”,
• a discussion on the changing SSPX attitude to the Divine Mercy and
• Part 4 of his conference series Against Sedevacantism which this time concentrates especially on the Sedevacantist argument of SEDEPRIVATIONNISM that a heretic can not be elected as a pope. This relates specifically to the claim that “Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was not eligible to be elected Pope”.


Planned Detraction: Post by Machabees

Within the battles of the -sspx-crisis information war- from 2012 to now, tactics certainly have been formed and trenches have been dug; that is unfortunate, we are suppose to be Catholics with one mind and one heart following the one Lord in the desert and in His glory.
Menzingen’s tactics have morphed many times throughout:
From 2012, they began to deny any such crisis existed.
When pressed with contradictory facts, they thwarted the problem with distraction words like prudence, obedience, and state of office.
When pressed with more of their contradictory facts, they acknowledge there is a change, but direct it to their deep psychological need of an identity malformity: to be regularized.
When disclosed with history that we are not irregular but the conciliarists are irregular, they suppress with us with a heavy hand to punish, expel, and transfer anyone who disagrees.
When shown that it is wrong and unfair, they go on the offensive and spend hours and money on conferences, media propaganda, videos, letters, Angelus articles, commercial Branding operation, new websites, and the like to make a new image to update to the world.
When shown the differences of the old-sspx and the new-sspx, they change ABL from a Saint of combat to a mascot of dialogue.
When shown the hypocrisy, they claim obedience and authority.
When shown the falseness of this argument and its likeness of Vatican II’s course of change, they state that we are a “caricature of tradition”.
When we take due action to protect ourselves from their compromises, they state that we are “not catholic”.
When need arose of more Bishops for Tradition in cause of the modernist crisis, they state that it is not the same modernist crisis.
When shown that they are in hypocrisy to their founding and existence and use of supplied jurisdiction, they move the goal posts to mean the crisis is about something else; their irregularity.
When shown that the conciliar church in not the Catholic Church, they throw a barrage of charges against us without any substance; like the recent sspx french district superior and Fr. Cooper.
When shown truth is eternal and the Church is uncompromised, they return to say that we need to be Roman [conciliar] Catholics.
When shown that their principles are compromised with conciliar thought, they undercut our foundational old-sspx principles to blanket it with human falliblenesses as in Fr. Couture’s new interview calling out Bishop Williamson’s true weakness of leadership (at minute 52:00) as a reason that the Catholic Resistance is not true.
When reminded that human weakness is not the end but only a weak instrument to carry the faith, they attack us to submit to Bishop Fellay as the authority, and without which, as Fr. Cooper states: “To break with Bishop Fellay is tantamount to breaking with the Roman Church.” (sic)
When shown that fairness needs to follow accuracy, they do not talk to us, and only slander us with a planned detraction.

Perhaps the neo-sspx priests have not read their recent memo from the website “Don’t detract your neighbor!”; or was it a one sided piece just meant for us?

Perhaps also that the new-sspx should read some of their old-sspx principles to remind them of what fidelity is and what is a farce.

Their motivation, promotion, and funding to remain within the Egyptian land of conciliarism is not only delusional, it is a death trap that our Lady of La Salette had warned us to beware of false teachings and false prophets…and its resulting apostation.

Either we are Catholic, or we are not.

Either we follow God and all of His counsels, or we follow men and their personalities for which we will perish in our sin.

The answer is easy; but only a few, says Sacred Scripture, walk on its narrow path.

Mary, Queen of Martyrs, pray for us…

Reaction From A Resistance Mother…

Tradcat Knight posted this
 Reaction From A Resistance Mother…
Sent to me from “Anonymous” via facebook 

What is going on in the SSPX? What is the division in the Society about? Why are the more-discerning-than-most Catholics divided about the Catholic Faith?  Yes, Christ warned about the sword, so while no Catholic can be truly surprised about this, what we are surprised about is that the sword is cutting through Tradition a second time.   It is impossible to cut off Tradition from the Faith.  Even to suggest it is daft.  If anyone is cut off, it is the new Catholics since it is impossible to be practicing the full and entire traditional Catholic Faith and be cut off.   That is the very definition of an oxymoron.  New Catholics, Novus Ordo Roman “Catholics” claim they have the true Faith, but the differences in practice prove they are not the same as Tradition.  

The actual division itself, the division between Rome and the SSPX in 1988 is the proof that the new practitioners left, even if unknowingly. The same is true of the division within the Society.  The division itself proves someone is getting cut off, but which side is getting cut off?   Both sides of the SSPX division claim they are practicing traditional Catholicism, which well may be true for now.  But the leaders of one side are attempting to compromise with those who no longer hold the Faith, the prelates of Rome, claiming the Society is doing it for the sake of jurisdiction and unity.  If that’s true, the Society was wrong in the first place.  The Lefevbre division back in 1988 proved Rome didn’t want that Faith because Rome was given plenty of opportunity to say so and act like it.  Instead, they cut the herd in two with a symbolic excommunication.  Upon lifting the so-called excommunication, have the Roman prelates since come back to the Faith?  If not, what is to be gained in joining them?  The resounding response by the Society prelates is ‘jurisdiction’ and ‘unity!’  Ok, that seems reasonable.  But the great Archbishop Lefevbre proved such was a noble hope in a vacuum if unity without the Faith is the goal.  Does the Society not already have supplied jurisdiction?  If not, the men of the Society who want to go back to Rome show themselves the compromisers when they joined the Society or left in the first place. How do they explain their behavior back then?  Will the SSPX really get true unity?  Or will some traditionalists remain “cut off”?  

SSPX authority’s lack of concern for what they leave behind, their lost sheep, the Resistance, speaks volumes.  They are so desperate to talk to Rome, why aren’t they talking with their own priests?  Aha!  Busted!  The SSPX authority’s refusal to seek dialogue with their own priests proves they are guilty!  They brag, even, about punishing them! The SSPX authorities want to unite with Rome insisting mere words are the difference between them and the Novus Ordo Church.  It is impossible to miss the implication.  If the SSPX authorities believe dialogue is the only difference between the Society and Rome, they declare themselves the same as Rome!  The SSPX authorities do not want the Traditional Faith if they join with Rome, already proven unfaithful.  The authorities of the Society are 50 years and a whole lot of trouble late, but if fancy talk is the only difference between them and Rome, the laity has been given clarity, even if they do not want to see.  For those of us who see the forest through the trees, we resist you to the face, SSPX authorities!  Shame on you shepherds abandoning your flock! 

Young People For Christ the King Summer Activities

We visited homes of Traditional families and noted some of the activities they were engaged in. Every activity – growing things, sewing, praying, cooking, playing – if done for the love of God is working to establish the Kingship of Jesus Christ here on Earth.

We invite young people (and young at heart) to see if they can identify the photos below. If you need help identifying anything, email at
We would also appreciate a note from anyone who can help use to place these pictures two or three across rather than one per line.

Can you guess which of the plants below was referred to many times by Jesus when teaching?

With prayers from all the young people in the Project.
Sr C